Requirements to be a Trainer: Everything you need to know

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You ask yourself What are the requirements to be an External Trainer? Well, wait no more. Here you can find all the information regarding how to process it.

If you want to know more about what the requirements are to be an external trainer, just keep reading!

External Training Agent (ACE)

For those people who do not know, it can be said that the External Training Agent, better known as ACE, are the people who they are directly linked or related to business activities, which today are often known as institutions.

The External Training Agents they can largely rely on different teaching staffs. There are cases where the facilities, equipment and furniture are the ones who usually provide each of the business training. Each of these people They must have some authorization from the labor secretariat and the foresight of the companies that are currently under development.

It is important to highlight that each of the authorizations and records that are as EXTERNAL TRAINING AGENTS, They can be granted to all legal and natural persons as long as they have proven, the fulfillment of each one of the requirements that correspond to them.

In addition, each of them only has one purpose, which is basically to provide support and solutions to each of the companies that are in development through social training actions.


All those people who, for their part, want to process the process to be part of the External Training Agents, must be within the following conditions:

  1. Each of the users must verify that for their part they can be professionally prepared for each of the industrial branches.
    1. Likewise, each of the activities where the different knowledge can be imparted can also be taken into account.
  2. In the same way, each of the people must accredit each of the components of a course for External Training Agent, which can be done at any institute.Preferably each of the institutes must be registered with one of the STPS entities.
    1. On the other hand, each of the documents must be presented in a DC-5 format.

Who is called an external training agent?

It is important that people take into account that each of the schools and / or organizations that are specialized in training are called agents. The same applies to each of the people who are teachers, and who work as a team to provide each of the training services to companies.

Some people may also understand it as independent instructors who are dedicated to providing each of the necessary services.

Each of the authorizations and registrations as an external training agent is usually granted to all those:

  1. Institutions that for their part are linked to training.
  2. Any type of school and organization that is specialized in training.
  3. All kinds of independent instructors who, for their part, have accredited the different fulfillments based on the requirements.

Everyone should remember that:

  1. The secretary cannot assign any type of curricular value or, on the contrary, academic, which has an approval based on the competences of the authorities in education.
  2. In the same way, training courses are not usually awarded, if approval is found for each of the competing bases.
  3. Each of the External Training Agents are of a high quality.
  4. People can only issue certificates of competences, as long as each of these are under a registry and authorization.
  5. On the other hand, the certificates of labor competencies must comply with the DC-3 format.

Likewise, people can carry out two types of procedures on External Training Agents:

  1. Those who wish to improve and obtain their authorization and registration as ACE:
    1. It is important that you submit each of the STPS 04 003 procedures.
    2. The request for each of the authorizations and records by each of the External Training Agents.
  2. In the event that people already have each of their authorizations and records as ACE:
    1. They must carry each of the STPS 04 012 procedures.
    2. The request for each of the modifications of the courses of the various trainings or modifications of the teaching staff.

Necessary documents

All those people who for their part want to obtain each of the authorizations to train as a TOpeople Cpacifier ANDxternal, it is important that you comply with the following documents:

NOTE: Each one of the documents must be presented in Copy and Original.

  • Users must be able to submit the DC-5 Form or they must be able to complete each of their requests on the web form.
    • Located on the website (Click here) and in addition to that, people must keep the folio number that is sent to you by email.

  • On the other hand, each of the users must come on the day of the interview with their official ID.
  • It is important that you introduce yourself the articles of incorporation, to manage each of the institutions, as well as the schools and / or other important organizations.
  • All those people who are over 18 years of age, must present the proof of fiscal situation.
  • Have 2 Photographs that generally must be in a small size, preferably a passport, this can be in black and white or in color that are salon type, for independent instructors.
  • Each of the people must carry out the Certificate of completion of studies, which is established as the upper middle level.

    • In the event that people do not have this certificate, they must go and process it at one of the nearest offices.
  • Submit a mandatory Accreditation of knowledge of each of the course topics that you apparently want to register.
    • For this, each of the people has a hyperlink where they can formalize some of the frequently asked questions about accreditation of the subject.
  • Accreditation as an agent, for this the user must decide between an instructor, the trainer and the facilitator.
    • In the same way, a hyperlink can be shown for some of the questions that are frequently found as a type of accreditation in the training of the various instructors.
  • In the same way, each of the individuals must carry the Charter of secularism. If you do not have it, it is very important that you can process it.
  • Finally, people should get to consult each and every one of Documents and forms that are migratory of legal stay in the country

Those who have doubts with the registration or with the requirements that must be delivered that day, can enter the following link, requirements here.

If the user still has doubts, it is recommended to go to one of the offices plus close.

Options to carry out the procedure

Those people who are in full process, should know that there is an easy, fast and simple way to know how to carry out the process.

For this the person must:

1. First of all, each of the users must be able to Download their registration application based on each of the external training agents of some of the fDC – 5 format.

However, people can process it online, and for this they must:

  1. Registration of external training agents (STPS-04-003)
  2. Present each one of the Modifications of the courses and templates. The person is recommended to download the model STPS-04-012

After the person has completed the previous step, they should:

  1. Present each of the Records of the agents who are external trainers. It is recommended that the person download the STPS-04-003 model
  2. It is important that the people who are within this process can carry out the Modification of the courses and templates. (STPS-04-012)

It is important that people can gather each of the documents necessary for your application to be approved.

This can be said that it is a procedure that people can carry out COMPLETELY FREE and it is done in a way face-to-face.

Thanks for reading!

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