Requirements for the Military Card: Procedure, Service and MORE

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This Article will highlight the Requirements for the Military Card. In case the citizen needs to request this document, we will explain below everything related to this and what he has to comply with.

For Mexicans, it is essential to obtain the National Military Service Card. This card is a mandatory document that all men who are between 18 and 40 years old must have.

In other words, this document identifies the person who ends this service to guarantee the fulfillment of their military functions. That is why, if you need to process these documents, the Requirements for the Military Card are as follows.

What are the Requirements to Process the Military Card?

For Mexican citizens to process the document, they must comply with the Requirements for the Military Card which are the following:

  • The citizen must carry four photographs 35 × 45 mm size updates, facing black and white or color, on a white background. These photos should not have any arrangements, they should not have on a hat, cap, glasses. They should not have a beard, or earrings or piercings that they have in any part of their face.
  • The Mexican citizen must attach their respective copy of their birth certificate.
  • Address receipt from either service water, telephone, electricity, etc.
  • Bring a copy regarding the receipt of the maximum grade of the studies carried out.
  • The citizen must have his password through the Population Registry (CURP).
  • The person must bring their respective format to process the Military service.
  • In the case that the citizen is remiss (citizen who obtained the document of the card upon turning 18). You must show a certification issued by the recruitment board of the establishment where you were born, highlighting that the service identity card has not been issued.

When is the military record collected?

The Mexican citizen who needs to carry out the procedure should go to the board of municipal recruitment or some entity u consular offices from Mexico anywhere abroad.

The process will be ready approximately between 8 business days, then the citizen must look for his released card, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at the place where he delivered all his documents.

How to Accelerate the Processing of the Military Card?

It is important to note that there are exceptions that are the following:

  1. If the citizen has a disability physical or mental.
  2. For being a senior citizen of 40 years.
  3. Citizens who managed to naturalize, who are over 40 years old and especially who did not obtain their card.
  4. Mexican citizens who have achieved or have aspired to other nationality.
  5. The ministers that make up religious cults.
  6. Those with moral obstacles.
  7. Citizens who are children of foreigners and because they are part of the movement mennonite.

How can you aspire to an exception?

The citizen must meet all the requirements for the military card and must attend the Recruitment establishment of the Military Zone in the vicinity where his residence is located.

Depending on the situation of each citizen, they must meet the following requirements.

Requirements for the Military Card: Citizen who is over 40 years old

  1. You must attach a copy and original of your birth certificate.
  2. The citizen must carry a type of identification with their respective updated photo.
  3. Copy of the curp
  4. The citizen must attach the service card of the interested party.

Requirements for the Military Card: Mexican citizen who has another nationality

  1. Attach a copy and original of your birth certificate.
  2. The citizen must carry a type of identification with their respective updated photo.
  3. Copy of the curp
  4. The citizen must attach the service card of the interested party.
  5. The citizen must bring a copy and an original of the document that proves his other nationality. Documents such as: passport, identification card that contains the other country, birth certificate, declaration of nationality, etc.

Requirements for the Military Card: Due to some moral obstacle

The citizen must attach all the documents highlighted above, except documents that prove their nationality. You must also deliver a document proving said impediment.

Requirements for the Military Card: Citizen who contains disability

  1. Attach a copy and original of your birth certificate.
  2. The citizen must carry a type of identification with their respective updated photo.
  3. Copy of the curp
  4. The citizen must attach a document of the disability that contains two military doctors.
  5. Copy of your medical certification.
  6. The citizen should address the attention module to the public where it will be processed.

Requirements for the Military Card: by Mennonite characteristic

The citizen must deliver the documents previously presented, except for medical documents and adding the original certificate and a copy issued by the authority in charge of the Mennonite condition.

Requirements for the Military Card: Religious worship

Attach the previous documents together with the document that demonstrates your work as a minister of worship, sent by the religious organization to which you are. In addition, the Mexican citizen must attach the document of permission to worship, sent by the Ministry of the Interior.

Phases of Military Service

The phases that make up the Military Service are as follows.


Citizens who wish to enter the Military Service must, in the first instance, attend the municipal councils and recruitment mayors, in the vicinity of their home or go to consulates abroad.


The draw is the second stage of the process where it will take place on Sundays of the November annually , in the municipal assemblies and mayors. In addition, the way in which the functions of the service will be fulfilled will be established, in the case of being a black, white or blue ball.

The blue ball or white means that the citizens will touch them in the Training Centers of the Navy, Air Force and Army or depending on availability.

In the case of black ball it means in the commanders in the military sites, located in the different provinces of the nation.


Through the assemblies called on weekends in the month of January annually, the reception positions will be placed there, attended by trained military citizens who are assisted in granting their Military Service card.


This stage takes place approximately in the month of February until November annually. The purpose of this phase is to prepare and train soldiers and women who wish to participate in Military Units that perform functions in the Training Centers in the Military service.


And the last stage is the release where it refers that the Secretaries of National Defense and the Navy put delivery posts for the municipal assemblies and mayors, to deliver the SMN Cards and release sheets to citizens soldiers who fulfilled their constitutional functions.

Importance of Military Service

The Military service It is of utmost importance because it enables the reserves to help and contribute to the protection and security of the defense of the nation. In addition to collaborating in assisting the civilian population in the event of public needs or natural catastrophes.

Also in this institution they are dedicated to reforming moral values, commitment and respect for national representation and symbols, to remain and persist the emotions and feelings of national equity and attachment to the nation.

What is it?

The National Military Service card is intended to be an identification document in the military occupation. It is an essential requirement for all male Mexican citizens, from from 18 to 40 years.

This procedure can be carried out at the recruitment establishments in the military zone or at the Customer Service Module. For more information you can contact the number 01 (55) 56 26 59 11 extension 5506.

The Mexican National Military Service is a necessary and essential military institution that every Mexican must receive in order to precisely fulfill the role established as a citizen. From the year 2000 onwards, this obligation was only for men, but in that year it was optionally admitted that women fulfill the service.

That is why, if you need this document, the citizen must collect the Requirements for the Military Card.

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