Requirements for the Medical Certificate: Documents, Costs and MORE

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A medical certificate has an important and beneficial function, which reports the state of health of a person.In order to obtain it, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for medical certificate.

If you are interested in being able to process and obtain the medical certificate, stay and read the following content, where you can find out what the requirements are, details of the process, and all the information you need to obtain this document.

This document is a useful tool where an expert doctor performs a medical evaluation and accredits the results of said evaluation in a document.

What are the Requirements for the Medical Certificate?

At the time of getting a job, for various procedures, as well as for a voluntary health check, the medical certificate is processed. Which consists of a certified document that has a record of each of the necessary data, both personal and related to the exam.

In order to carry out the process of processing the Medical Certificate, it is necessary to supply a series of requirements and requirements, which deal with certain documents that we will show below

Documents for Medical Certificate

In the following section, each of the documents necessary to process the Medical certificate:

  • The personal identification document must be presented, which must prove the identity of the person transferring it. In this case, the identity card, passport or other similar applies. It is important that it is in a valid state and that it also has the signature and photo of the applicant.
  • Another document is the proof of address, you must present a document that can prove the address and location of the domicile of the referring patient. You can use a letter of residence, as well as water or electricity bills.
  • Present laboratory tests, which have previously been prescribed by the doctor.
  • It is also necessary to present proof of payment to verify the cancellation corresponding to the process of issuing the medical certificate.

Where is the procedure done?

The process to obtain the Medical certificate, It can be carried out in a health institution, which is duly authorized to do general check-ups.

You must make sure to carry out the procedure in a reliable and secure institution, where the personnel in charge is trained to issue the certificate.

Cost of Medical Certificate

The issue regarding the cost or price of the medical certificate may vary, due to various conditions, for example, if the requesting person is affiliated with the Insurance, they have the benefit of obtaining the Medical certificate, free and easy.

On the other hand, in the event that the person is not affiliated with insurance, then they must pay the amount established by the institution that issues said document.

Generally, the price is between 35 to 100 Mexican pesos.

What is it?

The medical certificate It is a document that has the endorsement of a health institution or medical centers authorized to carry out such management.

It is considered an instrument or tool, used to accredit, verify or demonstrate the health condition of a person. It can be used for job, school or other procedures.

Its objective or purpose is based on registering the health data of the referring person, to provide clear and verifiable information about the patient’s health condition, at a given and particular time.

What information does the Medical Certificate contain?

In this part of the article, each of the points that the Medical certificate, about the referring patient.

Below in this list, each of them is shown:

  • Information about the medical review, clearly and precisely showing the health status of the requesting patient.
  • Data and personal information of the sender, that is, name, contact information among other information.
  • Reason for which the requesting person requests the Medical Certificate.
  • Exact date of issuance of the medical certificate.
  • Professional card details.
  • Information corresponding to the registry.
  • Certificate expiration date. It is important to consider that the medical certificate is not valid forever, but has a certain period of validity, which is generally one year.
  • Requesting patient’s blood type.
  • Information on the treating physician and the institution that manages the process of processing the medical certificate.

Characteristics of the medical certificate

Below are some of the characteristics that a medical certificate has, among which are:

  • It is a document printed on a sheet.
  • At the top of the document is the name of the institution that processes the medical certificate, with the corresponding seal.
  • Then the data of the treating physician appears.
  • It is a legal document that is valid for one year generally.

What is it for?

This document, known as the medical certificate, has the function of informing or making known the health status of a certain patient, at a certain time.

Said instrument is used to identify any health problem, either so that the person knows how they are doing at the health level or to know if the requirements requested by any institution or job to which the person wishes to apply are met.

In other words, it allows the person to know how they are at the health level and thus be able to attack any problem that may arise.

It is also highly recommended to have the medical certificate at hand, because in case of an emergency, the information contained in this document can be of great help.

Conditions with which the medical certificate must comply

It is important and essential that the medical certificate meets the following conditions:


The medical certificate must be a reflection or faithful sample of the verification carried out by the specialist, that is, the person in charge of making the certificate.Therefore, it is vitally important that the doctor who performs the evaluation is a professional, in every sense of the word. the word, that is, to work ethically.


Another important aspect to consider is that the document issued must be written manually, that is, by hand by the doctor in charge of the evaluation.

It is essential that the writing done is completely legible, so that it can be understood by the people who receive and study said certificate.


Not only is it enough to mention or make a brief statement about the health status of the person, but it is necessary that there be a detailed description, stating the diagnosis that motivates the certification.


Based on the verification that was carried out personally, which should have been carried out efficiently, the report of the evaluation carried out appears, presenting coherence in everything described.


It is important that everything registered in the medical certificate is documented in the patient’s medical record, so that it is easy to verify everything placed in the document issued.


It is important that within what is recorded in the medical certificate, it is clarified for which activities and tasks the patient is suitable, and for which they are not.

This factor is important, since it can prevent the patient from being subjected to or voluntarily submitting to activities for which they are not trained.


The Certificate It must be written in a formal way, using understandable medical terms, without going into colloquial language.

The document must have the following characteristics:

  • Letterhead must be used.
  • Clear and legible handwriting by the attending physician.
  • Be duly signed and stamped by the person in charge.
  • Complete and detailed information.

Objectives of the medical consultation

There are two objectives that are kept in mind at the time of the medical evaluation:

  1. objective primary: It refers to determining through medical review what kinds of situations can put the patient’s health at risk.
  2. Secondary objective: To be able to generate the opportunity for the patient to carry out a health control and to be able to identify diseases.

In case you want to obtain much more information about what a medical certificate is, you can access the following website, by clicking here.

Follow the steps indicated and meet the requirements for a medical certificate.

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