Requirements for Criminal Records: Costs, Evidence and MORE

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Do you need a Criminal Record and do not know how to process it? These types of documents are highly requested to carry out other procedures and legal actions of the company. So in this article on the RRequirements for Criminal Records you will find all the information you need for your concerns.

In the same way, you will get the steps you must follow to complete the procedure and the places where you can go to do it. So, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you are aware of everything you need about the Criminal Record in Mexico and you can obtain it to do all the procedures that you have pending.

What are the Requirements for a Criminal Record?

One of the most important documents you should have is the Criminal Record Certificate, since, normally, it is one of the most requested requirements for various other procedures of importance, such as:

  • Take a trip to another country.
  • Getting a job.
  • Get a document, certificate or credential.
  • Among others.

Now, the government of Mexico delivers two types of documents on Criminal Records very similar to each other.

The first is about No Background Report, which certifies that you do not have a conviction for a crime. While the other is the Criminal record, which records and reflects the convictions you have received.

In both cases, the requirements will be the same, although perhaps one aspect or another may vary. However, these are the most common Criminal Record requirements:

  • Have a Unique Code for Procedures and Services (CUTS).
  • The universal payment voucher and the payment for the procedure.
  • An official and valid identity document (Original).
  • Proof of online registration (Original).
  • Passport-size photographs (Applies only to certain offices).
  • An office addressed to the General Director of the Institute of Expert Services.

For foreigners

Obtaining a criminal record is not a procedure that is only enabled for Mexican citizens, but rather it is also enabled for foreigners.

This is because the Background is a record about the convictions you may have if you break the law in a country.

Now, the requirements for Criminal Records for Foreigners are similar to those required of Mexican citizens. Except for these two aspects:

  • The immigration card or passport.
  • The Birth Certificate.

In the same way, you will be able to do this online procedure and in person, according to your preferences.

In the case of doing it in person, you will have to go to the offices of Offices of the Decentralized Administrative Body Prevention and Social Readaptation.

But if you want to do it online, you can schedule an appointment through the mail citation, with the following information:

  1. Names and surnames.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Name and surname of the parents.

Then, you will have to scan and send the following documents in PDF format:

  • Birth Certificate (Original).
  • Official and valid identification document.
  • The office to request the Criminal Record.

If you want more information on the subject, you can call 55 51 28 41 00, between 9 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Likewise, it should be noted that said document has a permanent validity, for which it does not expire. In addition, it is a simple and fast process, since it has a approximate duration of 15 minutes.

So, if you need to obtain your Criminal Record Certificate, as a requirement of a procedure, you only have to gather these documents and schedule your appointment.

In addition, the requirements for a Criminal Record are easy to obtain, so it will be easy to carry out this procedure.

How to get the CURTS?

In order to do various procedures in Mexico, including obtaining the Criminal Record, you will need to obtain the Unique Code of Procedures and Services (CUTS).

Now, obtaining this key is very simple. You just have to do the following:

  1. Check that you have a stable Internet connection, since the procedure is done online.
  2. Access a search browser and enter the next LINK.
  3. Choose «Single Electronic Window of the Government of the State of Mexico».
  4. Fill out the registration form.
  5. Ready, you already have your password!

Criminal Record Processing Costs

In addition to the requirements for Criminal Records, another important aspect to know is the price for carrying out the procedure.

All government documents have a cost, although, normally, they are affordable values ​​for most of the citizens.

In the case of Criminal Records in Mexico, this “norm” does not change, the price for obtaining these documents is relatively inexpensive, so that each person can have access to their background.

According to the website of the Government of Mexico City, Criminal Records they have a cost of 139 pesos per person, an affordable value for Mexican citizens

Where is the procedure done?

To do the Criminal Record process you have two ways to do it, which also become two places to go to do the diligence.

Those two places are the Internet and the offices of the Secretariat of Security of Citizen Protection.

In the case of the Citizen Protection Security Secretariat, you will have to do the procedure in person. In turn, to obtain the Criminal Record in person, you will have to attend government agencies.

In turn, you will also be able to get these documents in other states such as:

  • Attorney General’s Office.
  • The Government Secretariat.
  • The Secretariat of Public Security.
  • The judicial power.
  • The Attorney General’s Office.
  • The General Archive.
  • Other dependencies.

On the other hand, if you want to do the procedure via the Internet, you have the option of using the website of the Government of the State of Mexico.

State Criminal Record Certificate

The State Criminal Record certificate is the same certificate that you can get in the Secretariat of Citizen Security, since this is a universal procedure.

Criminal Records are documents that record all types of convictions that you have received in your country, so the convictions that you have received in state courts are also unified here.

So if you follow all the tips that have already been explained in this article, you will be able to Get your Criminal Record Certificate.

So remember, you are going to need the following Requirements to obtain a Criminal Record:

  • Valid official identification.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of Domiciliation.
  • Request Format.
  • Folio number.
  • A photography.
  • Official document.

What is it?

Finally, in this last section of the article, you will find the answers to what is a criminal record, so if you still have doubts about what they are about, here we explain it to you.

The Criminal Records are a document certifying that you have not received any conviction for a crime, although they can also serve to reflect your convictions.

In such case, reasons why criminal records are requested, are the following:

  • If they are requested by competent administrative or judicial authorities.
  • When they are requested because it is a necessary requirement to exercise a right or fulfill a duty.
  • For specific cases, such as obtaining a job, position or benefit public.
  • If they are requested by embassies or consulates.


Now, to do this procedure there is a sseries of steps you must follow, which are:

  1. Meet the requirements for a Criminal Record.
  2. Access the website of the Government of the Mexican State.
  3. Select the option «Procedures and Services».
  4. Download the list of procedures.
  5. Look for the documents Issuance of the Certificate or Report of No Criminal History.
  6. Enter your personal details.
  7. Continue with the established instructions.

Finally, as you have seen, the Criminal Records are a very important document to manage or carry out other government procedures, so it is very important that you can get them.

For that reason, in this article we show you the Requirements for Criminal Records, so that you can follow the procedure and process this certificate that shows your good behavior, to work or travel to other countries in the world.

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