Requirements to Adopt: Documents, Types and MORE

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The Requirements to Adopt They are very important and they must be kept in mind in their entirety when starting this process. The truth is that many families today, as well as some single people, are looking for places where they can adopt children or babies.

Adopt in itself it is something enormously wonderful, because a family is being given to a baby, boy or girl, or adolescent who does not have one. All countries have family homes and other types of establishments designed to house these children, but the truth is that they will never be so well cared for as having a family that they can call their own.

For this and much more is that we encourage you to keep readingWell, we are going to explain not only what the requirements are, but what documents you need, what are the types of adoption that exist, what is the procedure, the legal aspects and much, much more. Do not go!

What are the requirements to adopt in Mexico?

Usually when we talk about requirements to adopt We are not referring to the formal documents that you must collect in order to start the adoption process, but rather to some intangible requirements that you must meet in order to complete this stage of your life

Let’s see what they are:

  • The couple you want to adopt must have over 25 years old and, at least, 17 years older than the minor they wish to adopt.
  • Have the financial means to support the baby, child or adolescent, and give them the necessary requirements in health, education and nutrition.
  • Drive a proceedings where you can find all the documents that we will mention in the next section, which will be required to analyze whether the family is suitable to adopt.
  • Both parts of the couple should enjoy good health and, if possible, good health insurance.
  • Bear in mind that if you are seeking to adopt a child over 12 years of age, your consent will also be required.
  • Be prepared to adopt, which can include going to talks with parents who have adopted, searching the internet about the subject and talking to the same people at the institution. This will make you know what to expect and if you really want to adopt.
  • Always keep in mind that when you adopt that person, it will not only be your responsibility, but part of your family and their treatment must be the same.
  • To have weather To be able to carry out the procedures and attend the talks and meetings is very important. First, it not only reflects the interest of the family but also streamlines the process.
  • Participate in the Induction Course.

Others Requirements to Adopt They may be necessary, but these are the most important. They can also be adopted of legal age or disabled under these requirements.

Requirements to Adopt: Necessary documents

According to the National System for the Integral Development of the Family, documents that you need to present to start the adoption process, and obtain your Certificate of Suitability, are:

  • Certificate of having performed the Induction course, which is taught by the PPNNA.
  • Certified copy of Birth certificates, partner and children (if any), and Marriage certificate or certificate of concubinage. In the case of Birth Certificates, these must have been issued less than 6 months in advance.
  • Letter specifying the profile of the children or adolescents who want to adopt, mentioning the will to do so, along with the date and signature of those involved. This must be sent to the National DIF System.
  • Copy of any identification document, such as the Voting Credential, Professional ID or Passport, where the photograph appears.
  • Health certificate, attesting to your medical condition. This is issued by the health sector, obviously.
  • Two 2) recommendation letters of third parties (non-relatives), where the data of these people appear and serve as witnesses of the couple’s will to adopt.
  • Proof of the results of toxicological tests, where benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine and opiates appear.
  • Work certificate, where the salary, position, seniority and working hours are reflected. You can also present a certificate and income.
  • Proof of address, duly completed. This must be removed at least 3 months before delivering it.
  • No criminal record, which you must take out in your municipality with less than 6 months in advance.
  • At least 10 photos of the apartment or house where they live, of all the rooms up to the main facade, and at least 05 photos of family gatherings.

If there is any change in subscribed information, this must be modified in the PPNNA. In addition, all documents must be the originals, as they will become the file that will be created according to this process.

If you want to adopt a Mexican child but you live in another country, the requirements are somewhat different and comply with International Treaties. For more information, click on this link and go to the section of International adoption procedure.

Types of Adoption

There are different types of adoption, something you probably weren’t aware of if you’re starting to do your research on the topic of adoption. Don’t worry, let’s see what they are:

  1. Simple: With this type of adoption the parents do not generate kinship with the minor, but only acquire rights and duties to him.
  2. Full: When this type of adoption takes place, the minor becomes part of the family as if it were a biological child.
  3. International: This is the case in which the minor is transferred to another country other than Mexico to be part of a foreign family.
  4. By foreigners: This occurs when people residing in the country adopt a minor, having been born and raised in another country, that is, a resident foreigner.

Once you know this, it is important to emphasize that, whatever the type of adoption you are thinking of carrying out, this must be given for the right reasons. Adopting is by no means an act of charity, but an act of love and commitment for life.

Procedure to Adopt

The procedure to adopt They can occur in four ways: first through the administrative procedure, then in the adoption area of ​​the SNDIF Legal Assistance Directorate, and finally through a judicial procedure. To finish it, there are a series of follow-ups after the adoption occurs that must be given, exactly until the minor reaches 16 years of age.

  • Go to the Directorate of Adoptions of the PPNA to request proof of registration for the Induction Course.
  • Attend this course, without fail, to obtain the Certificate of Attendance. From this moment you will have 60 days to present the file.
  • Once the documents that make up the file have been delivered, you will be given the Adoption Application, which you must fill out.
  • You must schedule the dates of interviews, assessments and home visits that must be made.
  • The issuance of Certificate of Suitability It will be determined by the results of said meetings, in which a psychosocial profile will be created.
  • If you successfully completed the previous step and have your certificate, you will be in a waiting list to be assigned a minor, according to the psychosocial profile of the applicants and the minor’s requirements.
  • The Adoption Directorate will present the file where it corresponds, according to the requested age range.
  • You will be given a Adoptibility Report, so you can see a summary of the minor’s medical, psychological, legal and other characteristics.
  • If it is from your opinion, a meeting will be scheduled, which depending on the minor’s age may or may not require your consent.
  • Once the first meeting is held, if this is agreed, it will lead to meetings that will go from being in the Center to being abroad, in a supervised manner.
  • If the relationship between the applicants, that is, between you, and the minor is satisfactory, the official start of the Judicial procedement.
  • A judge will assess the situation and decide whether the adoption should occur. If so, a new birth certificate will be generated that will remain in the Civi Registryl.

And that’s it! A follow-up will be done, as we said at the beginning, to assess that the minor has settled in his new home, but little else.

Requirements to Adopt: Tips

Some know Tips for Adoption What we can give you are basically to give all the information that is required and in a good way, as this is necessary to successfully complete the adoption and establishment in the family of a minor.

Adopting is not a simple thingIt takes time, dedication and above all patience. Think about it very well, analyze if it is really something that you feel comfortable completing and, most importantly, both you and your partner should see themselves loving this child or adolescent unconditionally. If you think there are more advantages than disadvantages, go for it.

We recommend creating a trust environment with the minor, know his background and try to understand him. Getting him to go to therapy, if it is a child of a certain age, can be beneficial. Let him have his space, feel comfortable in his new home, and know that he can trust you. This without a doubt is something that takes time, and that is why patience is the most important factor.

Finally, if you want to be a single parent, you can. However, this is a much more laborious job. It is important that you keep it in mind.

Legal Aspects of Adopting

Some articles deal with the issue of adoptions, and these range from Art. 390 to Art. 410 of the Federal Civil Code, Chapter 5. Let’s see what some of them are about:

  • 392: No one can be adopted by more than one person, except in the case of a couple married by common law or marriage.
  • 394: When the person reaches the age of majority, they can revoke the adoption and be independent.
  • 395: adoptive parents have the same rights and obligations to the adopted person that they have to their own children, if any. In addition, it will give you first and last name, with the exception of simple adoption.
  • 399: the procedure to adopt is decided by the Code of Civil Procedures.

You can find all the articles, again, in the Federal Civil Code, where the different types of adoptions are dealt with.

What is Adopt?

The adoption It is the process in which a kinship relationship is voluntarily acquired, except in the case of a simple adoption, with a foreign child. This kinship relationship is one of maternity and paternity.

As we have said before, this is a process that can take up to a year to resolve and a few more to fully establish. However, if after having read this entire article and staying up to date with the Requirements to Adopt, still want to do it, we wish you much success.

Until next time!

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