Requirements to Enroll your Baby in IMSS Nursery

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If you are a worker, you are widowed, you are divorced, or otherwise you exercise parental authority over a minor, surely you will need to leave him in a place where he is cared for while you work.

If you are registered with the IMSS under the mandatory regime, you can count on the IMSS childcare service; This is a federal government institution of Mexico that is dedicated to providing services related to the health and social security of the population, considered as the most solid social security institution in Latin America.

So, before looking for a nursery for your baby, you should know the Requirements to Enroll your Baby in IMSS Nursery.

Requirements for Enrollment in IMSS Nursery

There are various modalities that vary according to the characteristics of the beneficiarywhich we detail below:

  • Modality A: Corresponds to the affiliated workers, the requirements to record are the following:
  • Proof of validity of rights.
  • proof of work issued by the company where you work, which should have: Name or trade name of the company, working hours, rest days, vacation period, signature of the employer or representative of the entity.
  • Modality B: Includes workers who have been widowed. They must present the above requirements plus the death certificate of the deceased mother or father.
  • Modality C: Includes divorced workers, or legal representatives, these in addition to the requirements of modality A must consign the legal document that accredits them as legal representatives of the minor.

However, the requirements for the minor Regardless of which modality the representative belongs to, they are the following:

  • Birth certificate.
  • CURP.
  • Proof of enrollment as a beneficiary.
  • Proof of admission medical examination.
  • Vaccine certification.

Steps for Registration IMSS Nursery

  • Have the requirements mentioned above at hand.
  • Enter the official page of the IMSS. (Enter ahere)
  • Register the application for registration.
  • Fill in the information requested by the system.
  • Select the nursery of your choice, among the options indicated by the system.

However, if you want to carry out the procedure in person, you can go directly to the nursery of your interest, you only need to be current as an IMSS insured.

Conditions for Enrollment in the IMSS Nursery

The only condition that must be met in order to enroll your baby in a nursery belonging to the IMSS is be properly enrolled in social securitynamely, to the compulsory systemregardless of whether you are an employer or a dependent worker, the service provided will be exactly the same.

The mandatory regime is the one that brings together the largest number of insured, the Law in its article 11 of the Social Security Law indicates that the five branches that comprise it are:

  • Work risks.
  • Diseases and maternity.
  • Disability and life.
  • Retirement, severance pay for age and old age.
  • Kindergarten and social benefits.
Before enrolling your child in an IMSS nursery, you must take into account the following factors:
  • You can enjoy this benefit from 43 days after your baby is born until he or she is four (04) years old.
  • The children in the nursery are separated by age, and each room has a limited number of members.
  • You must indicate the name of three (03) persons authorized to pick up the child, who must be present when formalizing the registration.
  • Once the acceptance of the child has been notified to the selected nursery, it will have 07 business days to formalize the registration.

You may need information about: “Requirements to Register with the IMSS”

Keep in mind that the IMSS was founded on January 19, 1943, by presidential decree of Manuel Ávila Camacho and the Social Security Law is the legislative framework by which the Mexican Institute of Social Security is governed.

Currently, the law that governs the IMSS indicates that its purposes are the following:

  • Medical assistance.
  • Protection of livelihoods.
  • The social services necessary for individual and collective well-being.
  • Grant pensions in accordance with prior compliance with legal requirements.

This service provides care for the little ones in the house, balanced nutrition, medical care, as well as education through games.

Finally, it is important that you know the requirements to enroll your baby in IMSS nursery and so you make the right choice, which suits your needs in terms of location, schedules, and above all the well-being of your baby.

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