Requirements for Fonacot Credit: Documents, Steps and MORE

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You must take into account the Requirements for Fonacot Credit at the moment you want to start said process, since these are not only important when applying for credit, but they are also essential, and that is why you must keep up to date with them.

The Institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers (Fonacot) It is part of the Mexican government, and functions as a public and financial institution that offers various services to workers, so that they can manage their consumption and investment in a competitive market. Thus, we could say that Fonacot is responsible for providing financial social services to workers in Mexico.

In this article We will be talking to you about everything related to acquiring a Fonacot loan: requirements, documents, procedure, benefits and much, much more. Do not go!

What are the Requirements to Process a Fonacot Credit?

Let’s first see what the Requirements for Fonacot Credit before going to the necessary documentation and being able to start your credit application process. As we said at the beginning, it is essential that you meet these requirements, so you cannot miss them.

Let’s see!

  • Be of age, that is, be over 18 years old.
  • Having a job with a minimum of one year seniority, either in a Company or Work Center.
  • You need to have a contract of plant or without date of end.
  • The place where you work must be affiliated with the Fonacot Institute, which you can check by clicking here. You will be directed to the Institute’s company catalog, where you only have to enter the name of your Work Center, select the state and municipality where it is located, and click on Look for.
  • Important to know the various plans that the Institute offers, such as the Ten Thousand Support Plan, the Relief Plan, Let’s Travel Through Mexico and the Cash Woman Credit.
  • Have at least two (2) personal references.
  • Have a personal telephone number.
  • Have internet access so you can register online and all the necessary documents duly scanned.

Each and every one of these requirements is mandatory and needs to be verified before moving on to the second stage of document collection.


If the Work Center where you are working is not affiliated, you must go to the Fonacot page and apply for registration. For this you just have to click on Contact> Lada 800 mailbox, and enter the data they ask for: telephone, email, company name, etc., so that the person in charge of HR can be contacted.

Necessary documents

The necessary documents to request a Fonacot Credit are also mandatory, although of less restrictive use. Remember that the first person interested in having them all in order and duly completed, is you.

So, let’s see which are the documents that you should start collecting from now on.

  • Identification document: DNI, Passport, Credential to vote.
  • Bank Statement for the last month, where your name and CLABE account number are reflected. This is where the respective deposit (or deposits) of the credit will be made.
  • Domicile certificate, which can be any bill for a service such as electricity, water, gas, cable television, property, etc., or also documents such as the FOVISSSTE Account Statement, from a commercial house, from your afore or the simple bank, as well as the Proof of Residence duly signed. These must be current and, in the case of services, be a maximum of two months old.
  • Payroll vouchers (1-4), issued by the Work Center, to be able to take into consideration what is the base salary of the worker. If you present all four (4), the better.
  • Other documents may be required, such as the Certificate of Seniority and the Letter of confirmation of fixed and permanent income, both issued by the center.

And that’s it! Do you see how simple it is?


The effective date of the last payroll payment It depends on whether it is monthly, biweekly, weekly, fourteen or commissioned.

  • Monthly: one month from the date of issue
  • Biweekly, weekly: up to a maximum of 16 days.
  • By commission: just bring the four receipts.

Steps to Request a Fonacot Credit for the First Time

If this is the first time you are going to apply for a Fonacot loanYou can do it in two ways: through online services or at any of the Institute’s branches. Keep in mind that, if you will do it in a on-line, all documents must be properly scanned, where the reflected data can be seen.


To perform the Online application you should:

  • Enter the website of Fonacot.
  • Click on Online services.
  • Press the option Credit request, located in the section Customer.
  • You will be directed to Affiliate Portal, where you must enter a series of personal, address, work and reference data, in addition to the documents. In addition to the basic information, they can ask you your marital status, type of home, number of people who depend on you and how many members of your family work, level of studies, extra income, if you have other credits, etc.
  • Right there You must select the branch closest to you or of your preference.
  • Finally, click on End up, once you have entered all the required information and documentation.
  • Print the credit application and take it to the branch of your choice. You have up to 30 days to do this step and you must bring the documentation, attached with copies.

Your data will be verified and, if other documents are required, you will be informed in the same way that they will send you the answer to the request: by phone or via email.


If you have any questions, calling 800 Fonacot (366 2268) you can solve them. If you wish, once your application is complete, be sure to call and ask for directions.


To do it face-to-face application you must:

  • Approach the nearest branch or of your preference, with the documentation in hand and prior compliance with the Requirements for Fonacot Credit. You can check all of them by clicking here.
  • Go to the reception and say that you are going to Request your Credit.
  • Present your documents and vouchers.
  • Finally, follow the instructions that will be communicated to you.
  • Remember Check if you have a bank deposit limit, in order to avoid delaying your process.

And that’s it! As you can see, requesting your credit is very simple, whatever the way you decide to process it. Of course, doing it online has the advantage that you can do it from the comfort of your home or place of preference, when you see fit.

Does the Fonacot Credit ask for Endorsement?

You are wondering if To request a Fonacot Credit you need an endorsement. The guarantee is an asset that people who are going to request a loan usually present as it is a guarantee that the timely payment of this will be made. In this way, a third party guarantees that they will take over if the applicant cannot.

No endorsement is required at the Fonacot Institute, or guarantor, but the only guarantee that is needed is that of your work. This advantage makes the documents you present more important, since it is the only source of trust that you will be giving to the institution.

Benefits of a Fonacot Credit

There are many Benefits linked to the credit offered by the Fonacot Institute. Let’s see what they are, in a short and precise way.

  • There are several credit programs: Ten Thousand Support Plan, Relief Plan, Credit for Victims, Let’s Travel Through Mexico, Cash Credit and Cash Woman Credit.
  • It is not necessary to have an endorsement or guarantor. The guarantee is your job.
  • Programs have credit insurance for job loss, death, disability, etc.
  • Prime interest rates, from 0.8%.
  • Flexible deadlines, 6 to 36 months, as determined.
  • Credit payment via payroll, being the guarantee that you have.
  • Let’s travel through Mexico, for example, it allows you purchase preferential packages Travel.
  • You have the option to pay your credit in advance, if you restructured your credit, if you want to pay off your credit or if you left the payroll in different banks.
  • You can generate a credit history.
  • You will acquire a card that can be used to buy goods and services in hundreds of establishments.
  • Can you do cash advances.
  • You yourself can choose the percentage of salary that you want to be deducted.

And you? What other benefits do you see for Fonacot credit?

What is it?

The Institute of National Fund for Workers’ Consumption (Fonacot)As we said at the beginning of this article, it offers credit services at preferential rates to all workers in Mexico, whose Work Center has joined or wants to join Fonacot. In this way, we can say that it is a financial institution focused on providing services of this type to those who require it.

As you have seen, you can request your credit in a on-line, which constitutes an advantage in itself and a cut in the processing time. It is a much easier, faster and simpler option, compared to the protocol of a bank. In addition, despite the fact that the credits are limited, you will enjoy competitive rates.

Now that you know the Requirements for Fonacot Credit, what are you waiting for? Request it!

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