Requirements to buy a used house: How to do the procedure

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One of the primary acquisitions of each of the mexicans It is the purchase of a house, but, there is always one, some wages they receive are not enough to buy a property, without knowing that the federal government can help them.

If you have rights to social security or not, it is irrelevant, we mean by this that if you are entitled to Fovissiet, Infoavit or the IS SAM, the government can grant you a subsidy through the National Housing Commission called Conavi. Do you want to know what are the requirements to buy a used house? Read on to find out how to do the procedure!

For low-income people and workers, they have the ease and access to buy a new or used home, they also have the right to remodel to their liking or expand the one they already have, among other things.

This large subsidy can go up to 85 thousand 758 pesos Mexicans.

This subsidy considers the salary income of each worker, their locations (home), its value, and the amount they receive from the credit.

Requirements to buy a used house

Buying a used home is not the same as buying a new one. This process is a bit faster. Here we present the requirements in two ways to acquire a home either new or used.

With Subsidy

One of the options you have to stop buying a used or new home is with the Subsidies, here we show you the requirements you need for them.

1- The monthly income.

Salary level, the main thing that a worker must comply with in order to start with a housing subsidy.

Important if you are beneficiary that is to say of the Fovissiet, Infoavit or the IS SAM, the income per month must be less than 1,860.67 pesos.

On the other hand, if you do not have any social security, and less with a housing subaccount, you must earn at least per month 12 million 251.2 pesos.

2- Previous savings.

To have a subsidy, people must have saved a certain amount of money, which added to the memories that the state provides and the credit that will be granted, will be enough to buy the home you expected.

Important if you are a beneficiary, that is, of the Fovissiet, Infoavit or the IS SAM, you must have at least 12,251.2 pesos saved (in the housing subaccount), you must also meet all the contribution and scoring requirements that each institute requires.

On the other hand, if you do not have any social security, or any housing subaccount, you must have savings which must be equivalent to 10% of the houses you are going to buy.

3- Home value.

It does not matter if the new home you are going to buy is new, used, be it a house or an apartment, it cannot count more than the equivalent of 231 UMAS, this means 566 thousand 005.44 pesos (It is only an approximate).

4- CURP, have the unique population registry key.

5- You cannot have previously received a federal subsidy for a new home, setting aside the acquisitions of lots with services, improvements or some expansion and self-build your own land.

6- You cannot own a home other than the one that will apply for the federal subsidy.

7- You must be of legal age.

8-Before you can apply for the subsidy, you must previously have a loan that is approved with an entity, either Fovissiet, Infoavit, the IS SAM or by an institution endorsed by the CONAVI to be able to execute the subsidy.

With Infonavit

Another option you can count on to buy your home are credits INFONAVIT.

The requirements for the acquisition of a used house are the same that you will need to buy a new one with the credit INFONAVIT, we show you what they are at the bottom:

  • You must have a current employment relationship, have 116 points in the account. This will depend on the applicant’s age, the salary they have, the balance they have in the subaccount and the time they have been contributing.
  • Have en vigor an official identification.
  • If you have a marital credit, you must have the marriage certificate of said buyer and seller.
  • It has the property title that has the following information: the measurements of the land, the appraisal, the identification of the owner, Encumbrance, the service debt, among others.
  • The assessment of having the following data: 30 years of useful life, not being located in any risk area, and having the exclusive use of housing.
  • The technical quality assurance must have a minimum of 70 qualification points.

We must remember that before starting any procedure this credit process, the workshop must «To know to decide». If you do this workshop you will understand if your bonds can carry the commitment to pay a loan.

This document will be valid for approximately one year, in which you must use the credit if you do not have to present it again.

Long story short, own these updated requirements for buying a used home, They will help you choose the option that best suits you. We remind you not to get carried away by your emotions, and check very carefully if it is in good condition and is your best option.

How to process the purchase of a house

Step 1 to buy a house

Enter the internet portal, once inside in the section «Online services» click on «Requalification and infonavit points»

You must fill in the information that is requested, with which you will know your score as well as the amount you can obtain.

Step 2

Upon completing the aforementioned screen, a message will inform you that you must take the free course «You know to decide» either in person or online.

Which will help you make a better decision about the home you want to buy and the best use of your credit.

Step 3

If you have already chosen the home, consult a «Appraised» consult the evolution units registered in the portal infonavitIt is important that the house you want to buy has all the services, is in an urbanized area and has a useful life of at least 30 years.

Step 4

The home must have ecotechnologies which are devices for you to save water, electricity and gas, and thus contribute to improving the environment for everyone.

Your credit infonavit will include an additional fund, so that these are acquired.

Step 5

Check that the house has the deed registered at the public property registry, in the name of the person who sells you and who is not mortgaged, and he does not have any debt.

Step 6

  • Integrate your file with the following documents
  • Photo identification
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of voluntary savings (in case of)
  • Home appraisal

The seller must provide you with their birth certificate, official photo identification, marriage certificate or power of attorney in case of being a legal representative, also make sure that the person who sells you has an account with an interbank key since the corresponding deposit will be made there.

Step 7

Hand over that proceedings in service center Infonavit closest.

Step 8

You must make the decision to choose the notary, take your time to choose the one that suits you best. For them you can consult on the official page of Infonavit. In addition to that, you must remember that it is of the utmost importance that you settle the amount corresponding to taxes and duties.

Paso 9

Once you choose the notary of your preference, it will quote you to sign the deed.

At this point you must present your retention notice which you download on the official page of Infonavit This must be signed and stamped by the company where you work, and you must also have your official identification at hand.

How houses are classified in México

The classification of houses in México they are by location, the historical period and use and construction material.

Tips for buying a used home

If it is the first time that you are going to buy a house, it is best to usedSince you have access to larger properties, the price is lower and most are located in central areas.

You should always be aware of how the house itself is, the hydraulic, electrical system, the roof, among other peculiarities of the house. We recommend that you take an expert and do the evaluation of said property, so you can decide if it suits you or not.

Benefits of buying a used home

The benefits of buying a used house can be the following:

Good prices

If you have the Documents in order, the procedures are extremely streamlined.

To get varied areas, that are not urban, if not with easy access.

Your dream house can be chosen according to the activity you find in the area in question; easy access to schools for your children, nearby supermarkets, among others.

You have the option of remodel and revolve it in the future. Many companies in these times are dedicated to the purchase of used houses in order to transform it and sell them at good prices.

Success! Investing in a home is a very important economic decision, make sure to advise you well

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