Requirements for Electronic Signature: Steps, Function and MORE

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At some point in our lives we will need a personal seal that identifies us as a legal identity. That is, a signature. Be it for a bank, and even for the internet. Yes, the internet. That is why in this article Manage it will tell and inform you the requirements for electronic signature and its role in multiple legitimate areas.

Continuing with the aforementioned, we would say that the signature is a seal that will give validity in any service or business of your property. At this point, the important thing is to keep in mind that the signature is a fiscal tool that can be used in many fiscal organizations; SAT, OFG and many more. It’s a virtual identifier, basically.

We also commented that to request an electronic signature you will have to follow a series of steps to get to the processing of it. Do not worry that in this segment we will be guiding you at all times so that you know what to do and how to achieve it. If you complete each section of this article, you will be able to get your signature.

However, it should be noted that in some cases it is not possible to virtualize your signature because the lack of materials in organizations that carry out processes like this. But, they are very minimal cases. Mostly there is always material and the process is done in hours. With nothing more to add, let’s get started.

What are the Requirements for the Electronic Signature of the SAT?

To begin we leave you an introductory video so you know it is a faithful signature.

Once you have seen the video, you can start collecting the necessary requirements to request an electronic signature. Some are mandatory and others will depend on your current situation with the civil registry; If you do not have a record, the process is faster, but if you have a record and problems, the process will be more cumbersome:

  • Have an identity card verified and stamped by the agency or civil registry
  • Stamped and authenticated passport
  • Get a CURP. If you don’t have how to do it, you can find out more by clicking here
  • Invoice for some basic service from your home; electricity, water, gas
  • Have a portable memory device to save the file
  • Have an active email

Following the mentioned requirements, the first thing on the list is the identity card. If you are a citizen born in Mexico and have no problems with a criminal record. The process will be easy and you will surely get your signature in hours. But, if, on the other hand, you are a foreigner domiciled in a state of the Latin country, you should be more cautious.

Why cautious? This is a consequence of civil registries and tax orders, since a foreigner needs more paperwork and many more requirements than a person of natural nationality. Still you don’t have to worry if you are a foreigner, just you will need to complete the requirements and find out more with a notary from the tax records.

If you want to carry out the electronic signature process, you must reconcile the CURP

The CURP is a document that will grant you the «yes» within the electronic operations with the signature. It is a file that validates any information or certificate processed by you, and without it you will not be able to carry out fiscal operations or carry out civil records with your electronic signature. It is advisable to request it, it is not very difficult.

You can also carry out this procedure Through Internet. To do this you will have to access the website that we put in the list of requirements and once inside choose the option «request CURP». Click there and follow the steps shown on the screen. Fill in the form with your personal details and then save the file on your computer.

In this way, if it achieves getting your electronic signature will have much more time. As it will allow you to close more deals and focus on other important tasks. It also automates the flow of documents and minimizes repetitive tasks.

For example, if you use the same documents on a daily basis, the electronic signature template feature is useful. Create a document, save it as a template, and reuse it as much as necessary, with minimal editing for each individual case. This it is an advantage completing the requirements and saving your file to a memory device.

Steps to Obtain the Electronic Signature

To carry out the processing process to request an electronic signature. You will have to follow a series of steps to accomplish your goal. These are mandatory due to their accuracy in the places where the documentation of the same has to be executed. Next the steps to get the electronic signature:

  1. Personally attend the tax headquarters with the requirements collected
  2. Talk to the notary in charge and request the appointment of the procedure
  3. You should be attentive to the call screens
  4. Once attended, deliver the documents and comment that they are for an electronic signature
  5. They will ask you for a password for personal and private use; try to choose one with more than 7 digits
  6. Confirm the entire operation with the notary
  7. Wait a week for an email response
  8. Go to the tax office to obtain your electronic signature

Finally, if you completely follow the steps mentioned, you will be able to get your signature without any problem. Now that you have a virtual tool to legalize and validate your business or services, you will have to know some benefits within this online resource. Next Some benefits:

Reduce costs

Compared to the traditional flow of paper documents, the use of electronic signatures is more cost effective. What you save is paper, printing, packaging, shipping costs. In addition to all related travel expenses if you deliver documents to your clients or partners personally.

Reduce risk and secure document flow

Paper documents are quite fragile and are subject to damage and loss. Also, you can send a document, wait for it to be returned to you, and receive it only to find a few missing signatures.

On the other hand, the digital environment eliminate these risks. Additionally, an electronic signature solution adds to the security of your documents due to strong encryption algorithms. No third party will be able to access or decrypt your documents.

Improve customer experience

No one would say that customer satisfaction is a major factor influencing the success of your business. And obviously your customers would be more satisfied if your interaction with them became easier and more efficient. In addition, this helps you keep a virtual record of all your movements online.

Not to mention that electronic signatures save time clients and make the overall signing process much more convenient for them. However, to get this experience you must complete all the requirements to obtain an electronic signature.

Signature Certificate

The certificate of the same it’s a validation of the same in tax processes. This provides you with more security and authenticity within civil proceedings or in your business. For this you will have to gather several documents and then deliver them to a notary at the Tax Administration Service (SAT):

  • Plan an appointment with the SAT of your choice
  • Have a memory device with the virtual signature in pdf
  • Have an active email
  • Have a password attached to the process (the one we mentioned in the previous steps)
  • In the case of a Mexican, the identity card and a black and white copy
  • On the contrary, if you are a foreigner, you must have a validated emigration letter
  • Own the RFC

Where is the procedure done?

The procedure can only be carried out in the Tax Administration Service of your preference. That is, the SAT. Regardless of the headquarters where you want to carry out the process, it is mandatory to carry out the procedure in one of the premises of the civil registry. It is also carried out in the fiscal organizations of the capital territory.

However, we recommend that you personally attend the aforementioned institution and learn more at respect. On the other hand, there are other methods to register or request the desired document; virtual and even by phone.

What is the Electronic Signature for?

It is like an electronic signature that has been coded and encrypted for a higher level of security. Its function is facilitate the processes of validation and identification of your services or tax businesses, so there will be fewer security risks.

Think of it this way: your signature is a locked box that requires two keys to open. If the keys do not match, the document will be invalidated and all parties will be notified.

What is the electronic signature?

A digital signature is an identification scheme to prove the authenticity of digital messages or documents. While digital signatures have caught the attention of many companies and executives. In addition to ensuring and validating any of its operations.

What exactly? In short, a digital signature it is your electronic fingerprint. It allows you to sign a document electronically and validates the signer. It is a mathematical code that authenticates the sender’s document and ensures that the document remains unaltered when it reaches the recipient.

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