Requirements for the National Guard: Offer, Salary and MORE

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This article will explain which are the Requirements for the National Guard. People who wish to aspire to this position must comply with what will be highlighted below Take note!

A national guard is an important position for a country since they perform is to protect and guarantee the safety of citizens. That is why, if you want to become a National Guard in Mexico, the requirements are as follows.

Requirements to Enter the National Guard

In Mexico, new inmates are always being sought to become national guards, for that reason, the Requirements for the National Guard are:

  1. The citizen must be Mexican by birth.
  2. You must be single and not live in concubinage.
  3. The minimum age to enter is at least 18 years to 30 years.
  4. Minimum height must be: for men 1.63 and women 1.55.
  5. Have a body index of at least 18.5 to 27.9.
  6. The citizen must not have participated in institutions such as the armed forces or police.
  7. Have good conduct through. That is, your background letter non-criminal in the area where he is domiciled.
  8. To be in the National Guard, no citizen should have perforations , exception in the lobes in the ears in case of being a woman.

Documents necessary to enter the National Guard

If you meet the requirements for the national guard, you must bring a series of documents that will be explained below:

  1. The citizen must have access to the unique population registration key (CURP).
  2. You must have your certificate to vote provided by the INE.
  3. The citizen must attach his address receipt.
  4. Document regarding your education secondary or higher.
  5. Notebook referring to Military service.
  6. Your birth certificate provided by the civil registration.
  7. Have your electronic signature (FAITHFUL).
  8. Federal taxpayer registration (RFC).

What does the National Guard Offer?

  1. The National Guards help and protect the public security.
  2. Performed chores that conforms it with the federative entities or the municipalities.
  3. Protect the life and integrity of all the inhabitants of a nation, in this case the Mexicans.
  4. Protect the country assets and resources.

National Guard Recruitment Center

With having fulfilled the requirements for the National Guard, the citizen must know the recruitment centers which are the following:

  • The first recruitment center is located in the Military Camp no. 1-L, on Av. Santos Dumont, Mexico City. For more information you can contact the number: 555-701-84-07.
  • This military camp is located in Road, Heroic in the Villa Fontana neighborhood, Mexicali. For more information contact the number: 811-061-60-96.
  • Field n ° 9 It is located on Av Gabriel Leyva, located in the neighborhood, Loma Atravesada de Mazatlan Sinaloa. The number to contact them is the following: 669-118-24-92.
  • Field n ° 7 It is located on the highway to Laredo joined with Salinas Victoria, New Lion. The number to contact them is the following: 811-647-01-78.
  • The Recruitment Center n ° 15 It is located on Av Aviación in the La Estada neighborhood, La Mojonera, Jalisco. For more information contact the following number: 333-624-77-74.
  • The military field n ° 25 It is located on Av La Calera, in the Ignacio Zaragoza neighborhood, Puebla. The number to contact them is the following: 222-235-6092.
  • The Recruitment Center n ° 31 It is located in the Boluvelard Ángel Albino Corzo, located in the Social Welfare neighborhood, Chiapas. To call you can do so at the following number: 961-604-23-01.
  • The military field n ° 27A It is located on the Av Ejército Nacional, with a neighborhood of Llano Largo, Warrior. You can contact the number: 618-154-43-01.
  • The recruitment center n ° 28 It is located on the Cristóbal Colón International Highway, with the Niños Héroes neighborhood, Oxaca. Contact the number: 951-427-36-85.
  • The military field n ° 32 It is located on Calle 42 Sur, with Colonia María Luisa, Yucatan. Contact the following number: 999-929-99-03.
  • The recruitment center n ° 6 It is located on Carretera Torreón, Matamoros, La Joya, Coahuila. Call number: 871-733-67-15.
  • The military field n ° 16 It is located on Av Solidaridad, with Colonia, Morelos, Guanajuato. Contact the number: 462-62-60-155.

Any doubt the citizen can be directed to the 12 Recruitment Center. You can also dial the number 57018411 or go directly to the portal of the Mexican Government.

Salary and Benefits in the National Guard

The citizen who has complied with the Requirements the national guard you can get the following salaries:

  1. They can earn a salary of approximately $ 19,000.00 monthly.
  2. Give them bonus.
  3. They obtain mortgage loans.
  4. They acquire bank loans.
  5. They also get a food service.
  6. They have a life insurance.
  7. They contain a housing fund.
  8. A working fund.
  9. They also get a economic remuneration and above all they have an all-inclusive moving service throughout the Mexican territory.


The citizen who has complied with the Requirements the national guard can aspire to obtain the following benefits:

  • The National Guards will have a service comprehensive medical anywhere in the Ministry of National Defense.
  • They can aspire to a visa insurance since they have entered this institution.
  • They will also get opportunities to continue and develop over the years in different ranks as the citizen moves up.
  • As long as those who wish to aspire to be trained to study a specialty at the Military College.
  • Depending on where the applicant is, they will receive the salary through the modality of an electronic system.
  • According to where the citizen is, he / she has a guaranteed place where eat and rest. In addition, he will send you his wardrobe and work tools for free.
  • They can enjoy and enjoy vacations so minus 15 days for every six months.

What is it?

The concept of guard derives from the Germanic wathen which translates to watch, while national derives from Latin nasci which means to be born.

However, the National Guard’s purpose is to seek to protect and defend the sovereignty of a nation. In addition to guaranteeing the protection of all citizens.

National Guard of Mexico

The National Guard is an institution that was created through a decree on March 26, 2019 as part of a president’s plan Mexican Andrés López Obrador to help fight the crimes that happen in the nation.

In addition, this institution works and exercises the position as national police of the United Mexican States, whose occupation is dedicated to providing public security to the Mexican territory.

Characteristics of the Mexican National Guard

  1. Safeguard the integrity of inhabitants and their culture.
  2. Ensure maintaining control and social peace.
  3. To anticipate the mission of crimes during the Mexican territory, as well as to carry out investigations to fulfill the goal.
  4. Comply with supervisory activities for the predisposition of administrative offenses.
  5. Receive complaints, verify the truth and make them known through the Public Ministry.
  6. Carry out the intelligence, camouflage and simulated user exercise online.
  7. Participate in personal telecommunications under the permission of a judge.
  8. Develop through Public ministry an analysis through the crimes committed.
  9. Comply with the rules of detention and carry out arrests under the provisions of Article 6 of the Constitution of Mexico.
  10. Provide care for injured persons and witnesses to the crime.
  11. Contribute to the officials of the federal authorities in the position of supervision and surveillance in joint operations.
  12. Monitor all media.
  13. Inspect all customs, seaports, airports, etc.
  14. Examine prisons and places of detention at the request of the competent leader.
  15. Contribute to the National Institute of Migration in the investigation of the immigration documents and in the security of its establishments.

Command structure

According to the article of the National Guard Law, it is highlighted that there is a command structure, whose rank is as follows:

  • The position of secretary.
  • The person who is commander.
  • The citizen who is in charge of the territorial coordinator position.
  • The person who deals with the state level
  • The Unit coordinator.

If your dream is to access this institution, you can do so if you meet Requirements the national guard.

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