Requirements to drill a water well in Mexico: Steps to follow

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Surely you must know that the earth It is made up of a 70% H2o or better known as water. This is of utmost importance for the life of human beings and living beings that inhabit the planet earth.

Many people have seen this valuable item as a company to take advantage of these. It is worth mentioning that it was previously very difficult to have potable water for human consumption.

Many centuries ago people began to keep the water in deep wells where there was always an inflow of drinking water. Which was supplied underground naturally.

Currently this method still exists, that is why today we want to teach you everything you need to know to open a well in Mexico. As well as the requirements you need to process it safely and quickly.

Requirements to drill a water well in Mexico

Without further ado, we will now detail the requirements that you must take into account to properly drill a water well. Notably are extremely useful in very rural areas or low population.

Since it helps with the supply of drinking water in places that are difficult to access or where water service is not available consecutively. Below we will cite the necessary requirements:

  • Know if the land where we will open the well is restricted or protected.
  • Maintain around 20 and 100 m between other wells.
  • Know the level of permeability of the soil.
  • Construct the well outside the police zone of a public surface water.
  • Possess the documentation supplied and required by the competent body to carry out the well.
  • Legalize the state of the well as soon as possible.

These requirements will allow us to build safely and smoothly our water well. If you want detailed information about these requirements, you can visit the following website: Water well drilling.

Steps to follow

To do it you must follow a procedure that requires precise technical knowledge on this subject. We recommend our readers to hire a company specialized in carrying out this kind of work.

This It will allow us to do it correctly and without any discrepancy. It should be noted that this must be done by people who have experience and knowledge of soil treatment and drilling.

Before starting with the step-by-step process to open a water well, we want to Recommend to our readers to find out about hydrological information. Since it will provide an accurate and precise choice on the construction of aqueducts.

  1. In the first instance, the aquifer to which you want to reach and the one that will maintain the water supply within the well must be established.
  2. We proceed with the drilling of different strata until reaching an aquifer. This must be done with the correct machinery for optimal and satisfactory drilling.
  3. Once we have reached the aquifer or aquifers, it is necessary to begin with the excavation and establishment of the water well. In order to begin with the processing of the legalization of the same.

It should be noted that this process It is anchored to different factors to carry out this efficiently. This means that the excavation methods can be different depending on the characteristics and conditions of the water well.

What are the problems that arise when issuing permits for drilling wells?

Certainly at the time of legalizing our well it is important that we take into account certain factors. Since at the time of no meet certain characteristics or legal aspects this well could receive lawsuits or even fines for it.

That is why below we will mention what problems could arise for the granting of the permit and legalization of these. Remember that to make a well certain statutes or impositions must be followed gestated by the pertinent organisms.

  • Build in restricted area: This aspect would not prevent obtaining permits. But if you want to use it as a supply for agricultural activities you can be a hindrance.
  • Request the construction in within the space or land of another water well.
  • The law establishes not to build within a police zone of a public surface water: since it would be directly or indirectly affecting the public services of the nation.
  • Not possessing the documents required by the competent entities such as the Junta de Andalucía, Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir, Hydrographic Confederation of Guadiana or the Southern Hydrographic Confederation.

Where does the money come from for drilling water wells

Depending on the legal nature of the well to be drilled generally These can be capitalized or paid for by private companies, government or State entities, small or medium landlord merchants.

Because it is very important to have a large area of ​​land or soils that have aquifers suitable for this in their interior. It should be noted that this represents a large investment since it is usually arduous and laborious work to do.

Given this, people who want to do it must raise or raise a certain amount of money or capital to carry out the excavation work. In addition to the payment of the personnel that you hire to carry it out together with all the complementary machinery.

What is CONAGUA?

The National Water Commission is a public entity belonging to the Mexican State administered by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. This was founded in 1989 with political and economic objectives.

Currently has the responsibility or task of managing, regulating, controlling and protecting the waters of the national territory. As well as the activities or items that it provides within the nation.

However, within its organized system the National Meteorological Service is structured. Which were installed for the hydrological development of the nation.


In the functions within this body we can find a large list of functions and objectives that were awarded to the body. That is why we want to tell you which are the main ones and which are most influential in the Mexican population.

  • Manage the use and conservation of Mexican waters.
  • Manage various programs of an interregional and inter-basin nature in relation to the issue of national waters.
  • Provide information on the state of national waters to the present government.
  • Promote their conservation in conjunction with different state and regional bodies.
  • To govern the activities or permission regarding the use of the same.
  • Register the different public services that depend on these.


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