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Coppel is a commercial chain of departmental sales stores located in Mexico, it is characterized by granting credits with few requirements, also having free deliveries, which guarantees its customers a variety of products with payment facilities.

Read our article and you will know the Requirements to obtain a Coppel Credit!

What are the requirements for a Coppel Credit?

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Valid identification that has a photograph.
  • INE credential.
  • Professional license.
  • If you are a foreigner, migratory format FM2 0 FM3
  • military identification card
  • Proof of address issued with a period of less than three months.
  • Service receipt (water, electricity, or telephone)
  • Predial
  • bank statement
  • Coppel debit account; if you do not have it, you can open it at the moment because it is essential, the requested money will be deposited in that account.
  • Sign the contract issued by Coppel.

If you meet all the requirements in a couple of hours you will have your credit Coppel; This procedure can be done any day of the week.

Characteristics and Benefits of Coppel Credit

The main characteristics that Coppel credits have is that proof of income is not required which makes it a more accessible credit because no fixed income is required to apply.

On the other hand, It has no extra costs, no interestand if the client leaves the account before completing 30 days, the amount to be paid in cash will be less.

Regarding the benefits, it can be mentioned that accessing a Coppel store is very simple because there are 1000 stores throughout Mexico.

The credits are in cash, deposited in a specific account opened by the store, they can grant up to 25,000 pesos, there are no maintenance costs, and most importantly, the fees are the lowest in the market.

If you want to open an account in another bank in Mexico, you may also be interested in the following article: «Requirements to Open an Account in Bancomer».

Types of Coppel Credit Cards and How They Work

Taking into account the success that Coppel credit has had in the market, there is also the possibility of acquiring credit cards of two types:

The first card is characterized by only needing a valid credential to be issued to the cardholder, as is the case with the BancCoppel Visa.

The second only requires economic solvency greater than $4,000 pesos per month, which includes the BanCoppel Gold and BanCoppel Platinum credit cards.

The operation of the credit card in Coppel is the same as that of any bankthat is, they assign you an amount of money that will depend solely on your income, which you can use during the month until the cut-off date.

Coppel then collects the expenses that have been incurred and indicates to the consumer the minimum amount to pay, the total balance due to the fact that it does not generate interest, and the deadline for the cardholder to make their payment.

There are two cut-off and payment dates depending on the type of card held, which are detailed below:

  • For the BanCoppel Visa card; the cut-off date is the 20th and the payment date is the 16th of each month.
  • For the Gold and Platinum BanCoppel card, the cut-off date is the 18th and the payment date is the 14th of each month.

BanCoppel Visa

It is the most basic Coppel credit card, the requirements to request it are the same as those of the Coppel line of credit online and proof of income (which is optional), however, when consigning it and verifying that your income is higher, a higher credit is assigned, which can be up to 5,000 Mexican pesos.

As for his Benefits It can be mentioned that you can have access to internet banking, a means by which pending payments can be verified and made in a timely manner.

Cash withdrawals can be made at Coppel and RED ATMs, it belongs to the Visa franchise and is accepted in all establishments, and finally, if it is put to good use, additional cards can be requested.

BanCoppel Gold

Usually this card is assigned to a person who has correctly complied with the payments of the BanCoppel Visa credit card for a period of six months.

However, you can acquire it if when applying for the credit card it was found that the income received was higher than that required for the Visa card.

On the other hand, its benefits are those mentioned above, and in turn a higher line of credit, and a fixed interest rate of 59.5% without VAT.

BanCoppel Platinum

This card is usually the credit evolution of BanCoppel Orois considered the best credit card that can be obtained because its fixed annual interest rate is 18% without VAT, which represents great savings for the consumer in terms of interest.

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