Requirements to Create a Company in Mexico

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If you want to go one step further in your professional life, doWhy not start a company?? It is a very important step for you and those around you, a smart way to start is to know the requirements to create a company, this way you will be aware of everything you need.

A company can be the dream of many people, perhaps something bigger like a company, or it can be bigger like an Organization or Institution, the fact is that each person is a world of different opportunities, and if your opportunity is now, you must take advantage of it and start with the first phase of your dream.

Most companies pursue an economic purpose, regardless of their objective or goal, they always get something in return, in this way they and the staff who work there stay alive.

They also contribute their grain of sand to society, specifically to the State, with taxes. And so as they are producing, they fulfill a small part to continue the full development of the Nation.

Requirements to Open a Company in Mexico

Before any legal process you must gather the requirements to create a company in Mexico, and therefore, you should be aware that certain procedures will have to be sought in different government entities.

However, on the official website of the Mexican State you can find much more information by doing click here.

Many people think that starting a company is an easy task, but really It is a process that takes effort and a moderate amount of time. to validate each of the documents required in certain state offices.

It should be noted that not only do you have to visit some delegations, but also some formats can be found via the Web.

Fill out your Application to Create the Company

You will find it by going to the Secretary of Foreign Relations; here you will choose five probable company names, you must make sure that there is no other company incorporated with the same name.

Create the Constitutive Act

Is he document that gives life to the company and in which it establishes all the basic and general characteristics, company name, type, administration, control, objective, among others.

Opening of Commercial Establishments

You should declare the opening of the premisesit is a completely free process and you can do it by going to the delegations, or you can formalize it through the Internet.

Sign up for the SAT

Here you get the Tax ID that contains a number that is the Federal Taxpayer Registry also called RFC.

If you still do not have it, here we leave you all the information related to the «Requirements to process your RFC for the first time».

Property Registry

You will have to appear before the Public Registry of the property and the commerce where said company is going to be registered and the real estate that comprises it, as well as its objectives and commercialization goals.

You must also present the Constitutive Act, RFC and the power of attorney that will allow you as legal representative to carry out the respective procedures in the company.

Federal taxpayer registration

It is a very important record that you must make in the Secretary of Financeaccording to the regimen that best describes your premises;

This type of procedure must be done one month after opening the establishment.

Registration with the IMSS

You must go to Mexican Social Security Institutemaking the respective personal contributions of the employees, or their own.

Registration with the other Organizations, if applicable

Depending on what the company is dedicated to, you must register it in the different most common organizations, respectively, such as the Ministry of Health, Environment, Ministry of Ecology, Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property, among others.

Land Use Permit

This is a basic requirement; You can do the procedure at the Municipal Delegation. If you are in the Federal District, you must go to the offices of the Secretary of Urban Development or at the window of each delegation.

  • It should be noted that in Mexico the cost of this procedure is $891.50. (cost varies by state)

Operating license

If your place or company is a restaurant, bar or nightclub, you must meet this requirement, because with it you can buy and sell alcoholic beverages.

outdoor ad

This is the advertisement that you will place outside the establishment, it may be eye-catching, and it will be able to send a message to your recipients, however, you must be careful with the type of message you broadcast and keep in mind that in certain places you will not be able to place illuminated or very bright by rules of society and their safety.

Benefits of Opening a Business in Mexico

There are several reasons to think that starting a business is a very innovative idea.

Nowadays people want have more income in their bank accounts, and what better way than to run your own company, being your own boss.

You will be able to distribute the time as you want, as long as you do not neglect your responsibilities with the business and with whom you hired to work.

With your own company you will achieve labor independencealthough it is known that being a public servant you have your sure salary at the end of the month, or a fifteen and last, working on your own you must take care of having a constant economic income in the accounts.

Being the boss or working in a private company, if you don’t work you don’t produce, and the more you work the more you produce.

A quite notable benefit is that of have money at any timeworking on your own you will not have to wait to get paid at the end of the month as previously mentioned, but as long as you have production, you will have income.

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The Federal Government is at the forefront to facilitate each of the entrepreneurship processes proposed by new applicants. Every day there are more people who want to develop their ideas and materialize them at a national and international level, and the Government positively supports this behavior of society.

Due to this fact, it has facilitated in certain public Entities the speed of the system according to some procedures.

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