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Currently there are many Mexicans who are interested in knowing what they are the requirements to buy a used car, especially for comfort issues. In addition to that, this is an option that every day has become more viable for all Mexicans due to its affordable price today.

In fact, it is generally considered that a used car can cost less than half of the price of a new car today. Do you want to know better the requirements to buy a used car? Are you interested in knowing better what the data are to buy the best used car?

Then keep reading why you found the perfect article!

What are the requirements to buy a new car

Nowadays there are many people who are beginning to think about invest the money in a good and one of the common are cars.

There are many reasons for this, a major one being the fact that they are very useful and versatile, being able to be used for many things.

Among the most common uses is that of be able to work with them Through making transfers as a taxi driver in the city.

In this sense, many young people who have their own cars begin to work on applications such as Uber to easily generate extra income.

Still being able to afford a new car it is not something very simple, because depending on the model you want to buy, the price varies considerably.

In fact this can vary from two thousand to three thousand dollars up to more than six thousand depending on your brand or model.

In this sense everything depends of the person’s taste and the amenities you want, as well as the features of the car you want to buy.

But if you have already decided to buy a car you will be happy to know that the requirements they request are very few and easy to obtain for anyone.

If you have any questions about what the requirements are to be able to have a new car here we all tell you those that must be in force:

  • The first thing you should have is The payment voucher of the vehicle, as it is what ensures that you have fully paid for the aforementioned car.
  • It is also important to have a driver’s license, since it is one of the documents that will be requested as identification and to deliver the vehicle.
  • Finally you must have insurance for your car, since it is one of the first things that is requested to make the delivery.

How to buy a new car

The truth is that one of the easiest questions to answer on the topic of buying a car is like buying a new car.

The reason for this is that it is an operation as simple as going to a dealership and just do the proper paperwork.

This paperwork is very simple because, as said in the previous section, it is only deliver the aforementioned and wait for them to sign the title deed.

This is driven by the idea that the faster and easier the process more people will be interested in buying new vehicles.

Of course this is just the act of buying, but before that there is a whole selection process from between previous.

And it is that currently there are hundreds of models car for the person to choose the one that best suits their interests.

In fact, one of the first choices a person should make about buying a vehicle is if you want a car or a truck.

Each of them fulfills a specific function, adapting to many variables that the interested party should think before making the final decision.

In this sense the cars they are designed for cities, mainly due to its fuel consumption, compact size and low overall engine power.

For vans this changes, because they are intended for roads and the countryside, being more powerful engine but consuming much more fuel.

Another thing that a person should think carefully when buying a new car is the comfort you want to have in it.

And all of this starts with simply making the decision to go to a dealer and buy the vehicle that most interests you and suits you.

Requirements to buy a used car

The requirements to buy a used car they are almost the same than in the case of wanting to buy a new car from an agency.

And the truth is that this is something very logical, because the transaction is similar only that it is a change of hands transaction.

Nevertheless there are some extra requirements that are requested to be able to carry out the procedures that are currently required to buy a used car.

This has many reasons, one of the main ones being ensure a correct change owner of the car that is currently being purchased.

And it is something considerably problematic when there are property problems with the different changes of hands to which the cars can pass.

In this regard, one of the biggest problems that arises is the fact that crimes can be committed with the name of the previous owner.

To avoid this, the requirements to buy a used car are requested, and if you do not have ideas of what they are here we tell you all:

  • The first thing is that the car must have an original property title in the name of the person who is selling it.
  • It is important that a contract of sale is made according to which it is recorded that the vehicle is being sold by purchasing the vehicle by mutual agreement.
  • They will need to submit a registration certification invoice, because through this much of the information of the car you buy is known.
  • It should also be known if the car has insurance and in the event that this is positive, you must change the owner.
  • Finally, it is important that the seller deliver a proof of sale in which you have all your identification data updated and up to date.

How to buy an used car

Another question commonly asked by those who have the requirements to buy a used car is something so simple how should i buy it.

And this is something that prevents many people from finishing making the purchase decision for possible fears.

In fact, for many people buying a used car is a kind of Russian roulette because some come with flaws, motivating your sale.

In this sense, it is quite common for car owners to decide to sell them because suffer from damage that are difficult to repair.

However, to avoid this, all you have to do is something as simple as request maintenance check of the car in question.

Another of the doubts that many people have when daring to buy a used car is if it was used in any crime.

And this is something that nobody misses because it is a huge problem that is currently held throughout México.

This can actually be known easily looking for the license plates on the page of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

In it you can find if there is any kind of criminal record who are currently weighing on the vehicle and what crime committed.

Once you see that everything is fine and you decide to make the purchase, you must do the change of owner in the Ministry of Mobility.

It is important to note that for do this both parties must sign the contract by which the transfer of the vehicle in question is made.

And this process is something much easier to perform If you have all the requirements to buy a used car at hand.

What documentation must be presented when selling a used car

  • It `s important to carry the circulation card of the vehicle that is owned and in which all the appropriate data of the vehicle appear.
  • Must teach vehicle license plates so that it can be verified that it is the one that is currently being presented.
  • You must also carry some invoice that serves as proof of address, provided it is current, no more than three months after it was issued.
  • Must have some valid identification, which must also consist of a photo in which your full face is shown 70% percent.
  • You will have to attach a document that proves that you are the owner of the vehicle in question, and this could be one of the purchase invoices.
  • Finally, you must bring proof of having unsubscribed at the corresponding municipal secretary.

How you can see the requirements to buy a used car they are easy to get.

And with this guide you will get to know them all very well!

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