Requirements to Enter Baccalaureate: Documents, Costs and MORE

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If you have completed the period of basic education and you intend to continue your high school studies, it is advisable to read the Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate in México.

The demand for students in México who graduate from basic secondary education and who aspire to continue studies is high.

Learn a little more about the subject and prepare yourself for the beginning of a new stage of life. Go ahead read and share the information presented here.

What are the Requirements to Enter Baccalaureate?

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Important stage in the life of young Mexicans, who want to know what they should do to seek the application and begin high school studies.

The Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate In México, they are governed by the institution you want to enter, however, the general requirements that are requested in all Mexican institutions are the following:

  • Depending on the institution, they must prepare an application for admission, that is, as a statement of reasons. In other institutions the forms already exist, which only have to be filled out.
  • Go to the selected institution to complete the procedure.
  • Submit four small and two credential-size photographs.
  • Deliver the Birth Certificate with two photocopies.
  • Likewise, deliver a proof of studies or high school certificate with the grade point average, in original and two photocopies.
  • Legalized certificate if it is a revalidation.
  • You must have the Unique Population Registry key (CURP).
  • Deliver a letter of good conduct.
  • You must provide proof of address.

Documentation Needed to Enter Baccalaureate

Following with the Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate, The applicant must consign a series of essential documents for the institution to validate and certify, prior to the admission of the student in its facilities.

Documents that must be consigned in the different institutions that receive applicants to attend high school or high school are the following:

  • Initially, they must go to the modules of the corresponding institution to deliver the requested documentation.
  • Deliver the Birth Certificate.
  • Present the signed High School Certificate and the original.
  • Make the application for admission.
  • Submit a sealed or perforated photograph.
  • Enter the registration number.
  • Also, deliver the qualifications.
  • Additionally, record the general average and the number of subjects.
  • If the documents presented high school certificates, grades, etc. They are from another state, they must be legalized by the corresponding State Government. With the exception if it comes from the National Educational System.
  • All the documentation consigned must have the exact identification as it appears on the birth certificate, if there are differences, the applicant must make the corresponding corrections and also deliver the notarial certification.

General conditions

I agree with you Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate, Upper secondary education or Baccalaureate is currently not compulsory, it has an average duration of three years.

There are two modalities that are the following:

The General baccalaureate It consists of three years, is preparatory in nature and prepares the student to start in the various professional options offered by universities.

The Technological Baccalaureate It is studied for three years, in its curriculum it also has the subjects of the baccalaureate and those corresponding to a technological specialty. It prepares the student for an earlier labor insertion, providing the student with technical and practical tools, which make him competent in a specific trade.

The professional also prepares the student for the next cycle.

If the student did not finish high school, Open High School is a good option for continuation of studies.

The use of this study system has grown, since it is within the reach of the citizen and is not only used by workers, but many young people have joined this modality.

In the case that you have already completed high school but did not finish it, this is an excellent alternative for continuing your studies.

In México there are private high schools, open high schools of the Ministry of Public Education, open private high schools and open high schools of the autonomous universities.

Enter Baccalaureate in an Open High School

Following the Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate, Young people in search of improvement and progress in their lives can be successful in their search if they turn to the support provided by the Open Secondary School in México. Institution with a lot of prestige and extensive pedagogical and cultural experience.

These open system institutions have qualified personnel such as advisers, professors, instructors, guaranteeing that the student has very good quality open teaching and consulting.

They are students with excellent preparation and can apply for exams and obtain the corresponding study certificate.

This Open High School system is undoubtedly an alternative form offered by the Secretary of Public Education for those who wish to join higher studies.

Once the studies are completed, the certificate obtained from the general baccalaureate has legal validity, since it is issued by the Ministry of Public Education in addition to being recognized by the different higher education institutions existing in México.

This high school system provides all the necessary material for students, of each of the subjects, in digital format, at no additional cost. It has a study plan of four periods and each of the periods with five or six modules, to be studied in a bimester.

A total of 22 modules must be approved to finish high school.

Open High School is a combined classroom system, that is, in some cases the classes are at night or on the weekend. The high school is not schooled, being able to study without having to attend face-to-face classes and advance according to the time that the student dedicates to study.

Additionally, the cost is low and the access to study material is also low. It can be found in an accessible way at any text store or bookstores.

This system has the advantage that it offers the opportunity to study without having an age limit, allowing it to become an efficient and alternative model to increase the levels of schooling in the country.

Costs of Secondary Education in México

According to Requirements to enter the Baccalaureate, Higher secondary education has different costs, it corresponds to locate the institution that best suits the student in relation to cost, quality, prestige, location, among other characteristics.

The public middle education, the registration costs are very low, they can be between the 300 to 3,000 pesos Mexicans. While the private secondary education has monthly payments ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 pesos respectively. These costs are relative and will depend on where the institution is located and where it is resided.

At the National Autonomous University of México the cost of registration is 25 cents plus a voluntary contribution. The Preparatory School of the State of México has a registration fee of 866 pesos.

Also, the CONALEP has the value of the registration in 1,090 pesos. The CETIS and CETIS schools have registrations ranging from 1,500 to 2,800 pesos and the CECYT has a registration value of 340 plus a contribution of 300 pesos.

Likewise, UNITEC your registration has no cost and the monthly payment is 3,725 pesos. The UVM has a registration of 5,966 and the monthly payments are 4,210 pesos.

Students can lower costs by participating for scholarships and in other institutions the cost depends on the number of subjects enrolled.

I know recommends that educational costs not exceed 30% of income.

What is the Baccalaureate?

High school is the educational level that is part of Upper Secondary Education, since this level is immediately after completing secondary school and before starting the higher level. It lasts between two and three years.

It is a comprehensive preparation to enter higher studies.

The General baccalaureate in México it is also known as preparatoria. The curriculum includes the subjects of social sciences, natural sciences, Spanish, mathematics, chairs of philosophy and also of arts.

There are also the Open High Schools which are for those who have not completed studies and who now cannot attend a campus. It has the characteristic of being flexible, age does not matter and it is not compulsory to attend classes.

Online high school It is one that allows you to complete your baccalaureate online, from an electronic device. Of course with the flexibility of schedules and arrangement.

Likewise, there is the Technological Baccalaureate where the baccalaureate and a technical career are studied jointly. They have the same group of general baccalaureate subjects, but they also study technology subjects and graduate as a technician of upper secondary level in some specialty that can be tourism, design, administration, computer science and others.

High School studies seek to prepare students who aspire to pursue higher studies. The subjects it contains are scientific, technical and humanistic, also research.

The baccalaureate has for students not only the above but also a preparation for work. The student can continue studying and at the same time integrate into working life.

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