Requirements for the Prospera Program: How it works

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Do you know the current social plans in México? It is possible that you meet the conditions to be benefited by any of them. Check the Requirements for the Prospera Program: How it works and start receiving help to improve your quality of life.

What is the Prospera Program and objectives

With the aim of giving educational, food and health support to a large number of low-income Mexican citizens, the Secretary of Social Development of México develops the social inclusion program called Prospera.

In addition to its main benefits, Program beneficiaries are included in other programs for productive, financial and labor projects.

In 1988, the social inclusion program called Solidarity began, under the leadership of then-president Carlos Salinas Gortari.

Almost a decade after its implementation, in 1997, the program served approximately more than 300 families and was known as Progresa.

By the beginning of 2002, there were 2 million Mexican families that benefited from the program.

And in the middle of that same year, changing its name to Oportunidades, it increased its beneficiaries to 4 million Mexican citizens. Also expanding its benefits in the educational area, specifically creating university scholarships.

It is in 2014, by presidential decree, Oportunidades is strengthened and Prospera is born as a social inclusion program for more than 7 million Mexican people.

At present, the program is still in force, fulfilling its purpose of improving the quality of life of low-income Mexicans, through the contribution to health, food and education.

Its main objective is health care, supporting beneficiaries who suffer from critical health conditions. As well as providing tools that support a healthy life to its beneficiaries, through nutrition education, health care and disease prevention.

Health in Prospera is promoted in the following way:
  1. The beneficiaries have access to 27 medical services and resolution in emergencies, under the inclusion of the Guaranteed Basic Health Package.
  2. Supply of nutritional supplements to avoid malnutrition and healthy nutritional programs to combat childhood obesity, to motivate adequate and timely child nutrition.
  3. Transmission of knowledge about good habits to preserve health, in order that the beneficiaries understand the importance of caring for their health and raise awareness about the prevention of major ills by implementing healthy practices.
Among the rights of the beneficiaries of the Prospera program we find:
  1. The receipt without fail of the Guaranteed Basic Health Package, without exclusions.
  2. Obtaining monthly free of charge nutritional supplements for children between 6 months and 6 years.
  3. Adequate and timely care for pregnant women until the moment of delivery.
  4. Guarantee of having the medical attention required by having the national health card, for being enrolled in the Prospera health modules.

How does it work

The program thrives has national scope, the entire geography that makes up the Mexican territory is included.

Through the application of socioeconomic surveys, locating and identifying families in poverty.

Later the income of that family to Prospera is analyzed, if positive the guardian or person in charge of the family nucleus is selected, who may be the father or the mother.

This guardian must assume the responsibility of supplying the information required to obtain the financial resources to support the nutrition, health and education of the family.

Who can be part of the Program

The program has been developed to improve the quality of life of Mexican families living in poverty.

Or at least mitigate the situations that arise as a result of the low income they receive, not being enough to cover their food, health and education needs.

Requirements for the Prospera Program

To enter the Prospera Program, various conditions are considered, as part of the requirements:

  1. Families with a monthly income lower than the official minimum wage and those who make up the family nucleus are under 22 years of age.
  2. Those families with a pregnant member, and the daily minimum wage is less than 80 Mexican pesos.
  3. Families that do not have income of any kind, that is, conditions of extreme poverty.

How to enter the program

To enter the program you must Completely and correctly fill out the socioeconomic survey applied by a Prospera staff in your area.

The data provided in the survey must be true, clear and accurate. This information will help specialists determine if you can be enrolled in the prospera program.

Do not waste your time looking for offices or service lockers for the application to be a beneficiary of the Prospera program, they do not exist.

For how long can you enter the Prospera Program

The aid or benefits provided by the program are temporary.

Frequently, validations are carried out on the economic situation of the beneficiaries, in order to determine if the beneficiary family has improved their living conditions.

If so, benefits are temporarily or permanently suspended. By then assigning the benefit to another family.

The reasons for the suspension are notified to the family in question, with an adequate period of time to take the pertinent measures.

If they do not agree with the reasons for suspension, they can appeal the decision, presenting solid evidence about the situation of poverty.


Being a beneficiary of the Prospera Program, provides families with the enjoyment of the right to receive quality food, health and education.

In addition to being included in labor and financial production programs.

Among other benefits that the program provides we have:

  • The nutrition, corresponding to women in a state of pregnancy or who are breastfeeding and have children between 6 months and 6 years of age.

Food supplements are provided for children to help normal development, in the case of malnourished children, twice as many supplements are provided.

  • In relation to health, the families are affiliated to the popular insurance or to the medical insurance. With the option of registering in the guaranteed basic health package, where they have 27 medical services.
  • In the educational area, the scope of scholarships was expanded to the university level. With the additional help of $ 4,980 pesos for additional expenses.
  • There is also the benefit of financial supportThis corresponds to the possibility of accessing low-interest loans, life insurance and savings accounts, all through development banking.
  • We find job help, where young beneficiaries are prioritized before the National Employment Service. They are provided with productive job training through the Becate program.
  • Finally, the productive programs are known. Which consist of giving support so that they obtain extra income with 15 productive programs. In order to get out of the critical condition of poverty.


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