Requirements for Primary Pre-registration: SAID

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Every year parents must go through the process of registering the youngest members of the household in the educational system. The later concern of buying school supplies and the good experiences that the child may have must first be confirmed by the acceptance of the child in his or her elementary school.

Here are the Requirements for pre-registration to primary in México through the SAID.

Requirements for Primary Registration

The requirements for primary enrollment of any boy or girl in México are the ones we show you here:

  • To have 6 years to enter the first grade, maximum for December of the corresponding year. If this minimum age is not met, the child cannot be enrolled in an elementary school.
  • Make the registration correctly
    ion, entering the data of the Unique Population Registry Code of the child and his proof of address.
  • Depending on the case, it will be necessary to attach an email address and the Unique Population Registry Code of the siblings, if they are between first and fifth grade.
  • IEnter the complete data of the schools in which you would like, as a representative, to enroll the minor. If you choose several, the usual thing is that the one closest to the place where the family resides is chosen.
  • Print the pre-registration application to deliver it on the registration day. If you do not have internet, you are given the option of pre-registering for primary school at the closest school that allows you to complete the procedure.

In rural communities, representatives can request a consultation with teachers and administrative personnel in schools in the area. Thanks to this method, the process can be done in a simple, fast and orderly way.

Necessary documents

After completing the requirements for primary enrollment For the child with all the above information, you must go through the enrollment process of the school you have chosen. To do this, you are asked to assist with the following necessary documentation:

  • Original and copy of the birth certificate or certificate of the represented party. We recommend that, if you do not have it, you get it in advance, as it is the main document that is needed to verify the minor’s data.
  • Unique Population Registry Code. As in the previous case, make sure to manage it well in advance.
  • Evaluation report made for the elementary grades.
  • Medical record. This must be issued by a health center in your community. It must not be older than three months.
  • Four photos of the represented. In them the child must appear without glasses or ornaments that distract the view or hinder recognition, from the front and with a white background, without toys or devices.
  • Valid identity document of the father, mother, representative or person in charge.
  • Proof of residence or address in the area where the school is located.
  • Printed result of primary enrollment.


We always advise that you gather all the documents to carry out a smooth procedure. However, if it is impossible for you to get any of the documents, you have an option that can save you.

You can attend the registered campus and request registration through the INS-10 form. This is used for the «application for registration of registration or re-registration». Remember that the lack of documents should not be an impediment for a child to access a basic education.

What is SAID

The SAID (acronym for Advance Registration and Distribution System) is a computer program that is used to assign and distribute new students to different levels of schooling. In this way, Directorate of Educational Planning of México You can organize the children to enter the following years of study:

  • Second and third grade of preschool education.
  • First grade of primary.
  • And first year of high school.

It also allows to process and authorize any request to change school or shift at these same levels that the representatives may present. This procedure is done during the periods established in the website of the Federal Educational Authority in México City.

To answer various questions or queries there are two contact emails that you can write to:

  1. For México City:
  2. The rest of the country:
  3. Or you can contact you through the telephone line of the 3601 8724.

You also have the option of contacting staff of different educational levels at the following institutions:

  1. The General Directorate of Educational Services of Iztapalapa, for secondary schools in this state. You can communicate with Licdo. Pedro Cabrera Ávila through the 3601 71 00 Ext. 46562, or email
  2. Sectorial Coordination of Secondary Education for general secondary schools, telesecundarias and for workers who are not from Iztapalapa. You can communicate with Leticia Gómez Moreno through the 3601 10 00 Ext. 49308, or email
  3. There is also the General Directorate of Technical Secondary Education. You can contact Licda. Nelly Román Figueroa through the 3601 71 00 Ext. 43366 or 43346, or email
  4. Secondary attached to the Escuela Normal Superior de México. You can communicate with Eng. Eleazar Vázquez Lópex through the 3601 87 99 Ext. 44416 and 5535 21 49, or email

How do I enroll in the SAID

The primary objective of the SAID is to serve all possible students to formalize their pre-enrollment in the educational institutions of México. To do it registration in the SAID You must enter their website and proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the website to register in the Advance Registration and Distribution System for the school year to begin.
  2. Include the student’s data in the digital form. This corresponds to:

  • The academic level you are going to enter, be it preschool, primary or secondary.
  • Date of birth.
  • CURP.
  • Names and surnames.
  • Sex.
  • Degree to which you enter.
  • Municipality of residence.
  • Town, street and number of your address.
  1. To continue, you must fill in the information about the school. This is made up of the full name of the institution, which when entered jumps the Work Center Code. As you select options, you must press add or remove depending on your preference.
  2. After choosing a maximum of five schools, you are enabled with the sibling data option, if you have another represented in one of the selected schools. There you should include:
    1. The school’s name.
    2. Degree that attends.
    3. Your turn.
    4. Names and surnames.
  3. Upon completion you must provide the information of the parents or guardians. This corresponds to:
    1. Their names and surnames.
    2. Date of birth.
    3. Level of study.
    4. And contact email.
  4. Ready! Once you have entered all this information (which takes just a few minutes) your child will be registered within the SAID. After this you are given the option to view a pdf file. with all the above data.

To keep in mind …

If the student does not have a CURP key, you can generate one that will be valid only for registration in the SAID. To do so you are given the option in the service «Don’t you have CURP?», where you must fill in the grade to which the minor enters and the data that is requested to generate the unique password.

How do I check the Pre-registration results?

Through the online portal designed by the Government of the State of México, you can check the pre-registration results of any child in your care.

To do this, you must enter the SAID page with the folio that was generated during the registration of the minor or the CURP of the same. In the case of the first, you must give both data, while with the key you can skip the first data.

When placing the data you must press the query button, thus generating a document on the screen, called proof of assignment. It will show you all the information about the school, the student and the registration process.

Once you have determined the result, you should check your place on the page website of the Federal Educational Authority in México City. Then you must go to the school or high school assigned to your client and formalize the registration on the day that corresponds to you.

If you received a negative response to your request, you must go to the educational institution in the period indicated by the voucher to find out the reason, or in the best case, the way to solve and request a change.

What happens if the Pre-registration period has ended and I did not apply?

If you did not make the request in the pre-registration period You must register your child in the late assignment process within five business days after the end of the process.

Entering in this link You will be able to find the institutions you can attend to request your late pre-registration depending on the educational level of your son or daughter Good luck!

Education is a fundamental right that cannot be denied to any child. On México, the State has established a system thanks to which minors can be placed in different schools depending on their academic level. Take advantage of the opportunity!

You just have to gather the Pre-enrollment requirements for primary school for the SAID.

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