Requirements for Voluntary Divorce in Mexico

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If the relationship is not the same as before, it is better to end everything on good terms, however, sometimes this is not the case, but regardless of what happens in certain love relationships, when there are problems the end is usually the same… divorce .

In the face of an imminent divorce, you should always have good communication, so that all the desired objectives are clear, whether they are material or real estate, child custody, money, among other things. Meet here the Requirements for Voluntary Divorce in Mexico and carry out your management without setbacks.

What are the Types of Divorce?

There are many types of divorce, among which we can mention the following:

  • voluntary divorceis when the spouses end in mutual agreement, go before a registry or delegation and request the dissolution of the marriage.

They must present (previously approved by both), the voluntary divorce agreement.

  • administrative divorceboth spouses appear at the civil registry, without having had children together, and decide to divorce by convenience or mutual agreement.

The judge will draw up an act to request the divorce, with the respective documents, and after 15 days, other documents must be consigned to declare them legally divorced.

  • uncaused divorce, is characterized by being unilateral, that is, only by one of the spouses. It consists of requesting the separation without the consent of the other, it is enough to notify the other spouse and said request is made.

This type of express divorce does not resolve any type of news related to children, real estate, alimony. If needed, an extra legal order must be requested.

When Can You File for a Mutual Agreement or Voluntary Divorce?

It cannot be requested until one year after the celebration of the marriage.

What are the Requirements for Divorce?

  • Official identification of both
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate of both
  • Medical certificate of non-pregnancy of both (recent)
  • In the case of having children together, Birth certificate of the children
  • In an agreed manner, two months of alimony must be guaranteed before the court.

What is the Voluntary Divorce Agreement? And what information should you have?

It is the way in which everything related to the dissolution of the marriage will be carried out.

It is an agreement made by the spouses where they mainly establish the termination of the conjugal partnership, guardianship and custody of the children, food, visits and coexistence.

said divorce It is carried out when both spouses in common agreement appear before a family judge.

There they request the dissolution of the marriage bond; said agreement must be approved by both, and Said agreement specifies the clauses relating to children, property and support.

At the time of carrying out the voluntary or mutual consent divorce process, They will be obliged to present the agreement specifying the following:

  • I know will designate the person of trust to whom the children of the marriage will be entrusted, during the procedure and after the execution of the divorce.
  • How to meet the needs of childrenduring the procedure and after the execution of the divorce.
  • House that will serve as a room for the spouses during the process.
  • Amount to pay for food one spouse to another during and after the procedure, and how to make the payment and guarantee when granted to insure it, if applicable.
  • How to manage assets of the conjugal company during the procedure, that of liquidating said company after the execution of the divorce, and the appointment of liquidators.

In this way, an inventory and value assessment of all movable and immovable property of said company will be carried out.

How much does it cost to get divorced in Mexico?

Today, according to the economic situation of the Mexican nation, experts in the field have determined certain amounts of money where they oscillate to end a formal relationship, which can cost around fifteen hundred pesos ($1,500) and twenty thousand pesos ($20,000).

If a separation trial presents children, movable and immovable property, but there is a common agreement, the process can cost from twenty thousand pesos ($20,000) to thirty thousand pesos ($30,000), for professional attorney fees.

The price depends on the ease with which both parties agree on the separation of assets and custody of minors.

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