Requirements for the RFC: Documents, Where to Do It and MORE

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Get the RFC It is very important, it can generate many benefits for both individuals and legal entities. In this article we will show you the RFC requirements and you will also know how to do the procedure.

The registration process before the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) It is easy and simple, just stay to read this content and know how to process it.

What are the requirements for the RFC?

In order to process the registration before the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) it is necessary for the applicant to supply a series of requested requirements. In this section you will know those that cannot be absent in this process.

It is vital and indispensable documentation for the process. Below are each of the requirements for the RFC:

  • The person who carries out the process must present their identification document, which must be in force. It is also necessary that you have a current photo and its signature.
  • You must provide the birth certificate of the applicant.
  • Present the CURP, that is, the Unique Population Registry Code.
  • Also present the folio number that was assigned in the corresponding pre-registration.

Requirements for pre-registration in the RFC

Before registering with the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) a pre-registration process must be carried out. In order to process it, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements, which are a series of documents that are required and cost according to the type of person.

Below we present each one of them, according to each case:

For Natural Person

The Physical person or also known as Natural personIt is a legal term, it is a legal figure, which acquires rights and assumes obligations in terms of established legality.

In other words, this concept or definition is applied to a person (living-human being) becoming a legal figure, with rights and obligations.

Now, for the registration before the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) The Natural Person must comply with the procedure, which can be done online.

You have to complete the established form for a natural person, which is found within the System of the SAT (Tax Administration Service).

At the end of this process, the system will generate a single registration receipt.

Pre-registration of Minors

In this case, the parents or legal representatives of the minor must schedule and attend an appointment at the SAT, providing a series of requirements, which are:

  • Present the Minor’s Birth Certificate, which must be issued in original and copy.
  • You must issue the Judicial Resolution, or a certified copy.
  • It is necessary that both parents or representatives present a document that serves as an authorization proving that they are in agreement.
  • Both parents must issue their personal identification document, which must be current.
  • Present the Proof of Tax Registration.
  • Two personal references, where the parents or guardians are described.
  • It is essential to carry out the process that the minor must be at least 16 years old.
  • Identification document of the minor.
  • Proof of address.

For Legal Persons

The Moral people also calls Legal persons they refer to a legal term designated to an entity of legal existence.

This entity is recognized in society and acquires rights and obligations in legal terms.

In the case of Legal Persons, the following documents must be presented:

  • Present the pre-registration receipt.
  • Issue the constitutive document with a certified copy.
  • Power of attorney that certifies the legal representative.
  • Identification document in current state of the Representative or owner of the entity.
  • RFC code of each of the members that make up the articles of incorporation.

Where is the procedure done?

The registration process before the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) is performed before the SAT (Tax Administration Service), Through the SAT web system or by going directly to the offices of this entity.

How is the RFC registration done?

In case of doing it over the Internet, the applicant must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the SAT web portal. For this you can click here.
  2. Once this is done, you must access the option «RFC Procedures»,
  3. Then select the option «Obtain your RFC with the unique Population Registry Key (CURP)».
  4. Then you must fill out an application form with the requested information. Among the data requested are: Name, date of birth, address and economic activity.
  5. After completing this form, the system generates and issues a single registration receipt.
  6. It ends with a notification that confirms the procedure carried out and the issuance of the folio number.

In the event that the procedure is carried out in person, you must request an appointment at the SAT through the web system and go on the indicated date with the requested requirements.

Update the RFC

It is important to know that the process of RFC update, only applies when any of these conditions exist:

  • Address change.
  • Suspension.
  • Increase in activities.
  • Decrease in activities.
  • Resumption of activities.
  • Establishment opening.
  • Closing of establishment.

Requirements for the procedure

When the aspect to be updated is already clear, certain requirements must be supplied, which consist of a series of documents that vary according to whether it is a physical or legal person.

For Natural Person

  • Submit a data update notice.
  • Receipt of update movements.
  • Folio number.

For Moral Person

  • Corresponding RFC key of each of the training members of the entity, that is, the partners.

RFC printing

For print the RFC, It can be done by fulfilling the following steps:

  1. To begin, you must enter the SAT web portal.
  2. Then, you must select the option «Other procedures and Services».
  3. Once this is done, the system will issue a menu of options, where you must click on «Get your tax identification card».
  4. You must complete a form, where you must enter the RFC and the corresponding password. If you do not have one, you can process it right there.
  5. To finish, you must click where it says «Download», you must save the document on your pc, or another device and you will be able to print it whenever you want.

What is the RFC?

The RFC, that is, the Federal taxpayer registration, is a password that is used by the government to be able to identify all physical and legal persons who work in some economic activity within the national territory.

RFC key

This key is alphanumeric, which is made up of exactly 13 characters in the case of individuals and 12 in the case of legal entities.

Physical persons

In this case, the RFC key it is composed as follows:

  • The first characters generally correspond to the paternal surname, placing the first letter and the first vowel.
  • The third character corresponds to the first letter of the surname on Mom’s part.
  • The fourth corresponds to the first name.
  • Then 6 digits follow, which are made up of the date of birth, placing the year, month and day.
  • To finalize the password, three digits are missing, which correspond to a homoclave assigned by the Tax Administration Service, that is, the SAT. This in order to avoid key duplication.

Moral people

If it is a Moral person, the key consists of:

  • The first three characters correspond to the initials of the entity, or a combination of them.
  • Then come six digits, which correspond to the company’s founding date, placing the year, month and day.
  • To finalize the key, there are three digits that are the homoclave assigned by the SAT.

Benefits of RFC

Among its benefits, the fact that this key can be used by young professionals stands out, by expanding the possibility of being able to apply for loans, also obtaining greater support from institutions that promote entrepreneurship and training for future entrepreneurs.

It also gives official validity to these new entrepreneurs, proving their position to clients and you can get a job faster.

Follow the steps and meet the requirements for the RFC and enjoy all the corresponding benefits.

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