Requirements for Water Contract: Documents, Costs and MORE

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There are several basic services in the life of any person; gas, electricity, Internet and water. The latter is the most important among the diversity of services, since without water it is very difficult to survive from day to day. That is why here in Manage it we will tell you the requirements for a water contract in Mexico and its profitability within any company that offers the aforementioned service.

Therefore, to opt for a service of drinking water and obtain a contract, you will have to carry out specific procedures in the state where you are. However, you will likely require proofs, identification papers, and even invoices to complete the application process. With nothing more to add, let’s get started.

What are the Requirements for a Water Contract in Mexico?

A contract for the registration of your Public Water System (PWS) must contain information and requirements in the areas where you are. This segment is intended as a guide to developing a contract and meeting the requirements. It is recommended that you seek legal advice to review the contract prior to implementation. The following are the requirements for a water contract:

  • Name of the contact operator, certification status and the PWS that receives the contracted services.
  • The contract operator must be certified.
  • Be sure to check the certification status, work experience, and references of the contract operator before selecting an operator.
  • Make sure the certification status of the contract operator is appropriate for your water system.
  • Complete the official contact form and return the form to the civil registry.
  • Discuss the availability of a backup carrier with the current carrier.
  • Identify the backup operator on the Official Contact Form, if applicable.
  • A description of your water system is needed.
  • Indicate the number of service connections the population serves, the treatment present, storage and distribution, your water source, etc.
  • Include the water system identification number, service limits, measurement methods, if applicable, and additional information

There are contracts per operator and these also have other requirements

Contract operators must submit a copy of each signed public water system operation contract to the waterworks operator certification program within 30 days of the effective date. The contract must include the applicant’s personal information:

  • Name and certification number.
  • List of invoices of the person.
  • Duration of the terms of the contract.
  • Signature of the representative of the water system.
  • Signature of the contract operator.
  • Agreement signing date.

Some contracts per operator are exclusive

Operator contracts are extensions of basic services. In Mexico There are different benefits to hiring an exceptional service; water filters, tanks and even buildings. However, few cases or people acquire this service due to its high cost. It is advisable to obtain a basic contract that meets the basic needs of anyone.

However, both types of service require processing and the delivery of the aforementioned documents. For this, you must request an appointment and go directly to the company to fill out the payment form to complete the hiring process. On the other hand, if you have questions about it, you can learn more by clicking here.

After making the request and making the payment. Will have to wait between one and two business weeks for the activation of the potable supply. Once the supply process has been completed, you must go to the civil registry or the corresponding headquarters to complete the registration of your data in the drinking water system per person. That way there will be a proof of your affiliation.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that before joining you will receive a physical inspection of the property to check the condition of your structure and to make sure that there will be no problems in the installation. In the case of not presenting any problem, the person in charge will send a letter to corroborate the information studied at your residence or address.

Finally, mention that if you still do not have water services or pipe connections, the cost of said request or contract will rise due to the labor that will have to be carried out. This is called connection costs and prices vary depending on the quality of the pipes. Although, there are very few cases in which additional labor is required.

In the same way it happens with the divisions by work or by house. This is added to the initial cost and will not affect the final invoice. Even so, we recommend that Inform yourself with a notary or service supervisor, since in this way you can be aware of all the steps, processes and facilities in your contract.

Owner Documents

The owner or owner of the residence where the drinking water service will be installed or supplied must reconcile a series of documents or papers. These are indispensable to complete the form and county register for the water service. Below we will detail the documents that you will have to process to fill out your civil file at the company:

  • Receipt of payment for any service affiliated with your residence; gas, electricity or internet
  • Identity card with a black and white copy
  • Proof of residence with a communal stamp and the owner’s signature
  • Two photographs of the holder

Is it essential to deliver a payment receipt?

Yes, with a payment receipt for any service attached to your name, you will be able to verify that residential work has already been done before. In this way the process will be faster and the same will happen with the processing of your personal documents. However, there are other domiciliary papers that you can deliver, you only need to reconcile one for your record.

However, if you want to skip this step and deliver any other document that corroborates your address information, you will have to make a certificate signed by the mayor or prosecutor of the area. This process is much longer and cumbersome, that’s why it is recommended Submit a residential receipt to save time and expedite the potable water contract.

Secondly, must get the seal of the communal manager to validate its processing. This is necessary because it verifies that construction work can be carried out in the area where you are. Likewise, if there are problems with your pipes, there will be no problems for the company to take action to solve the problems in the structure of your house.

Finally, we want to remind you the importance of gathering all the documents mentioned so that your contract is validated as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, you do not gather all the necessary papers to complete the drinking water contract, you will have problems and will not be able to complete the desired process. Make space in your agenda and gather the papers.

Costs within the Water Contract

Prices vary according to the contracted service. In some cases the rates go down due to problems caused during a predetermined time, however this rarely happens. The estimated cost within the water contract is divided into three sets, these are:

  • Drinking water service for basic contract $ 211.24 mxn
  • Drinking water with drainage discharge service $ 221.24 mxn
  • Contract treatment service $ 241.24 mxn

Where can the Water Contract be processed?

The procedure can be done in any basic service agency or in a civil registry. In the Guanajuato offices with a special opening hours from 8am to 6pm. We inform you that you can also carry out the contract process online, for this you just have to click here and follow the steps that the website mentions within your registration.

Secondly, also exist the Aquamaticos for process the water contract or instant messaging services. Both cases are really feasible and reduce the management time to acquire a basic water contract.


Hiring a water service is extremely important, not to say essential for life because this substance makes up the majority of your body weight and participates in many important functions. Then we will tell you Some benefits to contract a drinking water service:

You will be able to bathe and regulate your body temperature

Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining body temperature. Your body loses water through sweat during physical activity and in hot environments. Your sweat keeps your body cool, but your body temperature will rise if you don’t replace the water you lose. This is because your body loses electrolytes and plasma when it becomes dehydrated.

It will help you drink water daily

In addition to helping with the breakdown of food, water also helps dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in food. It then delivers these vitamin components to the rest of your body for use.

With a stable drinking water system, you will be able to increase your metabolism

Drinking water can activate your metabolism. An increase in metabolism has been associated with a positive impact on energy level.

What is a Water Contract?

A water contract it is a legal form or request carried out by any individual in a civil registry or anonymous company to have a drinking water service in their residence or domicile in Mexico.

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