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Do you want to be part of a public notary? Don’t you know the necessary requirements to be one? Do you want useful information and you will see? Well, stay with us. Today we will teach you the fastest and easiest way to be a notary public.

Remember that This position is extremely important to the current society of any nation. In addition to being a significant position for the government of a country or nation.

Nevertheless It should be noted that many aspects of both the economy and the implementation of control over the population depend on it. At the same time, it helps with the organization and categorization of legal matters that every State must preserve.

That is why we have brought you a complete and informative guide on everything you need to know about the subject in question. As well as different tips and useful tips for carrying out this process.

What is a Notary Public?

As in any part of the world, a notary is a public official who has studied law. Whose State grants him public authority of private documents and authorizes them for this purpose with his signature.

He is also the only notary public who certifies the veracity, legality and legitimacy in the documents in which it infers or applies. At the same time provides legal and criminal security to all citizens involved within the relevant documents.

However, this also attests public compliance with the laws as they apply them. This means that it functions as a regulatory entity for different socioeconomic activities within the region.

What are the functions of a Notary Public

Despite taking care of the same, The functions of this job may vary according to the region in which we are. In Latin America, for example, its function is to give truth to the facts, acts and signatures that occurred in its presence, because it has public and legislative faith.

in addition It has the function of ensuring regulating, receiving and interpreting the will of the parties present in said body. Like this this way legal status can be granted when transcribing the public document.

However, one of its main functions is to process the withholding and collection of taxes. In order to distribute them by the different entities or government agencies.

What should I study to be a Notary Public

The profession of notary in any country it can be very well paid, thanks to the political, economic and legal weight that it exerts. In addition to the importance that it maintains for the nation.

If you want to be part of this body, you must bear in mind that to exercise it you will go through several years of preparation and education. Below we will mention the careers or diplomas that you must fulfill partially or completely to be a notary:

  1. Civil Law and Tax Legislation.
  2. Commercial Law, Mortgage Legislation, Notarial Legislation, Procedural Law and Administrative Law.
  3. Resolution and presentation of a practical legal case.
  4. Financial mathematics.

These can be catered for sAccording to your preference, university studies, diplomas, courses, intensive courses, among others. It should be noted that it is not necessary to fulfill all the aforementioned careers.

What are the requirements to be a Notary Public

According to Mexican statutes, the requirements to practice the profession of notary public are the following:

  • Be a law graduate and have the corresponding title.
  • Be a citizen of legal age.
  • Possess Mexican nationality and be residing within the national territory.
  • If you did your law studies outside of Mexican territory, you must process the corresponding approval of the Law degree or equivalent.

These requirements they may vary depending on the region or state in which you reside. We urge our readers to go to the nearest notary and find out more about this topic.

What would be the causes for the suspension of a Notary Public

To end it becomes well known what aspects can cause the suspension total of the profession of notary public. This is why you must take into account the following faults or causes for the suspension of said profession:

  • Breach of the national notary public statutes.
  • Breach of notarial obligations due to negligence or political ignorance.
  • Engaging in grossly immoral professional or private misconduct.
  • Failure to ensure compliance with Mexican laws for the establishment of national law and order.
  • Evidence of corruption or non-compliance with national laws.
  • Mismanagement of State assets (economic resources, assets and properties).

These and other causes are part of the reasons for the partial or definitive suspension of the exercise of notary public. It should be noted that this brings with it different legal penalties which can lead to their imprisonment.

We urge all of our readers to practice and study this profession for well-founded and beneficial purposes for the country. In addition to granting him good credibility and honesty before the superiors present within his work environment.


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