Requirements for Infonavit: Documents, Credits and MORE

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At some point in life we ​​aspire to have a home of our own, in order to increase our wealth and that of our family. This is why here we detail the Requirements for Infonavit.

The most important thing to get a loan with this institution is to collect the required points, meet the requirements and then prepare to submit the formal application for the loan.

What are the Requirements for Infonavit?

If you want to get your own home and you need to be financed, you just have to comply with the Requirements for Infonavit. They are essential to make the process simple and fast. Having a stable job gives you some advantages, and one of them is that by having a work history you can aspire to acquire mortgage financing through the Infonavit (Institute of the National Housing Fund).

This applies only to employees. Of each of the discounts made in your payroll account, a portion is used for the housing subaccount. It is there where a fund for your home is produced in the future. Let’s get to the point. The Requirements for Infonavit are as follows:

  • Have a minimum score of 116 to request Infonavit for most of your credits.
  • An essential requirement is have a current employment relationship. Since to opt for financing it is necessary to be working.
  • Accumulation of contributions of 5% of your integral salary from the company. The contribution is made bimonthly by the company, using it to the Infonavit savings subaccount.

How can you get the 116 Infonavit points?

If you want to acquire the 116 points, the amount of time they have working continuously is taken into account. Likewise, age and salary are considered. And of course meet the Requirements for Infonavit aforementioned:

  • Age: When making the sum of the points, the age of the applicant is taken into account. The level where more accumulation occurs is from 21 to 49 years. At this time in life is where great stability is achieved in the workplace.
  • The salary: The higher the applicant’s salary, the more contributions they will have. In other words, if you receive 4 times the minimum wage, the reserve will award 39 points. In the case of earning the minimum salary, 24 points will be accumulated for each two-month period that is worked.
  • Amount in the Housing Subaccount: For each job you have, you accumulate an amount of money. The higher the amount of the subaccount, the higher the loan received from Infonavit.
  • Continuous Contributions: The minimum to accumulate points is six bimonthly contributions. More savings accumulate when you stay in a job for a long time. From the 16 bimonths of contributions, you can acquire 38 points.
  • Not having another Infonavit loan: Financing is only granted to people who request it for the first time, or who have already finished paying the previous loan. If you currently have a credit, you cannot request another credit.

Documents Needed for Infonavit

After showing the Requirements for Infonavit, it is necessary to talk about the necessary documents for Infonavit:

  1. Submit the correctly completed credit registration application.
  2. The certified birth certificate, and attach a copy.
  3. Consign the official identity document and a copy. It can be any of the following: Updated voting certificate, passport, professional identity card or military service card.
  4. Attach the SSN (Social Security number), which is acquired through the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social).

If what you want is a marital credit, you must enter:

  • The marriage certificate in original and copy.
  • Official identity document of the spouse plus a copy.
  • Original spouse’s birth certificate and copy.

But if what you want is to buy a home, it is essential to comply with the following:

  1. Submit a photocopy of the seller’s bank transactions with interbank CLABE.
  2. Electronic evaluation of the home you want to buy. Likewise, the Housing Quality Report that is at most six months old. Said Opinion is made by one of the two institutions in Mexico,
  3. Record the title to the apartment or house in copy.

Types of Credits in Infonavit

It is essential that you know the credit that suits you best. For this reason, we will inform you in detail about the different types of credit that Infonavit offers, so that you can analyze which is the one that suits your needs. These are:

The Infonavit Credit

It is one of the most requested credits and is used to acquire a new or used home. Through this credit you can receive a balance of up to $ 1,712,717 pesos. At an interest rate of 12% and the extra costs will be 3% on the amount of the credit (applies for the right holders with a salary of up to $ 6,370 pesos per month.

Credit can be used to enlarge and remodel a house. It also serves to manufacture on land or in that case to cancel a previously requested mortgage with a previously financial entity.

Credit Cofinavit

Another option to be financed is through the Cofinavit credit. This can be used to buy a new or used home. This credit is provided by infonavit and by another financial entity, which serves to add a higher balance to that granted by Infonavit. Through this, financing of up to $ 441,043 pesos can be obtained, at an annual rate of 12% and extra costs of 5%.

The Cofinavit Credit Additional Income

This credit is granted both by Infonavit and by another financial institution as a whole. This credit considers the extra income received through commissions.

But it must be clear that the salary cannot be greater than $ 8,950 pesos per month. The highest balance for this credit is $ 418,991 pesos, at a rate of 12%.

Infonavit Total Credit

Through this credit you can obtain financing up to $ 1,955,291 pesos. At an annual rate of 12%, and the credit must be greater than 95% of the cost of the home to be purchased. The applicant cannot have a salary greater than $ 9,555 pesos.

Second Infonavit Credit

If you previously obtained an infonavit credit, and it has already been canceled, you have the opportunity to request a second credit. This credit will grant an amount up to $ 1,943,000 pesos, and extra costs for 5%. Which can be avoided if the applicant receives a salary of less than $ 9,555 pesos per month.

It is important to note that this credit applies only to people who are under 65 years of age. And that in turn, the previous loan has been paid at least 6 months before. In addition to this, the monthly payment of this credit cannot be greater than 30% of the applicant’s monthly income.

Credit Mejoravit

Through this credit you have the possibility of enlarging or remodeling your home. It is granted by a financial institution, which finances from $ 3,920.38 pesos and up to $ 54,885.38 pesos. At a rate of 16.5% with a payment term between 12 and 30 months.

Cambiavit Credit

It is aimed at people who they want to move to another city, and have a home closer to your workplace, or in a more exclusive area. The Cambia Vit credit is the one indicated for this case. To process this credit, you must have or have had a traditional credit for 2 years. Likewise, the house must be registered in the Public Property Registry, and must consider a house of lower value, with the objective that the differentiated one is paid at the amount of the loan.

You already have the necessary information about the different types of Infonavit credits. Surely one of the options adapts to your needs, those of your family group and your purchasing power.

Why Apply for an Infonavit Credit?

There are plenty of reasons to request an Infonavit Credit, but apart from the advantages it has, it also offers several types of credits adjusted to your needs. With a fixed annual rate, and with which you have the possibility both buying your own home and remodeling or expanding your home.


When choosing a loan, it is important to know the advantages that they provide us, which is why below we present some of the benefits that Infonavit Credits offer:

A Fixed Interest Rate

Since your credit begins to run, you will enjoy an interest rate of 12%. This will be reflected in the balance of your credit, so that it decreases from the cancellation of the first month.

The Change of Modality

The beneficiaries where their credit is centered in Times of Minimum Wage. They have acquired it more than 15 years ago, and additionally they owe 1.5 more times compared to the initial amount of their credit, and have a monthly salary less than the minimum. They have the possibility of make the change to pesos.

Through this benefit, they can expect the debt to increase over time (years). And in the same way, manage to pay for your home in less time.

Joint Loans

This is a great benefit that Infonavit provides. For example, if your spouse can access a loan granted by FOVISSSTE (Housing Fund of the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers). Have the opportunity to pool your credits and own an asset.

In the case of having two jobs, and one is from the private sector the other from the public sector, they also have the opportunity to join them and achieve enough points. With the aim of achieving credit admission and owning an Infonavit home.

Mortgage Subrogation

In the event that you later wish to change your Infonavit credit to a private entity with which this entity collaborates, either because it offers a better interest rate or month-to-month payments are reduced. Currently it is possible, due to financial reform.

What is Infonavit?

The Infonavit (National Housing Fund for Workers). It was created in 1972, and this foundation was decreed by the Infonavit Law. It is an institution that aims to pool in the same fund the contributions made by the employer of 5% of the monthly salary of each of the employees who are hired.

And in this way, they have the possibility of acquiring a loan to buy a house, or in such case that the accumulated savings are returned to you. This gives workers an essential right, such as having their own home, through the different credits that this institution offers.

If you want to know detailed information about Infonavit, we invite you to enter this web portal.

By gathering all the Requirements for Infonavit, you are closer to acquiring your own home and fulfilling that long-awaited dream.

Through this institution you have the possibility to choose between several types of credits, plan your monthly payments and have the peace of mind of being the duel of a house.

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