Requirements to Enter the Mexican Federal Police

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The federal police was created to guarantee the protection of citizens and prevent possible crimes that may occur at any given time, for this, they need significant preparation and training in order to perfect the different tasks they carry out to keep the country safe.

This is how the police play a fundamental role in the country’s security, which is vital for the development of a nation.

The main police force in the Mexican State is the Federal Police, so if you want to be part of the security and protection of the country, know each of the Requirements to enter the Federal Police.

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Requirements to be a Federal Police

To start being part of the police institution, know the necessary precautions and carry out your career in the service of the Mexican State. The requirements to enter the federal police are the following:

  • You must be citizen born in Mexico and correctly exercise their political and civil rights. (you may need your Birth Certificate)
  • It is mandatory to have culminated satisfactorily the studies basic secondary education (primary).
  • The minimum height must be 1.65 centimetersthis height applies to male and female.
  • The person must meet an age minimum of 18 years and maximum age of 40 years to join the federal police.
  • To have a good behavior throughout his life as a civilian and not have been sentenced to prison for any intentional crime; not have a criminal record.

It is mandatory that you are not subject to criminal proceedings when applying for the federal police.

  • Must not have any marked tattoos or body piercings; In the case of females, they must not have more than one (1) piercing in each earlobe and they are allowed to use makeup on the eyebrows, eyes and mouth.
  • The person cannot be suspended or disabled by any department belonging to the public sector.
  • It is mandatory that the person is free from the use of psychotropic substancesalcohol and/or narcotics that can generate mental alterations in their personal development.

  • demonstrate a Good physical and mental health in order to ensure that he is able to be active in tasks that involve great demands and physical and mental effort.
  • must be fully available to change your residence or domicile Once you start your federal police work, the change can be within Mexican territory or abroad.
  • To demonstrate physical and mental capabilities, the person must voluntarily submit to the different exams carried out by the institution in order to control and validate the correct conditions of each person.
  • Accept the general rules and regulations particulars issued by the respective department, including sanctions, reprimands and consequences that occur after causing a breach of a formal duty.

Steps to be a Federal Police in Mexico

After having fulfilled each of the requirements needed to enter the Federal Police and be consistent with the profile and vocation of service that the institution seeks, you must follow the following steps:

  • make a request through the website of the Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City,
  • Go to any of the recruitment locations or call 01-800-737-4842 to book your appointment.
  • Present the game or birth certificate.
  • deliver the certificate of studies in force to certify the completion of the studies corresponding to basic secondary education; in case of presenting a research division, bring proof of professional studies.
  • You must submit the proof of residence or address, which cannot exceed 3 months old. As proof of residence, the person may deliver a service support that expresses their address, the receipts can be for water, electricity or telephone services.
  • Deliver the Voting card issued by the National Electoral Institute (INE) or valid passport.
  • present the military service cardincluding the attached release sheet for men.
  • Have and present the Unique Population Registry Code (curp).
  • Deliver three (3) personal referencesthree 3) labor and three (3) relatives.

What work does a Federal Police do?

The main and fundamental work of the Federal Police is protect, care for and defend the life, integrity, security and rights of all citizens of the Mexican state.

On the other hand, they must protect freedom, order and peace of the general population.

Below are each of the jobs and specific functions that complement the work of a Federal Police in Mexico:

  • Prevent those crimes or administrative violations that generate federal sanctions.
  • Inquire to obtain data or information that is of interest in public institutions in order to avoid alterations generated by grievances; To obtain this data, they must use specific instruments and tools that carry out preventive intelligence.
  • Help to the other agencies in compliance with the laws corresponding to the nation.
  • Protect the integrity of Mexican citizens, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the country and maintaining order and public peace.
  • Prevent to produce a commission crimes in those areas in which it has jurisdiction.
  • They take care of report people of the rights and duties established in the constitution at the time an arrest is made.
  • If a crime occurs, the federal police must preserve the scene intact to carry out the investigations that are necessary and pertinent to solve the case.
  • Carry out interviewing people or witnesses that they can provide some information that is necessary to increase the evidence of the investigation.
  • The Federal Police has the function of lift violations and enforce ordinances that correspond for violations of laws, regulations and traffic regulations on roads, federal bridges and everything related to private transportation.
  • Be helpful in those situations that represent physical integrity risks due to natural disasters.
  • must watch over, inspect and monitor Internet sites used for the purpose of committing a crime.

The Federal Police must always keep in mind respect the right to life and privacy of citizens and collaborating with their work is everyone’s duty.

Who can be Federal Police?

To be a Federal Police must meet a series of qualities after carrying out the due process to enter their ranks.

This process consists of register at the recruiting offices to formalize the application for admission to the Decentralized Administrative Body for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation (OADPRS).

In addition, you can attend the recruitment events that the Institution carries out.

The ideal when applying for admission is choose the division in which you have the greatest vocation and capabilitiessince there are various subdivisions that require different profiles and skills.

Below we will present the different subdivisions in which you can enter depending on the physical or mental advantages you have to belong to the Federal police.

  • Intelligence: Takes care of conduct intelligence actions to prevent and combat crime through the systems imposed for this purpose.
  • Research: This division has the function of designing, directing and operating the different methods of selection, classification, registration and collection of information that make up the databases that support the development of actions against crime.
  • Region Security: In this body, the General Commissioner is informed of the situation of the public security Around the country.
  • scientific: In this division, knowledge, technologies and modern or rudimentary instruments are used for the investigation to help prevent crime.
  • Drug Division: Its main function is fight against the obtaining, possession, trade and other acts related to drugs or narcotic substances.
  • Federal Forces: It is in charge of regulating the personnel of its area to prevent the execution of crimes and administrative infractions determined by federal law.

How much does a Federal Police earn?

The remuneration of a Federal Police is in accordance with the risks to which they are exposed in their exercise.

Said remuneration varies depending on rank or level possessed by the police within the template (police officer, third police officer, second police officer, first police officer, non-commissioned officer, officer, sub-inspector, inspector, chief inspector, general inspector, commissioner, chief commissioner and general commissioner).

Taking into account the dangers assumed by the police, we can say that a federal police officer on average you can earn between 19,458 Mexican pesos and 215,969 Mexican pesos.


At the time of making calls, the Federal Police will publish announcements where you can consult the entry requirements available with respect to the different divisions of the institution. An example call is as follows:

If you meet the Requirements to enter the Federal Police and you have qualities and interests to carry out protective service to the country, Don’t wait any longer and join this prestigious institution!

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