Requirements to be a High School Teacher: Get the information you need

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Education is part of the foundations of the development of a nation, in this article on the Requirements to be a High School Teacher: Get the information you need, you will find in a simple way what you need to perform such a noble work.

What is the Ministry of Public Education or SEP

In 1921, the Ministry of Public Education was created, known by its acronym as SEP.

A year earlier in 1920, the project of its foundation was promoted by the then rector of the National University of México, José Vasconcelos. In addition to the modifications in the constitution required for its operations.

Once founded, its promoter held the position of first secretary of Public Education, leading such an important project, with the main purpose of eradicating or at least lowering the illiteracy rate in Mexican society.

Through the promotion of rural schools, as well as the dissemination of fine arts. Founding libraries, consolidating upper secondary education, publishing textbooks at no cost and with an important action such as the distribution of school breakfasts among the child population, among many other elements.

The conception of the Ministry of Education was visualized with an organization by departments, these being:
  • School, integrating all educational levels, from kindergarten to professional higher education.
  • Libraries, have materials for reading, as support for knowledge at any of the educational levels
  • And the Fine Arts, referring to the practice of artistic activities that complement education.

With the passage of time, other departments necessary for specific attention were added, such as indigenous education.

In other words, this governmental constitution creates the conditions to allow and guarantee that all Mexicans obtain quality education, at any educational level and in the place where it is required.

From the state organization, the Secretary of Public Education comes to be member of the state secretariats that make up the legal cabinet of the country’s Presidency.

Representing the branch of the federal executive power that it is in charge of administering, regulating and stimulating the education of all citizens.

Additionally, it designs, executes and coordinates public policies in the educational area. Through the development of education programs, plans and projects, in private and public educational entities, with scope at all levels of education, namely: basic, upper secondary, normal, higher, technical, industrial, commercial , agricultural, military, professional, sports, scientific, arts and crafts, for the elderly.

Also those associated with the government, both federal, state and municipal. With due respect for the autonomy of the states, universities, the Armed Forces and private institutions of any level.

In short, the SEP applies the General Education Law, as well as those functions of an educational and cultural nature not reserved for the states.

What are the functions of the SEP

For the achievement of its purposes and applying the General Law of Education, and in accordance with the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, the SEP, responds with the following functions:

  • With reference to the official schools, incorporated or recognized, it corresponds to their vigilance, organization and development. As well as its creation and maintenance.
  • Expand the application of artistic education, in schools or government institutions, to teach popular arts and fine arts.
  • The foundation and maintenance of the schools of all classes that are attached to the federation. Excluding those dependent by law to other federal government entities.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules at different educational levels from preschool to technical. Including normal and private schools.

  • Supervise and monitor the educational establishments of the Republic according to procedures, as established in Article 3 of the Constitution.
  • Develop, manage, organize and ensure the consistent growth of library venues, both general and specialized. Either that the secretariat supports or that they are members of its dependencies.
  • Support and stimulate the operations of institutes for scientific and technical research. Creating laboratories and planetary observatories. And all the necessary establishments for the deepening of knowledge from primary to higher education.
  • In conjunction with the agencies with jurisdiction of the Federal Government, with public and private entities, be a guide and coordinator in the development of scientific and technological research.
  • Allocation of scholarships for research or completing study cycles abroad, to students of Mexican nationality
  • Carry out the revalidation of studies and degrees. As well as authorizing the competences for the exercise of the capacities that accredit it.
  • Develop the catalog of the national historical heritage.
  • In order to take care of the integrity, maintenance and conservation of historical and artistic treasures of the country’s cultural heritage, it is in charge of organizing, maintaining and managing historical, archaeological and artistic museums, art galleries and galleries.
  • Protect, conserve and maintain all archaeological, historical and artistic monuments that are part of the cultural heritage of the Nation, according to the legal provisions on the matter.
  • Stimulate and promote artistic, cultural, recreational and sports activities that are carried out in the federal public sector.

What are the requirements to be a High School Teacher

In México, High School Teacher is also known as Secondary Education Teacher, Baccalaureate Teacher, Baccalaureate Teacher, Secondary Education Teacher, Secondary Teacher.

The level of Preparatory, is one of the options to take to continue studies, when high school is finished, the baccalaureate corresponds to the other option to select.

The preparation of students who wish to pursue higher education, that is, in college, it is the main purpose of high school. So, in their pensum they exist tools for research and scientific, humanistic and technical subjects.

While the baccalaureate, in addition to the previous training, offers preparation for work. Then the graduate can continue studying at a higher level and integrate into working life.

From what we see the profile of the High School Teacher, it requires :.
  1. Be over 18 years of age
  2. Possess Mexican citizenship. Or if you are a foreigner, have the authorization issued by the National Migration Institute _INM, to work for a corresponding remuneration.
  3. Willingness to work in any campus of the entity that has vacancies
  4. Valid official identification
  5. The CURP or Unique Population Registry Code
  6. Birth certificate, naturalization letter, or permit
  7. A proof of address
  8. The professional certificate or professional degree of degree and the Certificate of professional examination. If the degree was obtained by studies abroad, it must be revalidated or have the equivalent of studies.

At present, it is not an essential requirement to be a High School Teacher, to have the degree issued by any of the Normal Schools of the country, as it was previously.

After the educational reform, this is no longer an essential requirement, because if you have any degree, you can take the exam to be a teacher and apply for the teaching positions offered by the Secretary of Public Education _SEP.

A factor of great weight, which must be considered, is that the professional career must be related to the subjects to be taught.

How to register with the SEP to become a Teacher in México

In the occasions that the Secretary of Public Education_SEP, has vacant positions in the positions for teacher, it will make a public call for the Competition Opposition for Entry to Basic Education.

In this, the profiles and required documents are specified, as well as the vacancies at the national level.

Before performing the steps to register, you must have an email address and CURP. We also recommend reading in detail the bases, terms and requirements established in the Call.

  1. Pre Registration, corresponds to the module for collecting information and data from the interested parties. Resulting in a card, which you must print for the next registration step.
  2. RecordThis refers to the presentation of the required documents, attached to the pre-registration form, at the designated offices in the SNRSPD. In the following link they can be reviewed Registry Offices.

Then the National System of Registration of the Professional Teaching Service will continue the process with the following activities:

  1. Monitoring, where the status of each nominee is verified after the national examination
  2. Public dissemination of the results of the national examination
  3. The allocation of places

What is the Salary of a Teacher in México

In relation to teachers’ salaries, they are subject to a highly variable salary tab. Formed by a base salary, plus benefits that complement it where they vary according to other professional elements of each teacher.

The salary of a primary school teacher will depend on factors such as time in the position or seniority, the responsibilities of its management, as a director or another internal position, that is, positions of a singular nature or of greater responsibility.

According to him SNRSPD, monthly the salary of a teacher is 15,000 per month, being his first income. After working for a period of 15 years, the monthly salary will increase to 20,150, with an experienced teacher having a maximum of 33,055.

It is also said that a high school teacher, on average, can earn 27,017 per month. But this amount is variable depending on the state in which you practice.

These data are referential, since the minimum wage may vary by region, among other factors, as we have commented.

What are the benefits of being a Teacher in México

There are many advantages or benefits of being a teacher, firstly the stability of the Labor conditions.

Even when this is not the initial motivation, it is very important, because indirectly the vacations and the remuneration stabilize, in addition to the schedule.

The greatest benefit of being vocation teacher, is he enjoy stimulating students, not only to impart knowledge, but to be part of the development and growth of an individual. Being part of education with your family, stimulated by the curiosity of the world. Strengthen values ​​and respect for oneself and others.

We hope that the reading has been to your liking

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