Requirements to Baptize in the Villa de Guadalupe

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The Villa de Guadalupe constitutes one of the most special, important and sacred Catholic enclosures in Mexico. Numerous baptisms have taken place in this place in an atmosphere of peace blessed and protected by the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.

Baptizing a person represents the first of the sacraments of the Christian church, which it adopts and requires us to perform during childhood to impose Christian sentiment through the water blessed by the father.

If you want to know the Requirements to Baptize in the Villa de Guadalupecontinue reading this article and take note of the different precautions and documents that you must have to carry out the baptism in this town.

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What is the Villa de Guadalupe?

The Villa of Guadalupe andIt is the most important temple in the Guadalupano Campus since 1976; since, it is that place where the Tilma of San Juan Diego is protected and displayed.

The Sacred Image of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe is embodied in the Tilma of San Juan Diego.religious icon of the entire nation.

The Villa or Basilica of Guadalupe is called Distinguished and National Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe; and represents a sanctuary of the Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in her dedication to Guadalupe.

This Villa It is located at the foot of Cerro del Tepeyac in the Gustavo A. Madero delegation of Mexico City.

The Basilica is the site dedicated to the Virgin Mary that has the most visits around the world.

  • Approximately 27 million people visit this sanctuary each year, of which around 9 million pilgrims come on the date of celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Requirements to Baptize in the Villa de Guadalupe

If you want to carry out a baptism in the Villa de Guadalupe and go to the Baptistery of the Parish of Capuchinas, You must make sure that the parents or guardians of the person to be baptized meet certain requirements.

In addition, the child and the godparents must also have a series of essential requirements to carry out the baptismal process.

Below we show you the different requirements of each party involved in the Baptism of the Villa de Guadalupe (parents, child and godparents):

Requirements of the Child to be Baptized

  • The child to be baptized must be under seven (7) years to receive the sacrament granted by the priest.
  • Should have Birth certificate original and in good condition where the identification data of the boy or girl to be baptized can be clearly read.

Parent Requirements

  • Parents must present their Official Identification original, both father and mother. They can present the document issued by the National Electoral Institute (INE), passport, driver’s license, professional license or their military card.
  • To carry out baptism, it is essential to ID card In the event that the parents are minors, said letter must be processed in the municipality or delegation that is closest to their place of residence.

Godparents Requirements

  • The godparent(s), as well as the parents, must present the Official Identification (whether it is one person or a couple).

They can be identified by means of the original document of the National Electoral Institute (INE), passport, driver’s license, professional license or military card.

  • In case of being a couple, the godparents must deliver their Marriage certificate for the church.

On the other hand, under no circumstances will godparents be allowed to participate in the baptismal process if they are only married civilly, are engaged or live in a free union, as amasiato or concubinage.

Before proceeding: You Must Know the Requirements to Baptize a Child in Mexico

Days and Times to Baptize in the Villa

The hours allowed to Baptize children in the Villa de Guadalupe are the following:

  • Baptisms can be performed from Monday to Thursday at a single time at 12:30 p.m.
  • On Fridays, baptisms can be carried out at two times to choose from, 9:00 or 12:30 hrs.
  • In the event that they are weekends, both Saturdays and Sundays, the baptisms will be carried out in a continuous schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
During the ceremony, only the parents and godparents of the baptized will be allowed access to the temple.

Procedures to Baptize in the Villa

The procedures or processes to follow to perform the sacrament in the Basilica of Guadalupe they will be held on the same day as the celebration of baptism; In it, the corresponding parents and godparents will present all the documents required to carry out the baptism.

To carry out the various procedures andIt is vitally important that the parents and godparents make an appearance half an hour before the start of the ceremony christening

In the event that the parents wish to baptize their child on a weekend in the Villa de Guadalupe, they must make a formal request during the week (Monday to Friday) and submit all the requirements required by the Villa on the day of the request; in a schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

How much does it cost to baptize in the Villa?

The cost of Baptizing a child in the Villa de Guadalupe It is approximately 200 or 250 Mexican pesosthis price may vary according to the baptism ceremony and the additional accessories you wish to include.

Up to what age can you be baptized in the villa?

To be baptized in Villa de Guadalupe, the child to be baptized must be under seven (7) years old.

It is important that you do not exceed this age to receive the sacrament granted by the priest in the Catholic Church.

Have you already taken note of all the Receipts?….as you will see, the RRequirements to baptize in the Villa de Guadalupeare incredibly simple to guarantee the baptismal process for each child who needs to receive the sacred sacrament and be an official part of the Catholic religion.

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