Requirements to be a tourist guide in México: Accreditation

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Be tourist guide implies a great responsibility, that is why it is important to train and be accredited in the area for work under the parameters established by the Mexican nation. It is important to know that tourism can generate a large amount of benefits if it is carried out with trained personnel for the corresponding activities.

Because of this Procedures and Requirements brings you an article with everything you need to know about how to become a tourist guide and other information of interest.

What is a tour guide?

There are several concepts and definitions used for the term of tour guide. Among them is the definition according to the European Committee for Standardization, also known as the CEN what do you consider “Tour guide” to the person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which normally has a specific title on an area, usually issued or recognized by the competent authorities.

This term can also be defined as Tour Director, who works as a companion during the tourist’s tour, providing basic assistance, practical information, and establishing communication in the tourist’s language of choice.

A tourist guide He must be able to provide all kinds of information about the place and route, it is necessary that he can master the English language, and the more languages ​​he masters his work field will be broader. The tour guide must know the area where he is very well and must know how to socialize with people.

To be able to apply to this, a previous preparation is necessary. There are different institutes, universities, among other study centers where the degree to be a tourist guide is issued, as well as short courses to be certified as a tourist guide.

According to Secretary of Tourism SECTUR is defined as Tour guide to the person who provides the tourist, whether national or foreign, the necessary orientation and information about the tourist and cultural heritage and also about the attractions. It also provides the tourist with the necessary assistance and assist in specific activities.

The tourist guides They can be classified into three categories depending on their specialty:

  1. General tourist guide
  2. Specialized in specific topics or localities of a cultural nature
  3. Specialized in specific activities.

Duties of a tour guide

Next we are going to mention some of the functions of the tour guide:

  • A tourist guide must be able to provide the tourist with all the information regarding the place where they are.
  • It must provide security for tourists.
  • Has the responsibility of guiding the tourist through the tour.
  • You must have knowledge of first aid and have an emergency kit.
  • Know how to act in risky situations.
  • You must speak of the place as a great tourism option.
  • You must know how to socialize with people, without going beyond the professional limit.
  • Master at least one extra language to Spanish.
  • You must know the cultural heritage of the place, the attractions and things representative of the national identity.

What is the accreditation for a tourist guide?

The accreditation for tourist guides is a procedure carried out by applicants to be a tourist guide, which is issued by the Federal Secretary of Tourism, in order for them to be accredited in accordance with established Mexican standards (NOM-08-TUR-2002 and NOM -09-TUR-2002).

This procedure is necessary for those who wish to work as a tourist guide.

Necessary documentation

To proceed with the tourist guide accreditation, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements and requirements requested by the entity in charge. To do this, you must present the following documentation:

  • Present the original and copy of the IFE / INE voting credential.
  • Documents that certify the academic training for tourist guides, in original and copy.
  • Accredit the examination of mastery of another language apart from Spanish.
  • Certificate of studies
  • Document certifying the preparation in first aid.
  • Two passport-type photographs.
  • Ministerial act of loss.
  • Health certificate.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Recognition credential as a tourist guide.

Steps to do the tourist guide accreditation

To obtain the tourist guide accreditation, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. To begin, it is necessary that you visualize and meet all the requirements and requirements requested for this procedure.
  2. You can access the following web page by clicking here and proceed to carry out the process online.
  3. Once this is done, you must go to the state tourism offices or the Tourist Certification window to present the document and complete the process.
  4. Finally, you must withdraw the accreditation credential of the Tourist Guide.

Options to do the procedure

You can request this procedure in different ways, it can be in person, by email and by phone. Next we are going to detail each of these options:

  • In person: You must go to the tourist certification window, which is located at Av. Presidente Masaryk No. 172, Floor 1., Bosques de Chapultepec, CP 11580 Miguel Hidalgo Delegation, México City. To carry out the procedure, you must go between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm You can also choose to go to one of the state tourism offices of each entity.
  • Email: You must contact the following email address.
  • Via telephone: Call the following telephone number 3003-1600 extension 1245.

The procedure can be carried out through the Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) or by the Institute of Tourist Competitiveness (ICTUR).

Who can be accredited?

The process of accreditation of tourist guides It can be done by anyone who wishes to carry out this type of activity and wants to apply to any of the three categories of Tour Guide. Remember that this is a necessary process to be able to work as a tourist guide.

We will proceed to explain each of the categories to which it can be applied:

General tourist guide

In this group apply those people who have studies of guides at a technical level, related to the activity they wish to carry out. Said studies must be certified and validated by the Competitiveness Institute of the Federal Tourism Secretariat. In addition, they must be recognized in the terms of the laws of the matter and that can be exercised at the national level with full control of the attractions.

Specialized in specific topics or locations of a cultural nature

For those people who have knowledge and experience (must be creditable) in at least one of the established subjects, which are related to a monument, museum, particular attraction or a specific area.

Specialized in specific activities

In this category apply those people who have any knowledge or experience that is creditable about a topic or activity in tourism, which must be oriented to nature or adventure, such as: Museum, Cave diving, Speleism, Canyoning, Diving, among others activities of this type.


We can extract different benefits by being accredited as a Tourist Guide. We will detail each of them below:

Increase skills at a professional level

Being accredited as a Tourist Guide implies meeting all the requirements, experiences and knowledge requested. Thanks to this, the accredited person has characteristics that increase their job skills.

Permanence in continuous improvement processes with updates

With the endorsement procedures, the borrowers maintain a Continuous improvement in its activities, thanks to the training provided, which is necessary to carry out this process. The endorsement is carried out once, every four years, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations and provisions.

Federal recognition

Upon being accredited in this area, the tourist guides are issued a document, where the official recognition is manifested. This role is granted solely by the Federal Tourism Secretariat, in order to accredit the guide.

Safety for tourists

The tour guides By being accredited, they represent a safe service offer for tourists, because the accredited are people who have the endorsement of a federal agency to issue tourist services, assistance, information and guidance. This applies to both general guides, specialized in specific topics or localities of a cultural nature, and specialized guides in specific activities.

Positioning of México as a quality destination

A tour guide highlights and proudly displays the Mexican identity, by positioning México as a quality destination. The tour guide shows the country as a great tourism option and expresses its culture with contentment. This generates a greater number of tourists and benefits for the Mexican territory.

If you want to accredit yourself as tourist guideFollow the steps indicated in this article, it is important that you practice under the rules established in Mexican territory. Tourism can bring many benefits, for the tourist, the tourist guide and for the nation; if done with trained personnel.

Follow the steps and you will be guaranteed success.

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