Requirements for the Annual Declaration: Importance, What it is and MORE

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All citizens have rights and obligations to the nation, among which is the annual tax return. In this content we will present you which are the requirements for the annual declaration.

It is important that as citizens of a nation, contribute adequately to maintain the economic stability of the country, in addition to helping its development.

The annual tax returnIt is a necessary process, which is easy and simple to process. Stay to read this content and know the steps to follow, who must make said declaration and much more information of interest.

What are the Requirements for the Annual Declaration?

The Annual statementAs its name describes it, it consists of a declaration that is made in Mexico once a year. In order to carry out this process, it is necessary to supply a series of requirements and requirements, which are requested by the entity in charge.

In this section, you will be able to know each one of them. Remember that they are all important and necessary to be able to make the declaration. They are mentioned below, in the following list:

  • Key: In order to make the corresponding annual declaration, it is important to present the key of the bank account of the holder, since it may happen that a balance is obtained in favor.
  • Electronic signature: In order to send the statement, you must have the electronic signature, which is a legal concept, which has the same value as the normal signature, that is, the handwritten one. The declaration must have this signature in order to be processed.
  • RFC and password: The annual declaration is made within the SAT web system, it is necessary to have these data.

If you meet each of the requirements, you can make the corresponding annual declaration and thus comply with this obligation.

Who Must Make the Declaration

The Annual statement, is a legal requirement and obligation, with which employees must comply. In this sense, employees who meet the following conditions must submit this statement:

  • Those who have had 2 or more employers throughout the year.
  • That is a person whose income has exceeded 400 thousand pesos, during the year.
  • You receive a salary or pay from companies that are in another country, which are not required to make withholding in Mexico.
  • Those who collect rents or carry out the sale of some type of real estate.
  • People who work in business activities also apply, except those who pay taxes in the Tax Incorporation Regime.
  • Finally, those who obtained interest income that exceeds 100,000 pesos.

Many people believe that when receiving payments, through a payroll, it is not an obligation to file the annual tax return. However, this condition is not always met, because there are some cases in which it is an obligation.

Below are the cases in which it is necessary to make the corresponding annual declaration:

  • The annual declaration must be complied with, if the person terminated their employment, that is, their employment relationship before the end of the year.
  • When income is received, by two employers at the same time. In other words, when the individual has two jobs or two sources of income.
  • In the case in which the person who works, receives the salary, by an employer that does not make withholdings.
  • It also applies when the employee acquires workers’ compensation.

If the conditions are met, the Annual declaration of taxes.

How is the annual declaration made?

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