Requirements for Electricity Contract: Costs, Benefits and MORE

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Do you need to hire an electrical service for your property, but you don’t know how to do it? In this article you will find the answers you need. First of all we will tell you the requirements for an electricity contract that you are going to need, so that you can verify them and determine if you comply with them or not.

In the same way, we will also explain the steps you must follow to request this service and achieve the electricity contract that you need so much. In addition, we also detail the requirements that are needed to register electricity service to businesses. So, if you need to know all these aspects, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you can get that electricity contract.

What are the requirements to have the Light Contract?

To carry out any type of procedure, it is necessary to meet and comply with a series of requirements and documents, and electricity contracts are no exception.

If you want to acquire an electrical service in Mexico, you will need to comply with the following general requirements for an electricity contract:

  • Have the original documents of the property and your personal documents.
  • Have the Letter of Residence and the documents that prove your relationship with the property (The Property Title or the Lease Certificate are taken into consideration).
  • Provide the location of the property from which the electrical service will be contracted.

Likewise, the property to which you are going to contract the electricity service, will have to meet your own set of requirements:

  • The property must be located 35 meters from a power pole.
  • The necessary wiring and installation must be in place to supply the electricity meter and power cord.
  • You must have a properly installed installation to connect the power cable and supply electricity to your property.


Once you know the requirements to make an electricity contract in Mexico, you must go to the part of the documentation that you will need.

To carry out the electricity contract, the institutions They will ask you to have the following documents:

  • Urinal identity documents
  • Leasing contract
  • Certificate or Proof of Residence
  • Report of electronic equipment with high electrical consumption
  • Proof of payment of the electric service

Now, once you have gathered all this documentation, you will be able to continue with the steps to request your electricity contract.

How to process it?

After talking about the requirements to have an electricity contract, it is time to talk about the steps you must follow to obtain the service.

The procedure is very simple and easy to continue, you just have to do the following:

  1. Contact the service agency, via the Internet or by phone.
  2. In the case of doing it by phone, you must contact 071 and request electrical service, taking into account your type of property.
  3. On the other hand, if you prefer to do it via the Internet, you must enter the General Electricity Commission website and choose the service and rate of your liking.
  4. Once you have contacted the electric service, you must provide all the pertinent and requested information, as well as the kilowatts you need.
  5. Then the operators will ask you some questions that you must answer, to continue with the process.
  6. Then, you must notify if you have any equipment that consumes a lot of electricity, if not, you can finish the process.

Once you finish the process, the electric service company will proceed to install the electricity service, in an approximate of two days

Electricity Contract Costs

An important part of acquiring the basic services of a property is taking into account the costs that these generate, such as the electric service.

When making an electricity contract, you must be aware of the expenses that it will generate and that you owe be responsible with the monthly payment of the service.

However, the cost of this service cannot be definitively established, since Its value varies according to the area in which you are located and the consumption you make of the service.

However, you will have to make an initial deposit, at the time of hiring the electric service, so that the process can be done quietly.

Now, once you know the cost of this service or you receive the corresponding invoice, you have to quickly cancel the value of the invoice. For this you can go to: banks or corresponding stores, in addition to paying online.

These payments are made every month or two months, depending on your contract.

Light Contract for Businesses

Are you a business owner? Do you want to start a business and need electrical service? Here you will find the answers to your questions.

To start a business or make one work, you need have 24-hour electrical service of the day. However, the conditions and requirements for an electricity contract change with respect to the general provisions.

It is for that reason, that below you will be able to find those requirements for a business-focused light contract:

  • First of all it is important to know what the power type and voltage that your property requires.
  • There your case will be evaluated, to establish the assignment of the rates 2, rate 3 or the average rate. (Normally, the number 2 rate is assigned to establishments).
  • Likewise, your property must have its own installation of a transformer, in order to avoid its installation.
  • Now, they must gather all the requirements and documents of the company.
  • Provide a certificate containing the title and name of the person involved in the acquisition of an electricity contract.
  • Count on electric power cables on the street where the property is located.
  • Have a electronic pole within 35 meters of the property.
  • Have a electrical installation inside the room and outside the room (on the street).

Usually, the rate assigned to businesses is rate number twoas it works with low voltage power (Between 220 and 120 volts).


The main benefit of having an electricity contract is having the security of having an electrical service constant. However, for this you will also have to be responsible with the payment of the service in the scheduled time.

Now, there are other benefits that come from the institution with which you make the electricity contract. In this case it is the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

CFE benefits

The benefits you will have from the Federal electricity commission They come mostly from the commission’s website, since you will be able to do the following procedures in this way:

  • Check your receipt to know the amount to pay.
  • Make the payment of your receipts.
  • Download your receipts for filing.
  • Locate the CFE branches closest to your location.
  • Receive alerts about the payment of your services.

How to register the Light Contract?

It is common to read or hear the expression «Register the electricity contract» and get confused with what this means; but the answer is simple. Register is equal to hire or subscribe to a service. In this case, it is contract the electric service.

Therefore, to register the electricity contract you can apply everything previously explained in this article. However, here is a brief summary of the requirements to contract the service.

For that reason, here are the requirements to achieve an electricity contract in Mexico:

  • Present official identity documents.
  • Present the documents that certify your relationship with the property.
  • Detail the location of the property that requires electrical service.

So don’t waste any more time and if you need to hire electric service for your property, gather these requirements to have an electricity contract and quickly enjoy it.

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