Requirements for VAT accreditation: Everything you need to know

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Know the requirements for VAT accreditation It is something that has become very useful and widely used by all merchants in México. The reason for this is that that drives sales because it has a series of characteristics that are very typical of accreditation.

In addition to this, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is one of the legal actions that must be done with taxes. Do you want to know more about the requirements for the accreditation of VAT? Are you interested in knowing better what the accreditation refers to?

Then you should keep reading because here we will tell you everything!

What is VAT accreditation

In order to properly talk about a topic, the first thing to do is know it, so let’s start by saying what is this. The truth is that it is something a bit complicated to understand because it does not occur in all cases VAT.

In fact it is important to mention that this is a legal concept which is currently under a lot of discussion regarding usage. The reason for this is that, despite being thought of as an aid to the taxpayer, many times it is too complicated and it turns out to be totally ineffective.

And it is that the idea of ​​the VAT accreditation is subtract a part of the VAT to the final VAT that you charge your customers. In theory it sounds like something simple, but nevertheless from the beginning it begins to generate some questions such as what was going to be subtracted to which.

This is answered in a fairly simple way, although it can be difficult to consult, because it is subtracted the untaxed part of VAT.

How everyone should know the VAT it is a tax that is added to goods and also to services when they are acquired.

However, in order to fully understand this, it is necessary to understand that a part of the VAT is taxed by the laws that regulate this.

In this sense, Article 5 of the LIVA law indicates that it is possible subtract part of this tax in concept of transfer.

They also make a special mention to the issue of accreditation, only that this is already done in article 40 of the current LIVA law.

In the event that you want to make a VAT accreditation, that is, subtract part of the total VAT, the necessary requirements must be met.

Requirements for the accreditation of VAT

As mentioned in the previous section there are a whole series of requirements for the accreditation of VAT that appear in the LIVA law.

These requirements have been conceived for several reasons, among which stand out that of avoid tax evasion for those who are currently contributing.

And this is a very real problem because there are people who decrease your payments to the tax collection service.

This brings with it a whole series of problems among which stand out a drop in income to the coffers and the national treasury.

At the same time also can bring jail time to all those who are involved in this type of action, as it is punishable by law.

If you have no idea what the requirements are for VAT credit here we will leave you a list with all who request:

  • It is necessary that the goods, the use or the enjoyment of the services are considered deductible from the LISR as listed in your current law.
  • When the invoice is to be issued to the buyer of the services VAT must be separated of the price of the goods or services.
  • It is important that the VAT has been paid effectively in the business year for which the accreditation in question is being made.
  • Any VAT to be withheld from a third party it will have to be informed in an effective way to the tax authorities that are the case.
  • All amount to pay must be related with the activities of the taxpayer in question. If they carry out taxed activities not subject to VAT, these will be credited.
  • In the event that any type of investment is acquired the use must be related with the activities of the taxpayer subject to VAT.

When is VAT credited

A question that is often asked by those who want to do the VAT accreditation is when it is credited this in reality. The truth is that this is an action that may vary depending on the type of person doing the accreditation at the right time.

The reason for this is that VAT accreditation must be closely linked to the type of economic activity that is being carried out. This means that, in the event that activity is being carried out without any type of taxable acts, the VAT of These will not be credited.

In this way will not be credited no amount of VAT that you are paying, this means, the total VAT cannot be credited.

In the event that you carry out any type of activity in which VAT is taxed must do some exempt activity to be credited.

The only case in which the total VAT can be credited is if you carry out taxed activities but it does not have any additional exempt activities.

As for the rest, you must take into account that VAT will not be creditable either if only perform exempt activities of the same in its current commercial activities.

If the case occurs in which do only taxed activities, without any additional activity then the VAT may be creditable in its entirety.

In the event that you are currently doing taxable and exempt activities You will be able to credit the percentage of taxed within the complete total.

This means that you must do a calculation of what is the percentage of recorded activities within the total of your daily business activities.

That percentage will be according to which may require proof of VAT, not being able to exceed this percentage or charge less than the same amount presented.

How much is considered actually paid

How much is considered paid cash is a question that arises very frequently among those who seek the requirements for the accreditation of VAT

And the truth is that this is something very logical and also very important to know because it has a number of legal consequences.

In this sense, the most important thing is to know when must be paid the accreditation of the day to be able to be up to date with the tax obligations.

It is important to note that the amount that is considered actually paid it will depend on the amount that is exempted and of which it has accredited punctually.

This means that there is no fixed amount in the amount that is considered as actually paid at present, since it is something that fluctuates.

If the person is late in paying the corresponding VAT you can be fined, with which you will have to pay a considerably higher sum.

In the event that VAT taxes are not paid properly for a long time he may even face the maximum prison sentence.

In the same way, it is important to know that there are fair moments in which you must make the accreditation of VAT as appropriate.

If you are wondering what are these times when VAT is credited, here we tell you all so that we can facilitate your search:

At the time in which it is actually paid, by any means, both internet and cash, the service or the good that has been acquired.

Also at the time when the check is cashed or in which the taxpayer transfers the title of the aforementioned credit to third parties.

When is made the correct and complete statement in front of the tax authority that corresponds to him at the time that it is opportune to do it.

Professional exercise

Currently there is a theme that is considerably repetitive within the professional exercise in the practice of the accreditation of the general VAT.

This is something as complicated as that today requirements are being requested that are not stipulated within the law of the LIVA.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that practices such as, for example, requesting verification of the origin of resources it is not in the law.

At the same time, another of the activities that are not stipulated within the law is to request what activities have been carried out.

This is done in order that companies or people with commercial activities have problems getting VAT accreditation suitable.

In case you are interested in knowing better, in more depth, the current dilemma with this click here.

How you can see the requirements for the VAT credit they are not so easy to obtain.

But with our guide you will achieve it without problems!

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