Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association: Steps, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain the Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association.

Civil associations are foundations that work to help the most needy group. Whether it is religious, cultural, educational, etc.

If you are interested in transforming society by helping citizens, you can establish a civil association. That is why the requirements will be explained below.

What are the Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association?

The Requirements to constitute a Civil Association are:

  1. The first must have a number of associated citizens necessary for their confirmation.
  2. They must develop a constitutive act, where they explain the association details.
  3. The citizens that comprise it must take into account the laws to structure said organization.
  4. The citizen must go to the institution of Legal issues.
  5. Then they will have to complete the application form for the authorization of the creation of companies.

It is important to explain that the form must cover pertinent information such as: the name of the applicant, address to receive notifications, who are the people who form the management company. You must also have the receipt, when the payment is made by $ 565 sent by the box of the Legal Address.

Steps to follow

The steps are the following:

Organization and implementation of standards in the social field

The first step in creating a civil association is to define the primary function. That is to say, what activity will they develop to solve and help people who need it.

You must choose which will be your legal imageSome are: Civil Association, Private Charity, Charitable Institution, etc. Choosing a legal image, results in other components such as: having a number of people, establishing the name of the association, its function.

Next, you must determine who will be the legal representatives. In addition, you must add the conditions regarding the balance processes, according to the law that governs it.

Civil associations are recommended to request a unique registration key.

They must execute a strategy to raise money and invest in projects that they are going to carry out.

Legal Constitution of Civil Society

They must request authorization for the incorporation of companies, you can do them in the following link. To carry out this process, the Civil Association must contain an advanced electronic signature sent by the Tax administration.

Register before a Notary

When creating a civil association, the persons must present before a notary public with the respective act of constitution, which must have the following information:

  • Complete identification of each member that makes up the organization.
  • Social objective of the association
  • And finally add the adopted public figure.

Enroll in the SAT

The people who make up the association must attend the (SAT) to request identification or identification from the RFC.

Acquire the CLUNI

It is important that citizens who are grouped in a civil association must register it in the CLUNI. This instrument is essential to enable government aid and incentives, complying with the rules established in the activities.

By carrying out this step, the members of said organization can request advice from the entities, to properly execute and carry out the actions.

Where is the procedure done?

People only need to attend the Administration Service (SAT). The conditions to carry out this procedure are the following:

  • The association must be registered in the RFC.
  • Have your signature updated.
  • The people who make up the civil organization must be up-to-date with fiscal responsibilities.
  • Grantee authorized to receive donations, as regards the Income Tax law.

To attend the SAT, you must bring the registration request, by sending a message or you can go to the main Customs Legal Support Administration, which is located at Av. Hidalgo, Module IV, ground floor, Mexico City.

It has an opening hours from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Benefits of Establishing a Civil Association

The benefits that a civil association contains are the following:

  1. A civil organization is a way simple for help, collaboration, independent and autonomous.
  2. It is a right that citizens have to organize and achieve goals with a common purpose.
  3. It is a way for citizens to work together to achieve benefits from agreements to groups such as: social, cultural, educational among others, without the need to profit from the work done.
  4. Civil associations function as a legal entity, where the activities carried out cannot be distributed among the members that make it up, but must be used to achieve the desired good.
  5. They can accept resources public and private.

Legal Aspects to Constitute a Civil Association

According to the article 2670 of the Civil Codel (2010) highlights that in order to create a civil association, several individuals must first meet to carry out the contract and thus reach a mutual agreement, which is not outside the law and does not pursue an economic purpose.

As soon as the civil association contract is signed, a legal person is born, since according to article 25 of said law (2010), section VI, CCF, establishes that civil associations that pursue scientific, political, recreation, among others and that are lawful will be legal entities. And they can execute their rights in order to achieve the corporate purpose, therefore they must be guided by their articles of incorporation and their statutes.

Following with the 2671 of the Civil Code (2010) each time an association is constituted, it must be done in writing. In addition, members of the association can be admitted and excluded at a certain time.

Highlighting what the article refers to 2671 of the Civil Code (2010), all constituted civil associations will be governed by their statutes, therefore they must be registered in the Public Registry for it to take effect against a third party.

general Assembly

According to the article 2676 of the Civil Code (2010) highlights that the general assembly will solve:

  1. The early separation of the association or the extension for more time than is established in the statutes.
  2. Regarding the appointment of the director or directors when they have not been designated in the articles of incorporation.
  3. Substitute the appointments made.
  4. Be governed by the regulations of the articles of incorporation.

It is important to highlight that these assemblies will discuss issues regarding those corresponding to that day. Each member that makes up the association must exercise their right to vote in the general assemblies.

What is it?

The civil association is a private non-profit company, which has its own legal personality and is made up of individuals who come together to fulfill a specific purpose, which may be: cultural, sports, religious, among other social actions. In order to promote among its members activities to help the community.

In Mexico, civil associations are financed through donations.

Civil Associations in Mexico

In there are several civil associations, the following stand out:

Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association: Mayama AC

It is a civil association recognized by the UN, Its purpose is to help children and their families who are in extreme poverty.

This association developed the campaign «we will transform together» to collect funds for the construction of learning centers.

Requirements for Establish a Civil Association: Tuk Foundation

It is a civil association that is located in Mexico City, where it develops two projects. One to assist terminally ill children and the other to assist underprivileged children. In turn, they train the mothers of the minors who receive care, training them through workshops to acquire a trade.

Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association: Paidi Foundation

It is a non-profit association, which deals with providing emotional tranquility to Mexican children with limited resources or who are in situations of risk.

They are served through institutional training programs. Also to migrant children and mothers, who have been victims of rape or sexual abuse among other problems.

If you are interested in creating one, you must comply with the following Requirements to Constitute a Civil Association.

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