Requirements for Electricity Contract: Price, Procedures and Deadlines

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If you are looking for a new home or to establish your own business in a new location, keep in mind the different procedures that you must carry out to be in order. One of the most important is related to electricity service.

You may think that these are very tedious and cumbersome procedures when requesting them, in addition to being expensive depending on the service, but everything is relative…. This will depend on the service required.

Find out in our article Requirements for Electricity Contract.

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What are the requirements to register an Electricity Contract?

The following documentation must be submitted to be able to register the electricity contract:

  • official identification
  • Proof of residence, document that certifies the lease, being the owner of the property or that relates to the property.
  • Full location, including landmarks.

There are certain parameters by which the company’s policies are governedwhere they specify the following points:

  • There must be a pole that is located with a maximum distance of 35 meters from the property.
  • There must be power cables provided by the streets in the area where the property is located.
  • The electrical installations of the property must be culminated.
  • said facility must have the main one, which is the one at the entrancewhere you will receive the power cable that will supply the property from the street.

These relevant points lead us to two modalities that depend on the situation and costs may vary depending on the type of contract that corresponds:

  • new residencein this case the house had never before had supplies, and therefore, the new owner must ensure and pay for all the new services including the facilities that will have an additional cost for the implementation of essential additions for the correct functioning of the services .
  • Residence with previous ownersIn this case, the previous owners should have paid for all those services and procedures and the only procedure you will have to carry out will be to change the name of the owner of the property.

How to process the Electricity Contract?

If you already know all the electricity contract requirements You should now know the next step, which is: how to process the electricity contract. It should be noted that there are some specifications that should be analyzed before requesting this service.

  • Hire the Service: To be able to use the devices that need electricity, you must first start by contracting the service.
  • This process can be started and carried out over the phone, online or in person.
  • If you choose to do it through Internetyou enter the official website of the CFE by clicking here.

Check the different rates to find out which one corresponds to you and choose your service.

  • If you do it by phone, you must call 071, which is the number of the Federal Electricity Commission, and request the service depending on the type of property, in this case it is the «Single-Phase Domestic», and here they will ask you for certain requirements that were mentioned above to complete the contracting of the service.
  • At the end of the contract, having provided the correct information as well as what is required in the use of kilowatts, the operators will ask you a number of questions that you must answer.

You must also inform about everything that requires electricity in your property, to know if you do not need an electricity transformer.

  • There are other parameters that will be required depending on the type of electrical energy service, and therefore, depending on the result of everything that is needed, you will be informed at that moment if you will have to pay for a special service that brings with it an increase, load or special fee extra from the normal cost.

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Requirements for Electricity Contract in Commerce

At the time you decide to start and install your business in a local, you should know the electricity contract requirements, since in this way you will be complying with the other necessary procedures to establish yourself in a property for your profit purposes.

You should know that in the electricity company there are rates for the different types of properties, Taking into account the energy and supply voltages that your business has, the type of rate you need will be defined.

Usually the fee needed is the Rate 2 for businessesthis rate is used for all those services that use low voltage energy for any use (220 and 120 volts).

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To contract an electricity service in tariff 2 you must have the following requirements:

  • Electric power cables on the street of the premises.
  • Have a nearby pole less than 35 meters away where the meter will be installed.
  • Have an internal electrical installation in the premises
  • Outside the premises there must be an installation to receive the connection cable and the panel for the meter.

How much does it cost to discharge the light?

Today the electricity company, the Federal Electricity Commission, has different services to offer to customers who wish to contract the electric service.

It is practically the majority of Mexican citizens, and therefore, they must know the electricity contract requirementswhich in their entirety perform functions in all areas of a home, premises or company.

There are certain rates for different types of consumption that are assigned to each consumer by the type of property they own, in the case of premises or establishments with purposes other than a dwelling, they have other energy expenses that must be covered by, in this case, the corresponding rate, that is that is, the type of consumption that you are going to use.

The rates are exactly the charges applied for the energy consumed, that means that despite the fact that the consumers pay their fees they can’t choose the one they want but the one they need by the number of household appliances or electrical objects owned by said property or establishment.

The charges for energy consumed are as follows:

  • Basic consumption remains at $0.793 for each of the first 75 Kilowatts per hour.
  • Intermediate Consumption remains at $0.956 for each of the following 65 Kilowatts per hour
  • Consumption Excess $ 2,802 for each additional Kilowatts per hour to the previous ones.

What to do if there is no utility pole nearby?

If in the area where you plan to move or where you plan to establish your business or company there is no pole to supply the energy necessary for the installation of the relevant services, You must make a feasibility request.

Said request is made in person at the different offices or agencies of the CFE or by telephone by calling 071 notifying the situation.

Likewise, a project can be developed to determine the budget that will carry out this work, it can be thought that it is one of the most important or main factors to start your project of establishing yourself in another place, since without electricity you will not be able to have life this property.

At the end of coordinating everything related You must specify all the electrical devices that you plan to install and therefore, this will be coordinated with the rest of the things that will be needed so that the installation is complete and safe, avoiding short circuits in the future or a drop in energy due to not having informed the number of devices that will need a corresponding energy.

According to the procedures, all the pertinent cables that are needed to achieve the correct installation to supply your property with all the energy it needs will be installed along with the project.

To finish this project you will have to supply some information to formalize this process and wait for the day of the installation of said work. This will have an additional cost that you must pay as the owner of this establishment. The property that does not have a nearby post must pay for it.

The following documents are what you must provide to formalize this request:

  • Full name of the applicant.
  • Official identification.
  • Complete and exact address of where the property is located.
  • Declaration of all the electronic devices that the property or establishment has, specifying their capacities and consumption levels.

The contributions of the guarantee deposit and the consumption of electrical energy will be reflected in the first payment receipt, but the connections are subsidized by the State.

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