Requirements to enter the Mexican Navy

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Have you ever seen a war movie and imagined yourself defending your country? Have you ever felt admiration for the people who fight to defend us? For some time now, has it caught your attention to defend your country by sea or land? Are you interested in this topic? Don’t wait any longer, meet and collect the Requirements to enter the Mexican Navy.

What is the Navy?

The Navy or Navy It is a service in charge of the defense of a country by means of the sea. It operates with a number of implements such as destroyers, beacon ships, tugboats, amphibious assault ships and some with submarines.

They have a naval aviation and a marine infantry force, used as means of communication and training for all their personnel.

Scale Marines they are at the service of their countryTherefore, they must have a high vocation for service. Also, they must be confident, resourceful and highly versatile to be able to face any situation.

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What are the Requirements to Enter the Navy

What is required to join the Navy?

The basic requirement is have vocation and couragebecause if you don’t have them, you won’t be able to carry out all the activities that will arise over time.

you must always be outstanding in your job. In this way, you will succeed.


  • Being Mexican by birth
  • Over 18 years old and under 30 years old

To join the Navy as a soldier, you must be at least 18 years of age. The minimum age at which you can enter the Navy is 17 years old, with the consent of your parents. You can’t be older than 35.

  • You must have a minimum height:

For men: 1.70m

For women: 1.60m

  • Pass the medical, clinical and personality profile exams

You must meet height and weight regulations.

You must also pass hearing, vision and flexibility tests. Also, complete blood and urine tests to confirm that you do not have diseases.

  • Knowledge of the service
  • Not be a deserter from the Armed Forces

All persons entering the Navy must complete a background investigation.

That is, your fingerprints may be obtained and the Navy checks your credit and criminal history. Your traffic violations can also be investigated.

As part of the background investigationthe Navy may interview people who know you, including family members, neighbors, peers, and teachers who have interacted with you in the past five years or more, to keep a record.

  • Have obtained the high school certificate

Documents you must present

You must present original and copy of:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of studies.

Technical professionals and professional level, title and ID.

  • Diplomas of courses lasting more than one year.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
  • National Military Service Card
  • INE voter ID
  • Letter of NO criminal record of the locality and federal entity
  • Federal taxpayer registration

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What are the Benefits of Enlisting in the Mexican Navy?

The Mexican Navy offers you to specialize in one of its branches and the possibility of knowing other places in Mexico and the world.

In addition, it provides the opportunity to desroll up professionally and in the personal aspect to serve Mexico with the highest civic and moral values.

Also, it offers a Safe salary in a work environment with order and discipline, in addition to various benefits for both you and yours.

You have the advantage that not only men work, also women who have decided to consider a solid future with the possibility of traveling and getting to know other ports, cities and countries of the world.

It gives you opportunities to employment, education and schooling.

Requirements to study at the Naval School


The Heroic Naval Military School de México, as it is known, was founded in 1897. It is located in the town of Antón Lizardo in Veracruz.

It began its activities on July 1, working in the port of Veracruz with its provisional offices of the military command, and later moving them to the building that was built for that purpose.

The staff was made up of a chief, 2 officers, 6 teachers and 26 students, most of whom came from the Military College, others from the National Arsenal’s war materials school and other civilians who requested to do so; for their training they had the Navy made up of the corvettes Zaragoza, Yucatán, Demócrata, Oaxaca and Donato Guerra.

Why is it called Heroic? He more than earned it when his officers and cadets defended themselves in 1914 from the military occupation of Veracruz by US forces.


The Naval Educational System is based on equal opportunities and gender equity.

Why? They seek to open the necessary spaces so that women can be part of the command bodies of the Mexican Navy, so like men, they are invited to enter naval careers.

In other words, the naval university offers the possibility of taking a quality and cutting-edge education.

It has an academic offer at a professional level, not only in the Heroic Naval Military School, but also in the Naval Medical and Naval Nursing Schools, as well as at a professional technical level in Naval Quartermaster, Naval Electronics and Naval Machinery.


This year, they opened their first registration process until March. Normally, they have two types of calls:

  • The AS call, which is for professional level
  • AT call which is for professional technical level

Since young people seek to be professionals with solid knowledge and distinguished principles, Upon entering the university, they are awarded a scholarship that covers their accommodation, food, uniforms and study materials, in addition to other expenses.

Between the general requirements for admission to professional level and professional technical level are:

  • Be Mexican by birth and have no other nationality.
  • Single, no offspring. In the case of women, pregnant women are not accepted.
  • 18 years of age minimum and a maximum of 22 years.
  • Minimum height: 1.60 for women and 1.70 for men.
  • Physical complexion and body weight according to height and age.
  • be clinically healthy.


What should I do?

To enter the center: Those interested must complete a three-stage process.

  • the summons answers the first stage which is the registration of applicants. shall fill out a form which will have to be delivered printed together with the documentation at the Examination Control and Application Center of your choice.

I know registered in any of the two modalities mentioned aboveaccording to what they want to study.

  • After having this, you go to the stage Preliminary.

You show up at the examination control and application center, where you registered, to support the medical examination and the evaluation of the Body Mass Index.

  • definitive stage

The people who obtain the best averages are the ones who will be summoned to this phase.


You must carry clinical, physical and psychological examinations.

What careers can be studied in the Navy

The Marina offers various possibilities:

The Heroic Naval Military School, offers Engineering in Naval Systems (General Corps), Hydrography (Marine Corps), Aeronaval (aviator pilot), Naval Mechanics, Electronics and Naval Communications, as well as a degree in Logistics. It lasts ten semesters.

The Naval Medical School, offers the career of Naval Surgeon, with a duration of ten semesters, during which time the cadets remain interns; as in the Naval School of Nursingin the port of Veracruz, which offers a bachelor’s degree with a duration of eight semesters.

“In the naval educational establishments, professionals are trained with the knowledge and doctrines inherent to the military naval profession, through quality education.”

“It has comprehensive facilities, state-of-the-art technology and study plans according to current needs; with which it is possible to train cadets and students in strategic, operational and tactical capacities, to protect the seas, coastlines, coasts and national ports”, Semar commented some time ago in an interview.


What is semar?

Semar, in its full name is the Marine Secretary.

It is one of the secretaries of state that make up the legal cabinet of the President of Mexico. Also, it is the office of the federal executive power with functions of the Ministry of Defense but directed to the maritime space and its coastlines.

Can you apply with a tattoo?

Yes, only if the tattoo has a diameter less than 3 cm and it has been carried out in a period greater than 12 months prior to the time of applying. Also, should not be in visible placesthey cannot be seen on the arms with short sleeves, on the neck, on the face, hands and legs.

Remember then that the mission of the Navy is to assist the population in cases and areas of disaster or emergency, in order to lessen the destructive effect of disturbing agents. If this is for you, follow the steps and Requirements to enter the Mexican Navy Y success!

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