Requirements to donate Organs: Everything they have not told you

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To be an organ donor the decision to be a donor needs to be assured in lifeIf you are in good health, when you die you can give a better quality of life to an individual in need. You want to know more? Keep reading!

What is a donor?

A donor is that individual who has made the decision that, upon death, their organs or tissues are transferred to another person to save or improve their quality of life, through the National Transplant System.

In the General Health Law it is decreed that absolutely all Mexicans have the possibility to decide on their body and organism, if they wish, they may state their decision to donate organs and / or tissues verbally or in writing, and have the possibility of canceling said donation whenever they wish.

When an individual makes the final decision to be an official donor, and discusses it with their family and loved ones, it is extremely important that accept and respect their decisionOn the day of his death, they will be his spokespersons for his decision to be made correctly.

It should not be forgotten that if the person change my mind, your family should also be aware of this change.

Requirements to donate organs or tissues while alive

Mainly, donors must be over 18 years oldThey have to be in a healthy state and be in full use of their physical and mental capacities. A specialist must ensure that the donor is healthy and fit for the operation.

The donor must have free will and be compatible with the recipient. You should always be aware of risks and dangers of transplantation, the donor must receive such information and give their written approval independently before a Notary Public.

The organ or tissue transplant operation has the purpose of improving the quality of life, is not suitable for research, taking into account that the donor has the right to cancel your permission at any time without any conditions.

It should be ruled out that they should only be request living donors when the chances of success of the transplant are very tall, have adequate documentation from the Authorized Committee of the hospital where the operation is to be carried out, and said operation may only be carried out in the health centers authorized and trained by the appropriate health faculty.

All the localities that perform transplants must have:

  • Sanitary graduate granted by the Ministry of Health.
  • Duty manager sanitary.
  • A transplant committee that has the responsibility to check that all means of donation and transplantation is prepared according to the law and to notify the National Transplant Registry of its functions.

The living donor must have the help and collaboration you need for your rehabilitation.

Requirements to perform transplants from donors who have died

There is no age limit for donating after death, provided that the organs and tissues are are in good condition and healthy.

In which case you have not written your request as a donor, and you die in a hospital with the organ and tissue donation project, the employees trained for this purpose, will look for your family and will inform of the possibility of donating, they will have to analyze the situation and make the decision to give life to someone else.

Family members should know all the necessary information about the processes to be carried out with the corpse.

For decide the fate of organs and tissues of the deceased donor, the status of severity and compatibility of the recipient, the opportunity of transplantation, which must be taken into account the benefits are as desired, and other requested and accepted medical criteria.

What organs and tissues can be donated in life and death

Living people can pierce the following organs and tissues:

  • Lung (1)
  • Pancreas and intestine
  • Kidney (1)
  • Part of liver
  • Marrow that is
  • Skin
  • Bones
  • Amnion
  • Blood

Deceased individuals they can donate the following organs and tissues:

  • Kidneys (2)
  • Heart
  • Pancreas and bowels
  • Liver
  • Lungs (2)
  • Hands (2)
  • Face
  • Corneas
  • Valves cardiac
  • Skin
  • Tendons
  • Bones

Can you donate organs and / or tissues with tattoos?

Of course, but normaly that decision will always depend on the specialist doctor who is going to perform the operation, since sometimes donors with tattoos will not be accepted to avoid the spread of a disease, or to rule out health risks.

If you want to apply as an organ donor you must wait for six months, from the moment the tattoo was made.

What is the Donor Card


The process for the cited document, must be issued by a qualified health authority for this purpose. In the aforementioned document, it helps all those people whose desire, after life, is to transfer their organs and / or tissues to be used for therapeutic purposes and give a better quality of life to those who need it.

Through the Voluntary Donor Card, the desire to be an organ and / or tissue donor can be notified, This method of communication has the main purpose that it is transferred to a relative so that at the time of death, they are the one who correctly enforces their decision.

You can get the card by calling the National Transplant Center, you can also consult the Cenetra page, and edit the card by entering your data, or you can obtain it by writing to:

Organ donation cost

In México, about 20 people die every day waiting for a transplant. According to figures from the National Transplant Center (CENATRA). Likewise, every 10 minutes a person writes to the waiting list to find an organ or tissue they need.

One of the most expensive transplants in México is the bone marrow transplant. It has an approximate cost of 1.5 and 2 million pesos. For this operation the patient needs to be confined for a long time.

The costs of a kidney transplant can be from 35 thousand to 200 thousand pesos. A corneal transplant is usually 15 thousand pesos. In the case of cadaveric donors, being a little more expensive for air expenses. The extraction surgery, and the preservative solutions, can vary approximately between 60 thousand and 100 thousand pesos.

Although, it should be noted that, in this case, several organs can be saved, such as the heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys, lungs and also tissues such as skin, bones and corneas.

The prices of transplants they depend a lot on the hospital where it will be performed, since in the public sector they are a little cheaper, only a little less than in the private sector, since are extremely intensive processes in resources, also well paid doctors, transportation and medicines expensive.

If you are cared for in a private hospital, the cost of removing the organ or tissue and the transplant surgery will be paid in full by the patient. If any patient waiting for an organ or tissue is affiliated with the IMSS or ISSTE, the cost andwill be covered by the organization.

Is there a chance that the donor’s body could be disfigured when the organs are removed?

Surgeons early on in the manipulation of organs and tissues, ttry to handle the donor’s body with great dignity and respect, I am very careful when closing and covering the wounds induced by surgery, in theory, the body it will not dismember or disfigure.

Family members of the deceased donor can be totally calm during the operation since they will receive the body of a loved one in appropriate conditions, and will be able to rperform the ceremonies they want.

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