Requirements to Enter Conalep: Admission, Careers and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirement to Enter Conalep. The purpose of this organization is to prepare and train technical professionals and high school graduates. In order to obtain the documentation of labor competencies and technological assistance to consider the needs of the country.

If the citizen wishes to prepare academically, he will have to comply with the Requirements to enter Conalep. We invite you to continue reading.

What are the Requirements to Enter Conalep?

The Requirements to enter CONALEP are as follows:

  1. The applicant must bring the registration application, must not have Blanks.
  2. Your residence document.
  3. You must have your Password (curp).
  4. What the call requires.

It is important to note that both the administrative and personal documents in originals shown by the applicants, for the admission procedure, are received and then returned to the student.

Admission process

The admission process can be done by entering the link of Pre-registration for the 2020 school period. When entering, the applicant must fill in the information requested for the call.

The citizen must select their entity where they are find, the campus and the career who wants to study. When you have completed the information, on the right side of the page you will see the established date of the admission Test, the validity of the call.

It is important to note that when you select the campus where you want to study, on the page you can download the instructions for the educational institution, in the call button at the bottom of the page.

Each campus contains its own rules regarding the dates of the call. To continue with the process, the citizen must have the following nearby:

  • The applicant must have his CURP.
  • Your Work Center password (CCT) from high school, where you are studying. You can locate it on the stamp of your study or high school document.
  • Must have your address receipt containing zip code.
  • Your original email.
  • Know your phone number from your home.
  • Your personal phone.


With having these data at hand, the citizen will have to give the continue button and it will appear that you complete all the data corresponding. You must first fill out your personal information, then your information address, the data schoolchildren and finally give the option of to register.

Importantly, it should ranswer all the questions that are evident in the Pre-registrationOtherwise the system will give you an error. All information provided will be treated for private and confidential purposes, in accordance with established laws.

Once the citizen has met the requirements, he is fully registered and can participate in the admission test They will provide you with a foil or an identification number during the process.

The applicant can also go to the campus of your choice, during business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Careers that you can study when entering Conalep

There are many educational institutions that Conalep has, they teach the following careers:

Requirements to enter Conalep: Electricity and electronics

In this area they teach the following careers:

  • The student can prepare to study industrial electricity.
  • Mechatronic.
  • You can prepare by studying the electronic systems they do to airplanes.
  • Autotronics.

Requirements to enter Conalep: Maintenance

The student can study the following careers:

  • Maintenance of Engines and Gliders.
  • The student can continue their studies with aircraft laminating and coating.
  • The student will teach him about the Maintenance that they do to the automatic systems.
  • People can continue their studies, learning from alternative sources of energy.
  • Continue watching the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
  • The student will continue studying industrial electromechanics.
  • You can then learn and understand from Automotive maintenance.
  • Understand what are those objects that use Diesel Engines.
  • And finally autotronic

Requirements to Enter Conalep: Production and Transformation

  • This area the student begins by studying administration.
  • He continues to prepare to study product production and transformation.
  • Continue your studies seeing conservationn food industry.
  • Industrial Chemistry.
  • Continue with metallurgical mining.
  • Metallurgy.
  • You can study graphic arts.
  • Later plastics.
  • Study accounting.
  • Keep studying scenography.
  • The student must understand and know about safety and hygiene.
  • Keep on studying industrial productivity.
  • The student must know how to differentiate quality control. That is why studying this area will be explained to you.
  • Dress industry.
  • Study in this area with leads, in which the person must study footwear production, also construction, textile.
  • They can work in the IT area.

Requirements to enter Conalep: Health

The student can prepare with the following careers:

  • The student begins by seeing General Nursing.
  • Then continue to see assistant and dental technician.
  • Then they will teach you respiratory therapy.
  • Continue to see community health.
  • And finally optometry

Technology and Transportation Area

  • The student can study how maintenance is performed on computer equipment.
  • Next you will study the meaning of digital graphic expression.
  • It is prepared in telecommunications, IT and motor transport

Administrative area

The student can prepare in accounting and as assistant manager.

It is important to note that if you train in some of these careers, the student will be certified as a professional. When the student completes his three years of studies, he has to comply with the Social Service Requirements and then complete the process of the identity card.

Costs to Enter Conalep

In technology careers they have a value of approximately $ 692.00 and service races can cost approximately $ 810.00.

Depending on the career that the citizen chooses to study, the value can go up or down. The voluntary fee has a cost of $ 100, student insurance has a value of $ 500, the total per race may cost $ 1,800.

Citizens who cancel these amounts, will give the students to be evaluated, so that they can enter the educational facilities.

It is very important to note that this amount may decrease depending on the amount that the student wishes to pay.

Benefits of Entering Conalep

Studying in one of the institutes that make up Conalep offers students the following benefits:

  1. Students who enter Conalep institutions are supported with comprehensive programs such as: young women’s council, masculinity workshop, non-abandonment plan, healthy life, among many plus.
  2. Students upon enrollment can grant you a federal scholarship, institutional, so that it is constant in the school environment.
  3. In these institutions, students carry out internships at a professional level.
  4. Those who are graduates give them the certificates of completion of studies, with your title and professional license, certificates of digital and labor competencies. This helps the person enter the world of work.
  5. Every student has the opportunity to participate in both national and international programs training, teaching with instructions from different countries of the world.
  6. Graduates with proper training have the opportunity to aspire to create their own own companies.
  7. Conalep trains professionals so that bachelor technicians and technical professionals come out.
  8. In the careers they teach, they are always in constant evolution. That is why they stand out in the scientific and technological advances.
  9. They teach students to be competitive to achieve what they have always dreamed of.
  10. Conalep is one of the important and best educational institutions of the Bachelor-Technical type in the Mexican territory

What is it?

Conalep is an educational institution. This institution from the year 1978 is that they train students, in order to generate resources and teach them to work in industries in Mexico.

Every year the number of people who want to access this school increases, approximately 11,000 are the graduates that make up these academies that are distributed throughout the national territory.

This institution has been awarded. The students were awarded the National Youth Water Award at 2018, award for entrepreneurs and prototypes 2018, Santander award. In addition, the institution won an award in the 2017.

It is important to note that some academies offer separate courses, such as English classes. That will depend on each educational institution and the career in which the citizen is going to study.

The student can also participate in academic competitions, where they can be awarded with national and state prizes.

If you are interested in studying in this place, you will have to meet the Requirement to enter Conalep.

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