Requirements to Acquire Nationality: Documents, Costs and MORE

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This article will highlight which are the Requirements to Acquire Nationality. The procedure to acquire it will be explained below. Take note!

Nationality denotes in the territory where the citizen or person was born or naturalized in a certain nation. The possession of nationality confers the civil rights (social and political) provided in each case by the legislation in this case Mexico.

Laws vary in this regard, but all tend to regulate the matter, considering themselves nationals for certain purposes and, therefore, submitting to their legislation according to different criteria: the domicile of the entity, the nationality of its partners or its members.

Regarding the nationality of natural persons, they can acquire it through birth, by being born to Chilean parents (filiation) or by an event or circumstances subsequent to birth.

If the citizen wishes to process it, he must collect a series of Requirements to acquire nationality, which will be explained below.

What are the Requirements to Acquire Mexican Nationality?

The Requirements to acquire nationality mexicana are the following:

  1. The citizen must be adult and be in use of your civil rights.
  2. The person must handle the Spanish Language and know the history of the country.
  3. Document that proves your criminal record.
  4. The citizen will have to argue because he wants to renounce the other country and obtain the Mexican.
  5. Document where it reflects the explanation of how many entries and exits you have made in the country in the 2 years prior to submitting the application.
  6. Card issued through the Interior Ministry that proves their condition of stay, in the event that it is temporary or permanent.
  7. Show that the citizen has resided in Mexican territory for a period of 5 years at the time you have submitted your application. There are some exceptions:
  • If the citizen has 2 years of residence at the time of application.
  • One year from the date of submitting the application, in the event that the citizen is adopted. Those who exercise parental authority have not aspired to naturalization, they can do it within the following year, from the 18 years.

Necessary documents

With having met the requirements to acquire nationality. At article 3 of the nationality law (2012) highlights that the probative documents to opt for Mexican nationality are the following:

  1. Attach your birth certificate referred to the provisions of the applicable provisions.
  2. Document of Mexican nationality, which will be issued upon request exclusively what is established in articles 16 and 17 of this law.
  3. Attach a letter of naturalization.
  4. The passport.
  5. Your citizen ID.
  6. The consular registry that has the following:
  • Have a digitized photo.
  • Magnetic stripe.
  • Holographic identification.

It is important to note that if the citizen does not have the previously mentioned documents, he can prove nationality through any element that complies with the law.

Who can Acquire Mexican Nationality?

The people who can acquire Mexican nationality are the following.

Mexican nationality by birth

  1. Citizens born in territory of the nation, whatever the nationality of their parents.
  2. The people that born abroad and their parents are Mexicans born in said country or of a Mexican mother born in said country.
  3. Citizens who have been born abroad as children of Mexican parents by naturalization or of a mother by the same instance.
  4. In addition, of the people who were born at the time you are board boats or planes Mexican, whether merchant or war.

Mexican nationality by naturalization

  1. Foreign citizens who obtain from the Relations Secretariat, the letter of naturalization.
  2. The woman or the man foreigners who are married to a Mexican woman or man, who contain or establish their domicile within the nation and comply with the other parameters that are governed by law.
  3. If your spouse is Mexican, the citizen will be able to manage said nationality will be made through the institutions referring to the Nationality Directorate, of the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

How to Complete the Procedure to Acquire Nationality?

The procedures to acquire Mexican nationality are as follows:

  1. In the first instance, the Mexican citizen must present the appropriate and timely petition to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, justifying that you as a person comply with all the requirements to acquire nationality.
  2. Through one of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, it will manifest to the Secretary of State, through the organization of the migration processes, the argument about why to aspire or not to the applicant’s nationality.
  3. When the citizen has received the feedback issued by the INM, a letter of naturalization is sent within a period of 3 months .

By naturalization

It is important to explain that from Jan 7, 2019, foreigners who wish to apply for Mexican nationality by naturalization, citizens must show from the beginning the corresponding payment of the rights of the naturalization processes, corresponding to what the Federal Law of Rights stipulates, in order to give them a card for verification of the documents, to originate the proof of history and culture of said country and, if applicable, you can have a proof of the Spanish language.

It is relevant to note that the history and culture test will consist of 10 questions that must obtain a minimum qualification of 8 hits. In addition, the language test will consist of a reading comprehension and a writing section, the minimum total score of which will be 5 hits.

The exams last approximately 10 minutes.

Foreigners who wish to acquire nationality by naturalization must provide all the relevant documentation before the General Directorate of Legal Affairs in Mexican territory or in some delegations. It is recommended that the application be entered through the SRE Delegation.

General Directorate of Legal Affairs

In this direction, they deliver approximately 20 chips per dayApplicants must present themselves from 9:00 am from Monday to Friday. If the person did not get a token, they must attend the next day.

Citizens must take into account that this token is individual for each one and non-transferable. That is why the Directorate will keep a check.

If the applicant does not pass some of the tests, he will have to wait approximately 10 working days to reapply for naturalization and exams. Applicants only have the opportunity to present evidence twice. In the event that you have failed both, you must wait at least one year.


If the applicant wishes to obtain the certificate of Mexican nationality by birth. You should bear in mind that this document is sent to Mexicans who are considered by another State as nationals.

It is important to enter the pages of Government of Mexico that there are all the steps to follow.


  • Processing Mexican nationality certificates and related documents have a cost of $ 305.00.
  • The Declaration of Nationality per issue has an approximate cost of $ 305.00
  • Perform the The process to apply for Mexican naturalization letters for marriage has a value of $ 1,910.00
  • Citizen who wish to request naturalization letters according to residence, being a descendant of a Mexican citizen by birth, etc. It has a cost of $ 5,415.00.
  • Making certified copies or the declaration has a cost of $ 21.00.

These Rights are valid until December 31, 2020.

Legal aspects

It is important to note that the Article 12 of the Nationality Law Note that Mexican citizens by births that have left the territory or are entering, will have to do so without any problem, deploy as nationals, even when they have or have obtained another nationality.

In article 3 of the same law it is intended that Mexicans by birth who have or have another nationality, act as nationals in the following way:

  1. To the legal acts that are celebrated in the nation and in the places where the Mexican State performs its jurisdiction in accordance with international treaties.
  2. Grant credits to the citizen or entity.
  3. Retain ownership of property located in Mexican territory or other right that denotes the specific exercise of the nation.

It is important that if the citizen requesting this document must collect the requirements to acquire nationality.

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