Requirements for the Feria Card: Types, Benefits and MORE

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Is it difficult for you to get around the city? Here in this article, we will explain the Requirements for the Feria Card. With this card, the Mexican citizen will have the ease of using public transport in the city of Monterrey.

It is important to note that this card is used approximately by 1 million citizens, to move in the best way and fulfill your daily responsibilities.

If you are interested in acquiring this card, then I will indicate everything you need, find out all the essential information about the Feria Card and its benefits.

What are the requirements for the Feria Card?

The citizen must comply with the following Requirements for the Feria Card, which will be explained below:

  • The citizen to have a fair card in any of its denominations, it is important that they have their curp printed, original.
  • Must have your ID with their respective photo of their voter card. You can also deliver, Visa, driver’s license, passport, IMSS or ISSSTE card; your occupation certificate, military record that must be at least 10 years old.
  • If the citizen is younger, you must attend with your legal representative.

Requirements for the Feria Card: Preferential School and University

Fulfilling the aforementioned requirements, citizens who want to have the Preferential Student Fair Card also have to verify that the educational institutions in which they are registered must prove that they are in the Secretary of State Education. That is why said educational institution must be linked to the Fair System.

It is important that in this system the students who are enrolled according to the school stage are added to the company that the Fair card refers to.

Students who are high school or university students must show the receipt or original document of studies. With an antiquity that does not exceed 30 days, the moment the person has applied for the Student fair card.

If the student is taking the Third year high school students must show their report card.

Requirements for the Feria Card: Senior Preferential

In addition to meeting the aforementioned requirements, the older person has to show their credential or INAPAM card.

Requirements for the Feria Card: Preferential Disability

Citizens who want to acquire the Feria card for disabled people, have to show their national credential that is sent by the State Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education, the instant you request the card.

For Preferred Companion

People who want the accompanying fair card, will have to show their national credential for citizens who have a disability.

It is sent by the (DIF BELIEVE) such as the Feria card for people with a citizen’s disability that will help with the procedures for the transfer, at the moment of requesting the card.

Who can have the Feria Card?

It is important to note that anyone who meets the Requirements can acquire the Feria card, and be able to travel on public transport.


There are different types of fair cards. The citizen must choose is that he meets his profile, the cards are the following:

  • Classic Card.
  • For students, there is the school card.
  • University card.
  • For Older Adults.
  • Card for disabled people.
  • Companion Card.

The school card is valid for people who are older than 4 years or that measure approximately 1.10, where they must be registered in basic level educational institutions demonstrated by the Secretary of Public Education of the State.

The University preferential card, students must be added to the updated list of students sent by the Educational Institution. To opt for the Senior Adult Fair card, the citizen must have more than 60 years and have your card INAPAM.

The Fair Card Companion, the applicant must prove to be the guardian or representative of the person who is the holder of the Fair Card that contain disabilities. A part must have at least 18 and 59 years old.

Recharge Policies

If you have a fair card, you can recharge at any Fair Issuance Center and Recharge Modules. The commercial network of the fair card, are the recharging points affiliated with said system, which comply with the regulations of the commercial chain such as:

  1. OXXO Stores
  2. ECOVÍA stations and terminals.

The client can make 3 daily recharges with his Feria card if he meets the following conditions:

  • The minimum amount that each citizen must request per transfer has to be $ 4.50, in the shops OXXO and in the Fair broadcasting establishments and $ 0.50 in the refilling machines ECOVÍA.
  • The maximum balance that can be recharged per transfer, cannot exceed the $ 250.00.
  • It is important to note that the maximum total in the Fair card does not exceed the $ 500.


Citizens who contain the fair cards, have to be responsible for approving the balance in time. After recharging, they have to verify the information shown on the recharge ticket:

  1. The card ID.
  2. UID of said card.
  3. The date of service.
  4. The amount recharged.
  5. The amount should be verified after recharging.

The maximum time to request an explanation for a recharge transaction will be 10 working days, from the day indicated with the receipt of the transaction.

Benefits of the Feria Card

The benefits contained in the Feria card are the following:

  • Has greater organization with your transportation costs.
  • This card is extremely safe, because it contains units that are analyzed via satellite.
  • Accuracy in the collection of the rate.
  • Decrease and effectiveness in boarding periods.
  • High coverage in recharge and sale establishments. In addition, citizens can access 1,900 points.
  • Greater comfort in developing to urban mobility to

It is important to highlight that with the Feria Card, they can access the different types of mobility. Each of them obtain great benefits for each citizen and family.

Fair transshipment

This type of scheme consists of citizens being creditors of a 50% off in the payment of the second fee and 100% discount of the third transport unit.

Of the 3 transactions, they must be done on different routes. In addition, the subsequent, second and third transactions have to be carried out in the next 120 minutes that is equivalent to two hours, after the first boarding.

Metrobús transfer

This diagram is about the line you have with the Metrobús and the connection to the Metro line. The estimated duration for the citizen to carry out the transshipment is 180 minutes, after boarding the Metrobús unit.

This scheme is essential between the Metrobús units and their respective stations.

ECOVÍA transshipment

This scheme is the one-time fee payment for transportation. The maximum duration in which transfers can be made is 120 minutes, Which is equivalent to 2 hours, after the first boarding, either at the transport station or in ECOVÍA.

What is the Feria Card?

The Feria card is a prepaid card, whose purpose is to use urban transport in Monterrey and in the metropolitan area, either ECOVÍA and Metrobús.

Among the objectives it is evident that each year they are innovating their services, because it seeks to preserve the union and the trust of customers. They also carry out strategies to provide Mexican citizens with a pleasant experience in each trip that each person makes.

A great advantage of using this card is that travel is fast and avoids most of the traffic in the city.

Recommendations for using the card

Citizens to care for and protect your card avoid the following actions:

  1. Do not expose it to electromagnetic fields.
  2. Under no circumstances can the citizen bend or damage the card.
  3. Do not punch the card.
  4. The citizen cannot scratch or trace it.
  5. Please do not put it in high temperature.
  6. It cannot have contact with liquids.

If you want to opt for this method, citizens must comply with the Requirements for the Feria Card. For more information you can enter your web portal

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