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A question that many of the young people who feel the call of duty to the country ask themselves is the requirements for Municipal Police. And this is one of the jobs in which more is helping the population without the need for a military regime.

In fact, there are many people who are interested in working for the police not only by vocation but also by the benefits they have. Do you want to know better the requirements for Municipal Police? Are you interested in knowing more about how to be a police officer?

Then you came to the right article because here we will tell you everything!

What is a Municipal Police

Before starting to say the requirements for Municipal Police, the first thing you need to know is what is a municipal policeman in the reality.

And the truth is that this is a type of police very specific within the functions carried out by the different police forces throughout México.

In this sense, the municipal police is an autonomous organ that he is not related to the federal police or another entity of the public forces.

The reason for this is that they are a type of institution thought to act only in your municipality in a series of very specific tasks.

However this concept it has been evolving and it has been seen that this institution plays a very important role within the forces of order.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that the municipal police they only respond to their municipality and not to other police institutions in the nation.

This means that they are not subjugated under any kind of command beyond of the station captain of the municipality to which they belong.

At the same time they are also under the direct command of the mayor that governs in those moments in the municipality of which its unit is part.

However, the most common and recommended is that work together with the other forces of order currently operating in the nation.

The reason for this is that so there is better control in everything related to crimes they have committed in other parts of the country.

What are the functions of a Municipal Police

One of the questions frequently asked by those who are seeking the requirements for Municipal Police is what are the functions they fulfill.

And the truth is that they have quite specific functions that we list you below so that you know them before you start reading requirements:

  • The first thing they should do is sanction or fine to all those who violate one or more of the provisions of the municipality.
  • In the event that a crime has been committed, either within the municipality or in another, you must contribute to the authorities that compete.
  • It is among its functions that of prevent all kinds of common crime, being these in general those of robbery or those of violence in general.
  • In the same sense as the previous one, one of the main functions of municipal police is protect citizens that are in the municipality.
  • They will also have to take charge of guarding everything related to pedestrians and the correct circulation of vehicles in the municipal territory.
  • At the same time they will be in charge of Protect the environment and all public assets that, in general, the municipality owns or belongs to.
  • It is also among his duties that of manage prisons that are under the jurisdiction of the municipality in which they are currently active officials.
  • Shall of keep a diary of all the surveillance actions carried out within the municipality and of the actions that are carried out in general.
  • At the same time they will have to have a record in which be all the violations to the legislation of the municipality in which they are working.

What are the requirements to be a Municipal Police

If you are wondering what are the main requirements for Municipal Police here we leave you a complete list so you don’t have to keep looking:

  • The first thing of all is that the interested party must be a citizen of México.
  • You must also have a minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 35.
  • For the women a height of at least 1.65m is requested for men It is requested that it measures at least 1.70m.
  • It must be have a very good health both physical and mental.
  • It is also important that are complete equivalence studies.
  • It should not be consume any type of drug nor have other vices.
  • You must also know how to drive vehicles and have a driver’s license.
  • You will not be able to have tattoos nor any type of perforation.
  • The interested person must be able of being able to carry out activities of effort without having problems.
  • The interested party must pass all exams that are carried out by the police.
  • It is important that do not have a police record of any kind.
  • A person who has been suspended or removed from a place in public safety will not be able to choose for being municipal police.

You will also be asked for certain documents within the Requirements for Municipal Police, which we will mention below:

  • The interested party must bring your birth certificate.
  • Some type of certification must be carried of the studies carried out.
  • It is important to carry the Unique Population Registry Code.
  • Men in general should add the military service record.
  • You must also attach the driver’s license.
  • It `s important to carry four badge size photos have a white background.
  • An invoice should be taken as proof of address.
  • They should also take two letters of recommendation both family and work.

What exams must be presented to be a Municipal Police

Another question frequently asked by those interested in knowing the requirements for Municipal Police is what are the exams to pass.

And it is that, in fact, to be able to be municipal police they must pass seven exams that determine if the person is actually fit.

If you want to know what these exams are here we tell you all with details so that you can prepare to approve them without having any problem:

  • The first will be a general knowledge test, in which you will be asked questions related to the basic knowledge of general school instruction.
  • You will also have a series of physical exams to determine what your physical condition and attitude is that you currently enjoy.
  • You will also have a trust control in which you will be evaluated if you comply with the behavioral parameters of the institution.
  • You will also be a series of psychological tests to check that they are in all their mental faculties and that they do not have any psychological problems.
  • You will also have a medical evaluation to check that you do not have any type of problem that may interfere with the performance of your duty.
  • Another test that will be carried out will be the toxicological test to check that your system is free of any illegal substances that you may be using.
  • Finally you will perform a polygraph test to detect if you have told a lie or falsified any of the data you provided.

What is the salary of a Municipal Police

One of the things that most interest people these days who are looking for information about the requirements for Municipal Police is The salary.

And this is something very normal because it has always been the false idea that police officers earn rather mediocre salaries.

But the truth is that, in general, the police receive salaries higher than the minimum wage, and can be quite older, although this depends a lot on the state.

In general, a police officer can earn a salary that varies between nine thousand and ten thousand pesos every month, more bonuses.

However, there are also some states in which the figure reaches the total of thirteen thousand pesos not counting the bonuses that they can give them.

What are the benefits of being a Municipal Police

  • One of the most mentioned benefits is that you can have two paid vacations year.
  • They will immediately become part of the Fonacot, through which they can request aid to make purchases of goods or services.
  • They will become part of an improvement program of the working conditions as well as the daily life of the police officer in question.
  • When they start working they will go to help in the savings fund and they will be able to enjoy the various services that it currently provides.
  • All policemen will have the IMSS and ISSSTE medical service forever.
  • The municipal policemen too will have facilities from the IMSS housing fund to be able to acquire a house at the time that is most appropriate for you.

As you can see the requirements for Municipal Police they are not complicated at all to obtain.

With this guide you can start to get them very quickly!

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