Requirements to Enroll a Child in SEDESOL Nursery

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One of the most established organizations in Mexico is SEDESOLand therefore, its different extensions and agreements have made it possible to help the Mexican people in the care of children, with special abilities and in other circumstances.

Thanks to Children’s Stay Program we can observe that the requirements for the SEDESOL nursery they are not as complex as people think.

When it comes to enrolling in a nursery, we know that we want the best for our children, and for this very reason the SEDESOL Nursery is one of the best options for the protection and care of our little ones.

Knowing the requirements for the SEDESOL nurserywe will understand that it is not difficult to register them to enjoy the peace and tranquility of knowing that our children are in good hands.

Requirements to enroll a child in SEDESOL daycare

There are several requirements to enter nursery SEDESOL that are quite accessible to gather to incorporate the little one of the house in this Nursery.

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  • The child can enter from 11 months to 5 years
  • The format found via the Internet to request the aid must be delivered correctly filled out.
  • Representatives do not elect for additional benefits regarding child care.
  • Identification Document of the parents, representatives or legal guardian, as well as, official identification, voting card, passport. (Original and Copy)
  • Birth certificate of each of the children to enroll. (Copy)
  • In the event that the child is not in the care of his parents, he must present an authorization from the parents or legal guardians.
  • CURP of the person issuing the aid and of the child to be registered (Copy)
  • If the child to be registered has a disability, a current medical certificate must be presented, with the medications to be supplied. (Original and Copy)
  • Parents or guardians must submit a sworn statement explaining that they are studying or seeking employment, along with the rest of their essential personal information.

Requirements for a SEDESOL Scholarship

One of the most important opportunities that children have is that in the SEDESOL Nursery they are recognizes his effort with a student scholarshipwhich is just as important for their representatives because of the economic aid that SEDESOL is offering them.

In the same way, to opt for these benefits, they must meet certain requirements to opt for a scholarship in the SEDESOL nursery:

  • Not receive any type of student scholarship from another institution, organization or foundation.
  • Grades card. Grades must not have an average below 8.
  • Student’s birth certificate. (Copy)
  • CURP.
  • Proof of residence or a utility bill that shows your residence address.
  • Proof of income from parents or legal guardians.
  • Child size photography.
  • Proof of registration payment.

Steps to enroll a child in a SEDESOL stay

Since there is a lot of information about it, sometimes people often have no idea how to enroll their little one in this nursery, therefore, here we will show you the steps to do it:

  • Mainly before arriving at the nursery and submitting the respective documents, you must enter the SEDESOL Nursery website and download a form that you must fill out and submit together with the rest of the documents.

However, in this article you can do click here and you will directly find the format without further delay.

  • Then, you must go directly to a SEDESOL office where your documents will be verified, and as a final part of the admission program you will be notified immediately.
  • In certain cases, SEDESOL has the obligation to demand an appraisal of your property, if so, its response to admission will be notified to you within 30 business days after the respective inspection.

What is SEDESOL?

The Secretariat of Development program

Social, is in charge of administering and developing some specialized programs in support for the Mexican citizenthus being a competent and highly combative organization against poverty in Mexico.

What is a SEDESOL Nursery?

The nursery is a program that helps low-income Mexican families or few facilities. They mainly help working mothers, job seekers, students or single/widowed parents with children in their care.

What are the benefits of SEDESOL Nurseries?

By enrolling your little one in this nursery you can enjoy different benefits that this organization has for you, a perfect choice since it is one of the most demanded nurseries in the country.

Among them are:

  • You will have wellness and safety socioeconomic
  • Will have quality of life for those who work and study.
  • offers you the best support for single parents who must work.
  • Eliminate premature poverty in the family, as it does not restrict guardians from seeking employment.
  • Cost totally accessible.
  • exist headquarters of this nursery in each of the populated sectors where the demand for childcare is greater, thus allowing greater income for the family and better quality of life.

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