Requirements to be an Authorized Grantee: Activities, What It Is and MORE

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The Requirements to be an Authorized Grantee they must be taken into account, so that obtaining the necessary permits becomes a much easier task. In this way, you will be able to carry out all the procedures within the process of being an authorized donee and not die trying.

A Authorized Donor It is an organization that is characterized by not having profit, that is, they do not focus on profits and the people who are part of it do not have economic profits.

It is also defined by the ISR Law. Opening one of these can bring many benefits and in this article will explain them to you, along with the functions and obligations to be performed by the donees. Do not go!

What are the Requirements to be an Authorized Grantee?

Meet the Requirements to be a Grantee Authorized They are the most important part of the process of opening a donee, so you must keep them in mind from scratch. Let’s see:

  • To begin, you must be very aware of what a donee is about, what are the activities that it carries out, the obligations and the benefits. This in order to avoid surprises at some point in the future.
  • Second, you must hold a trust contract or compose the civil association.
  • You must choose a social object That will be determined by the activity that you are going to carry out as a donee. These are accredited to receive donations and some of them are: welfare, ecological, scholarship, educational, and so on. We will talk about these in greater depth in the next section.
  • The corporate purpose cannot contain inclinations to political, economic or sports activities. Neither can one speak of the provision of management services.
  • Establish legal representatives.
  • Everything related to the operation of the donee must be determined: who makes the decisions, who does what and in what ways. This will allow conflicts to be avoided when making decisions, at the same time streamlines processes and gives stability to the members. In other words, it must have the characteristic processes and structures of corporate governance.
  • The Bylaws they should reflect the causes and procedures regarding liquidation.
  • Have a work plan, a strategy, solid objectives to obtain the collection and financing necessary to carry out the projects.
  • Finally, Obtain the authorization letter issued by the SAT. This is the most important requirement and the only one that will allow you to function legally. You must also do the procedure to be able to issue an invoice, such as Bind Erp.

The legal constitution can be done through this link, to later make the registration before a notary public. Next, the registration is made before the SAT.

To update your data as a donor You can go to the SAT page or click directly on this link. Follow the instructions And voila!

What Activities Can An Authorized Grantee Carry Out?

As we have already told you, one of the Requirements to be an Authorized Grantee is to choose an activity to constitute the corporate purpose. There are many activities of which you can only choose one. We will mention these to you in this section, so that you can choose which one is of your preference.

Let’s see:

  • Assistance.
  • Educational
  • For social advancement.
  • Cultural.
  • Of public works and services,
  • Ecological
  • Scientific research.
  • Of economic cooperation.
  • Scholarship.
  • From museums and private libraries.
  • Technological research.

And the activities that no may contain your bylaws are:

  • Activities that involve some type of economic gain (profit-making activities).
  • Sports.
  • Those that favor or are against political parties or religious doctrines.
  • Those with the objective of altering a law.
  • Business, administrative, commercial activities and everything related to economic perceptions.
  • Those that offer management services.
  • Activities that reflect brands, franchises, etc., as well as company publications that are not related to the exercise of the corporate purpose.
  • Those that offer management services.

You must bear all this in mind before specifying the statutes of your donee.

Obligations to be Authorized Donate

The donees have a series of obligations that they must bear in mind at all times as they are the ones that will govern the exercise of their functions. Most of these can be found in the Income Tax Law. Let’s see what they are:

  • In the first place, institutions of this type they must dedicate only to the activity they choose as a partner objectl. These activities are:
    • Assistance.
    • Educational
    • For social advancement.
    • Cultural.
    • Of public works and services,
    • Ecological
    • Scientific research.
    • Of economic cooperation.
    • Scholarship.
    • From museums and private libraries.
    • Technological research.
  • They must provide the public with information on everything related to the transparency of the donee every May.
  • The remainder The accounting exercise cannot be held by a natural person or any of the members, whether they are individuals or companies, if they do not have authorization to receive it. This should be used to pay for the service or transfer it to other donees.
  • It is mandatory notify changes to the statutes, whatever they are.
  • They must do the withholding tax.
  • The entire estate, in the event of liquidation or change of address for tax purposes, must be transferred to other donees, say entities accredited to receive non-profit donations.
  • Keeping the accounting up to date.
  • Issue the CFDI relating to donations received by the entity. The same when goods are transferred.
  • It is mandatory to use the assets to meet the objectives of the activity to which you decided to dedicate yourself. This for non-profit legal entities.
  • They have the obligation to issue electronic receipt.
  • They must present the Annual statement, specifically before the first fortnight of February of each year.
  • Other activities can be carried out if these are necessary to achieve the corporate purpose. However, these are still unable to have economic purposes.

Benefits of Being an Authorized Grantee

The benefits of being an authorized donee they are well known all over the world. These serve as encouragement to the creation of these associations, mainly, and therefore it is very important to take them into account.

These are:

  • Regarding the payment of taxes, you will appear as a legal entity that has no interest in obtaining profits from the activities it carries out. You can analyze this in title III of the Income Tax Law.
  • Thus, you will not have to cancel the ISR.
  • Donations are unlimited.
  • You can avoid paying customs taxes, for international trade, of donations to be used for social purposes. This if they are about activities, public research, culture, social service, teaching. For this, the donor must be living abroad.
  • Donations can be in goods or cash, from nationals or foreigners, although always issuing proof.
  • Donations received from activities other than the main one, which are contained in the bylaws, can be used.
  • Your registration as a donee is a safety sign for all potential donors, which helps to gain their trust. Thus, more donations are obtained due to the trust of legality that it grants.
  • You can contribute to the development of the country.
  • There will be people with an interest in pursuing the same end.

What is it?

A Authorized Donor It is a non-profit association that seeks to meet objectives established before its constitution. Its exercise leads to the development of the country in different areas, depending on the activity chosen. For example, authorized donees engaged in financial support activities can receive donations and use them to award educational scholarships.

The constitution of these associations is very important for each country and its creation is fostered not only with the desire to change an aspect that is lagging behind in the country, but also because it frees you from the obligation to cancel the ISR. This is so because in essence the donations cannot keep any part of the donations, but rather they must be destined to the operation of it, to projects that seek to meet the objectives set, and so on.

Being legal entities, donors can feel safe to be transferring resources that are going to be used in a transparent way. These resources can be in the form of money or in kind, coming from the same residents in Mexico or abroad.

Finally, it should be noted that although they are exempt from paying income tax, if they are contemplated within the Income Tax Law. First, because even if they are not taxpayers, they do need to be up to date with other obligations.

Second, because it is important to differentiate the donees from other types of society. And third, because if activities other than those contemplated in its corporate purpose are carried out, necessary to fulfill such, if they must pay ISR.

Now that you know what the Requirements to be an Authorized Grantee, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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