Requirements for Replacement: Steps, Costs and MORE

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This article will explain the Requirements for Replacement. In addition, the step-by-step of this topic will be highlighted. So if you are interested in knowing everything related to Replacement, take note!

What are the Necessary Requirements for Replacement?

The Requirements for Replacement are as follows:

  • The citizen must carry his identification document Updated and current with CURP (INE, passport, license, ID, etc).
  • In the event that the citizen does not carry out the procedure, the holder must present a Notary power or a document identifying the representative.
  • The citizen must show his receipt or invoice and legal document that proves to be the owner. That is, its history of the purchase and sale, if it is used, etc.
  • Updated document of your address, either Ine, services, among others.
  • Must be presented with anterior plates or you can also assist with a legal document that demonstrates the faults of the same, either by loss, come down.

What cars need replacement?

People who have complied with the requirements for replacement, this program is valid for January 1 to December 31, 2020, from January to March, they will be able to get benefits. This plan is led to:

  1. Persons containing private service vehicles that have license plates issued in the 2014 and 2015.
  2. Citizens who contain plates from the year 2013 and earlier and who have not renewed during the year 2019.
  3. This program can be carried out by all the vehicles that are in the State of Mexico that aspire to replace and obtain the benefits.
  4. The plates have a valid for 5 years as of the date issued.

Steps to do the procedure

To carry out the replacement procedure, you must follow the steps below:

  1. The citizen must enterl Mini-site found within the portal of Taxpayer Services on the page .
  2. When you have already opened the page, you must click on «Regularize and Renew». Then give the option of online procedures.
  3. Before carrying out the procedure, check the requirements for Replacement and scan the documents in png at 150 point inch, to a size no larger than 2MB
  4. Then a form which you will have to fill in with the requested information.
  5. Once you have filled out the form, a page will appear that you can download at «Acknowledgment of Request for Processing»This number will be used to follow up on the process.
  6. You will have to wait a period of 24 hours while your information is being analyzed.
  7. To find out what status your procedure is, you must enter the page of the Taxpayer Service and access in consultation «Check your procedure». Then you will have to enter your folio and your email and the screen will show the vehicle data and will indicate if the procedure is coming or not.
  8. In the event that it is appropriate, it will be displayed three documents such as: the acknowledgment of receipt, the request for the procedure and the payment format, which you will have to download each of them.
  9. After the citizen must make the payment, he can do it online or in the authorized establishments that indicates your universal payment format.
  10. Now you can schedule the appointment To collect your new plates, you must click schedule your appointment and enter your capture line, select the Fiscal Services Center or Comprehensive Collection Module and according to availability, select the Date and Time who will attend, confirm your appointment. And the system will display your confirmation acknowledgment, which you must print.
  11. The day and time of your appointment must be presented at the office or module you chose.

Replacement Costs

Replacement costs are as follows

Requirements for Replacement: Cooperator compliments

If in 2019 you met the payment of possession or endorsement, you can aspire the following benefits.

  • If the license plate is from 2014 and 2015, the citizen may choose a 50% forgiveness, for the modality of automobile, cargo transport and motorcycle. For cars it has a cost of plates and cards $ 398.00, in the case of cargo transportation of $ 831 and motorcycles $ 297.
  • If the license plate is from 2014 to 2019, the citizen may choose a 100% forgiveness, for the 2020 tenure for vehicles with quantity up to $ 400 thousand pesos and motorcycles up to $ 115 thousand pesos without VAT.

Requirements for Replacement: Cooperator with debts

If the citizen contains charges in the case of possession or endorsement, if you regularize, they can aspire the following benefits.

  • From the months of January to March, citizens will be able to choose the 100% forgiveness of possession and endorsement 2018 and earlier, also 100% in the contribution for the change of owner and 100% of fines and surcharges.
  • It has the modality for automobiles that has a cost of plates of $ 796.00, for freight transport has a value of $ 1,662.00 and the motorcycles have a cost of $ 593.00

How to do the Replacement if the Car is not in my Name?

It is important to note that this program shows that if the citizen has not registered their vehicle in their name, they will be able to carry out the change of ownership at no cost throughout the semester.

How to do if my vehicle is lost?

In the event that the citizen has reported his vehicle for theft or accident with total loss, the license plate process will be merely free. This means that the citizen will provide the total remission of possession, the endorsement of all the years that he has had charges.

What is it?

The purpose of the replacement procedure is advance public safety activities in the entity. Give legal, fiscal and patrimonial security to citizens who own their vehicles and, above all, supply license plates and cards with the established measures.

It is important to note that if the citizen does not know when their plates expired, they can verify by entering the Taxpayer Services page , then it will give the option «Vehicle control or electronic procedures» then click on Query plate validity and that’s it.

Requirements for Replacement: benefits

  1. Get current and current license plates and cards.
  2. Your vehicle will have the power to fully identify itself in circulation.
  3. Cooperate with public security and receive assistance in the analysis of crimes committed with vehicles.

Requirements for Replacement: establishments to carry out the procedure

It is important to explain that there are two kinds of deliveries that are the Tax Service Centers and the Modules. In the event that the person needs the fast process, there are modules of express attention.

Tax Service Centers

  • You will find the Ecatepec Fiscal Delegation: That there are approximately 6 offices.
  • The Naucalpan Fiscal Delegation: There are approximately 5 offices that.
  • Citizens can count on the Nezahualcóyotl Fiscal Delegation: There are 4 offices.
  • If you live in the area of Tlalnepantla can attend at 6 Offices.
  • You will find the Toluca Fiscal Delegation containing 14 tax centers.

Collection integration modules

In these modules are the shopping centers. Approximately 20 centers provide services, you can review the list in the Replacement Program .

Express Attention

If the citizen must take the procedure expressly, he must go to the two authorized centers that are: in San Mateo Atenco and in Tecamachalco.

Frequent questions

Citizens contain concerns, here we answer them below.

Is the citizen obliged to process the replacement process?

If the person contains his license plate in the State of Mérida in the tax proceedings within the years 2014 and 2015, then if he needs it obliged.

What choices does the citizen have to carry out his replacement procedure?

You do not need to queue, you can carry out your procedure online where you must wait for the confirmation in your email and it is how you will have to collect your plates by scheduling an appointment or you can also do it in person.

Do youIf the citizen carries out the process, how long does it take?

If the citizen performs the procedure online, he must wait approximately 72 hours and help pick up your license plates by scheduling an appointment. You can also do it by going to the Tax Service Centers, where the duration of the care will depend on how many people attend that day.

If the citizen presents a doubt, he can contact the following number 800 715 43 50 or through your page. Do not stay without doing this procedure, but first comply with the Requirements for Replacement.

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