Requirements to be a Ejidatario: Read us and find out what you should know

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If you are attracted to the idea of ​​having a productive land for agriculture but cannot acquire it yet. Here we will talk about the ejidos and how it can be a ejidatario, and the requirements that they asked for it. That’s why we invite to continue reading.

What is an Ejidatario

It is known as ejido to a particular type of property for any legislation in México, it is linked to the agrarian reform of the revolution. Which was in charge of projecting and establishing the law agrarian of the year 1915 referring to a land as collective and without divisions.

Besides that he does not have the possibility for sale or to be inherited. However, throughout the 20th century, this legislation had quite strong changes, this according to the projects economic that the government has formulated.

At first the ejido it was one of the types of commune property that predates any liberal reform.

In the first part of the definition given by the DRAE, which is short but substantial, it indicates that it is communal in nature, then the location.

Then to the condition of wasteland and finally to its possible uses such as in the case of cattle, threshing, cultivation or deposit provisional. This is why ejidos They are usually outside their villages, these were mostly forests or just grasslands that had common use.

For this reason they were totally free and could be divided or expanded in some settlements of humans. Because these were all lands not cultivatedThis is why the liberals considered them the badlands. This and that they were likely to be distributed to the communities natives and thus maintain the exploitation in common according to the customs.

For the equivalent of the last of the thirds in the 19th century, they were disentailed the property of the communes and in particular of the indigenous people.

Favoring in this way the concentration of these lands in few hands, regardless of whether they were landowners.

Or the oil companies, deliners, railways, the entire concentration of land for few hands had different nuances. But the law agrarian of the year 1915 was the one that was in charge of abolishing that system.

This with a reform agrarian that was only consolidated in the presidency of Lázaro Cárdenas, in 1934.

Later the governments that had to do with the revolution from México were the ones that took up the name of the ejidos.

For those systems of land tenure.

The main purpose they had for agrarian reform through the system of the ejidos was really to be able to reestablish property.

Of all those who had been stripped of the lands in the midst of the civil confiscation, although later the peasants without the lands were added.

They are called ejidatarios all the men and women who own the ejidos by law.

How the Ejidatario works in México

It’s a little property which has a general limit with an area of ​​at least 100 hectares of irrigated land. Or a surface that has its equivalent on the other kinds of land that are a little less productive. These can also be 150 hectares to be used for cotton planting and can reach up to 300 hectares.

Whenever they are intended for cultivate, sugar cane, plantain cultivation, rubber, coffee, henequen, vine, palm, vanilla, olive.

The cinchona, agave, cocoa, fruit trees or nopal. While if it is for cattle raising the maximum allowed is enough space.

So that forage or grass can feed up to 500 heads livestock or more animals if they are smaller.

What are the requirements to be an ejidatario

Must be Mexican and preferably of legal age, however you can be of any age if it is an heir of a ejidatario.

Or if you already have a family under your care, and you must be a resident of that ejido that corresponds to him with the exception of if he is heir.

Also if you only have to comply with those requirements that the ejido has established internally.

What are the responsibilities of the ejidatario

If we decide to refer exclusively to what is exposed through the constitution of México in addition to the law agrarian.

Mainly we can see that there are at least 3 types of which are lands ejidal, let’s see:

  • The lands that are parcels:

You belong to one of the individuals and he himself may have every right to alienate them for other people but he cannot sell them.

Your main right is in power to take advantage of all the fruit that the land possesses.

  • The lands that can be of common use:

These are all those that have been found among the limits possessed by the other lands.

These are about those areas that are common since all the neighbors can use them, but they still do not belong to none.

  • The lands that are for the settlement of humans:

These can generally belong to the state and are distributed in those persons what less have so they can live in them.

But still they can’t use it as if they were those own.

It should be mentioned that this took place in México the well-known agrarian revolution was the state that expropriated large fractions of the territories of the ranchers.

This so they could be spread out for those who lacked housing, that is, the poorest people.

All these lands could not be sold but if worked and inherited. The beneficiaries of these lands are called ejidatarios.

It is to them that the Rights for the use and also the enjoyment of these plots.

How the Ejidatario is accredited

You can be credited with that certificate of all rights agrarian that have been issued by the competent authorities,

If not with the certificate of the plots and of the rights in common, or with the sentence or the relative resolution before the agrarian court.

What is the importance of the Ejidatario

Its importance principal it is simply that they give activity to a wasteland.

Making it become in this way productive.


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