Requirements to deed a land: Get all the information regarding the subject

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Do you want to know what are the requirements to deed a plot of land? Well, you are in the right place, here you can know each of the documents and much more.

If you want to know what are the Requirements to deed a plot of land, you just have to keep reading!

What is land deed

For those people who do not know what a land deed is, it can be said that it is a document or instrument of public order. POr generally, it is used so that people can carry out each of their documents before a notary public. As long as they are duly authorized and certified.

People can include any type of statements from the other parties that can intervene in the sale of the property.

In addition, it can be said that in these same deeds, people tend to attach different types of documents and procedures that guarantee their same property.

Each of these physical and legal data must be established and in the same way each of the entities of the participants in the contract.

What is the deed of land for

This is one of the scriptures that is generally used to refer to properties in México. It is essential that it be used to secure the land legally.

In the same way, each of the holdings that is proceeded in the home, must be explicit. On the other hand, it is important that they promote family safety.

FACT: These documents are known as the Requirements to deed a land in México.

For people to be able to proceed to the deeds of a house or for their part of a document, they must bear in mind that they must first go to the Public Notary.

But each of these procedures must be followed to the letter. Since the entire process will depend on the type of sale that the person has made.

It can be said that there are several ways in which people can have acquired some type of property. In this opportunity, they should only be used in specific cases:

    1. It refers to each of the purchases that the person has made through some type of trust institution. No matter what it is:
      1. Banking.
      2. Sofol.
      3. Federal, as in the cases of INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE.
    1. It is aimed at each of the people who have made a sale directly. Between some buyer and seller.
    2. For this case. Each of the users must take into account that regardless of whether the deal has been made between two parties. Documents must be managed.
    3. This means that each of the parties when consulting with a real estate agent. You must contact the appropriate notary’s office, respectively.

It should be noted that a deed can be defined as one of the documents used in properties in México to attest.

In addition to this, it is responsible for institutionalizing, in a civil and public way, each of the properties of said person, trying to prevent the different speculations and fraud that may occur in the home.

What are the steps and requirements to deed a plot of land

For all those people who meanwhile have in mind to carry out the process for the land deed, they must take into account that they must comply with some documents.

Case 1

In those cases where the sale of some land or property has been carried out through some type of mortgage credit before a banking institution.

As well as before any of the federal institutions such as the INFONAVIT or the FOVISSSTE, each one of the requirements to deed a land must be processed by the same institution of the executive media.

Case 2

On the contrary, when the buyer is the one who decides to process some type of credit, since he must be able to buy from third parties in some particular way.

Where you must approach some of the real estate agents who are certified by the institutions that in turn can free themselves from any credit for which they proceed.

Case 3

It should be noted that in those situations where it is the sellers who are in this process, as long as it is a real estate company, they must process the certificates.

These are done in order to be able to verify and demarcate any type of property document that is a house or land.

For those persons who are classified as third parties, each of the agents must obtain advice or process the respective documentation.

Case 4

Finally, when users have been able to collect each and every one of the papers in two parts, they must take into account that the real estate agency or those who are providing their services to the individual, must present themselves at the institution.

They must be able to specify each of the appointments with some of the notaries with which they try to make the same of some of the companies.

Other cases

In the event that people encounter these situations by trying to acquire some type of property in cash or in some other agreement.

Well, they must be in discussion with their parties, so that they can go to one of the notaries public that is of their preference.

With some of these identifications, the same institutions can verify each of the income in the case of the property buyer.

But in the case of the seller, this person must be clear that each of the payment agreements must be made.

Once the person is present at the notary, he must be able to indicate that each of the documents he is carrying are so that the deed of the land can be carried out.

Where it must meet the following requirements to deed a land:

  1. Appraisal
  2. Certificate of freedom from tax liens
  3. Certificate of mortgage liens
  4. Certificates of no debts for water, property, urbanization, etc.
  5. Other documents that the notary considers

Once the person has been able to correctly comply with each of the requirements and the steps prior to them. the same notary will inform you about the next steps.

At that time the person only has to sign, or rather each of the parties. Also delivery of the amount must be layered and any type of subsequent arrangement.

How to deed land

Although many people find it difficult to deed land, well, here you will realize that it is completely the opposite.

It is also important to clarify that the word QUALIFICATION is very different from WRITING, since both have different meanings.

A title deed, It can be defined as one of the documents that are made for some type of public notary, so that the property is legally legal.

Likewise, this is an obligation and a right that each of the users have, who in turn buy and inherit a home or land.

On the other hand, it can be said that the property title, is one of the requirements that people usually process to complete each of the property deeds.

So it can be said that this is one of the documents where the name of the person or entity that is selling it or transmitting it as an inheritance must be found.

In the same way, when structuring a house each one of the people can check the ownership of the property before third parties.

The steps in the same way must follow the following things:

  1. Attend a notary:
    1. Each one of the persons in turn must request a certificate and notify the registry about each of their purchases.
    2. This occurs because it may have some legal support from the beginning of a process such as proof of land use.
  2. The notary for his part must withhold and pay each of the taxes, regardless of whether they are federal and local, to each of the corresponding authorities.
    1. Here each one of the people must prepare the documentation and the reaction of the scriptures.
  3. Finally, people must comply with keeping each of the inscriptions in the public records of the property, and the same it can be issued in some of the certified copies of the deed.

What is the cost of registering a plot of land

The costs of each of the deeds vary depending on the payments that people have to include in their rights.

This means that what people must pay to process the certificates, almost $ 50, which includes registration and permits.

Thanks for reading!

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