Requirements to be an English teacher in México: Necessary documents

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Being an English teacher is a magnificent profession, if you want to find out about all the requirements to be an English teacher in México and much more, you are on the right page. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Next, we will explain everything you need to know to be an English teacher in México.

What is the definition and meaning of a teacher

Is a person who after having achieved enough knowledge, he passes it on to other people. It is characterized by being a patient, respectful person, with a lot of empathy and a desire to help others.

It is also that individual who strives to teach his students values, lessons in a didactic way, specific or general knowledge, cares about his students and helps them to be better every day regardless of age or condition.

The education is based on three factors, the study center, the students and the teacher. The teacher occupies a very important position, since he must find a way to teach through resources, support tools, and methodologies.

All those aspirants who wish to be teachers, must be aware of the great commitment and responsibility that this position implies, both personally and socially.

After having accepted and understood the commitment of this profession You will be able to visualize which is the path and the correct decisions to be able to build cultured, thoughtful, critical, responsible and, above all, human people.

Requirements to work as an English teacher

To apply for a job as a teacher in this foreign language, it is necessary to be over 18 years old, and in case of being a foreigner you will have to show your permission to work.

In addition, you must have the degree of the bachelor’s degree that you did, it is important that you have the ability to do the job at the venue of your choice.

In México, You can only work in a single position as a teacherIf you already have this position in another location, you must resign or stop looking for another location.

And finally, if you do not have experience in the areaDon’t worry, it is not a necessary requirement for recruitment.

Necessary documents

Very well, the documents you need to be an English teacher are:

  • Legal identification, current and original.
  • Process online and request a specific CURP key.
  • Authorization for display foreign nationality, or the birth certificate.
  • Present job title of the career.
  • Receipt of address.
  • Yes your studies were carried out abroad, must carry out the study similarity process.
  • Deliver the Curriculum Vitae with a photograph, must introduce all the academic experiences carried out, specifically in the area of ​​English. If you have experience in language teaching, in the public or private sector, you must place it on the CV.
  • Mandatory, you must prove your knowledge of the foreign language, you can do it in CPE and CAE.
  • Only accepted a minimum level of C1.
  • Too you will have to take certain exams to demonstrate your communication and pedagogy skills through TKT, ICELT, and Delta exam. Although you do not need experience in the area to be hired, but your skills have to be tested.

Advantages and disadvantages of an English teacher

Despite being a magnificent profession, it also has advantages and disadvantages that you should know.


  • Develop the initiative and creativity.
  • High degree of knowledge, currently each teacher must know a little about everything.
  • Take advantage of current resources such as social networks, you can send many communications and tasks via email, among others.
  • Mutual learning, just as your students will learn from you, you will learn from them, You can also learn from other teachers.
  • You are free from express your imagination and creativity with your studentsas long as respect is maintained.
  • You will never fall into the routine since this profession offers you a great variety and you will be able to live different experiences.
  • You will have more time to enjoy with your family.
  • Long vacations, you have a few months in the summer to relax, a few weeks off in winter and an extra one in spring.


  • You should never stop studying and update your methodology.
  • Many times you will feel overwhelmed for the amount of work you can have.
  • If you do not find passion for the race, it will be very tedious throughout its course.
  • You will have to deal with students who find it difficult to learn, understand the class, or who simply do not like the language class and you will not be able to advance until everyone is at the same level.

How much does an English teacher earn?

The salary may vary, depending on the headquarters where you are, but you can earn between 23,000 and 33,000 Mexican pesos.

10 tips to be a good English teacher

Being a good teacher is the foundation of a successful education for your students. If you want to be more than a simple teacher, and leave good knowledge to your students, these 10 tips are for you:

  • Whatever the situation, you should try to put yourself in the shoes of your students and understand their concerns or difficulties, help them overcome any obstacles that arise and give them challenges that they need so that they can go far.
  • You will have to prepare, maybe in your new class, there are students who cost them some things, or students who want to learn more than necessary, whatever the case, you must be patient and knowing how to handle this type of situation, everyone must go at the same pace.
  • Apart from explaining your knowledge, you must motivate your students to improve, learn and excel no matter where they come from, what their economy or culture is.
  • At the time of teaching, you should try to seek the attention of your students, doing creative and dynamic activities.
  • In any situation or problem, you should try to find the best way to solve the situation and find a way that your students understand the lesson you will give them.

  • If you wish that peace and harmony always stay in your classes, you must establish coherent rules and regulations, implying their position without falling into authoritarianism, since this would alienate your students and they would have less confidence at the time of class.
  • Never forget where you come from, be a humble teacher it will help you succeed. You are a human being and we make mistakes; but you must be able to admit them and apologize if necessary, that will generate much more trust with your students.
  • From the first moment you go to teach, you will start to be a role model for all your students, especially when answering a question or dressing, the first thing you should teach them is respect for themselves, for their colleagues and especially for you.
  • Try to be as responsible as possible, prepare the class structures well, arrive on time to the educational campus, as we mentioned before, be extremely creative and maintain good communication with your students, since your specialty will seem difficult at first, but little by little, they will improve.
  • Make sure your students enjoy of each class. Remember that, regardless of your titles or experiences, your students are the ones who will really teach you to be a teacher.

Who can be an English teacher

If you comply with all documents and requirements already mentioned, you are ready to find a good paying job in México through the SEP; but you must take three exams if you want to be an English teacher

As we mentioned earlier You must have the CPE or CAE and TKT, ICELT or delta exam certificates. The CPE or CAE certificates will prove your knowledge of English, and as a minimum you must present the C1, the SEP will help cover the expenses of these certifications only for the first 1,000 applicants.

Certificates of TKT, ICELT or delta exam They will highlight your skills, abilities and strategies to teach the language to your students through an exam. It includes how the classroom will be managed, what will be the planning of the classes and concepts of language teaching.

In the words of Undersecretary Jara, an experience in teaching it is not required to participate, although it must have virtues in communication and teaching.

And finally You must present the exam applied by CENEVAL in which they evaluate your study and reflection skills, your interest to improve as a person and teacher, among other items.

All those applicants, who have said documents, requirements, and certificates, can formally apply to be an English teacher.

We read later!

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