Requirements to Enter the Navy: Process, Documents and MORE

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If you are a bachelor, you are of legal age and want to belong to the Mexican Navy. Here we present the Requirements to Enter the Navy. Which gives you the opportunity to join such a prestigious component of the Armed Forces.

You will also find information about the process to enter the Navy, the documentation that you must submit, where you must present it, the causes that prevent you from entering the Navy, salaries in the Navy, and much more.

Requirements to Enter the Navy in Mexico

One of the main Requirements to Enter the Navy, is the courage and the vocation of service. These two elements are the basis that determines the ability to perform some functions in the future. On the other hand, do your job to the best of your ability, to achieve excellence.

Now, within the Requirements to Enter the Navy are the following:

  • Be Mexican by birth.
  • Have like minimum 18 years and maximum 30 years of age. You can enter the marina when you are 17 years old, with the authorization of the parents.
  • Men must be at least 1.70 cm tall.
  • Women must be at least 1.60 cm tall.
  • Present medical, personality and clinical profile exams.
  • Obey the rules regarding weight and height.
  • They must pass vision, flexibility and hearing tests.
  • Pass the blood and urine studies to check that they do not suffer from any disease.
  • Applicants must not be deserters from the Armed Forces.
  • Complete a criminal background check (finds out about the use of fingerprints, credits, traffic violations).

Process to Enter the Navy

To enter the Navy in Mexico, applicants must go through three phases. Which are included within the Requirements to Enter the Navy. These are the following:

  1. The Register of Applicants: In this phase, the interested parties have to complete a form, which must be presented as a set with all the documents. The registration will depend on what they want to study.
  2. The Preliminary Phase: Applicants must attend the relevant Center to present the respective exams. In the same where it was registered to support the medical studies and the assessment regarding the body mass index. Do not forget to present the clinical, psychological and physical analysis.
  3. Final phase: The applicants who have obtained the best averages will be selected.

Necessary Documentation

The documents that you must present also correspond to the Requirements to Enter the Navy. Regarding the background screening of applicants, the Navy has the power to question people who know you. These can be: Teachers, neighbors, relatives and classmates, with whom you have related during the last 5 years.

The necessary documentation is detailed below (original and five copies of each):

  • The curriculum vitae (without copies).
  • Certification of having completed high school.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Bring the CURP.
  • Voter accreditation or replacement management voucher.
  • Domicile certificate.
  • Constance of no criminal record of the zone and federative entity (does not include the metropolitan area).
  • Consign the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry), issued by the SAT (Tax Administration Service).
  • Submit two updated, color child-size photographs.
  • Also record full-body, profile, frontal and color photographs.
  • Have Faithful Signature Updated.

Here are some recommendations or considerations regarding the documentation that you must submit:

  1. No document should have evidence of amendments and modifications.
  2. Applicants who have completed high school must pass the practical and theoretical tests.
  3. The personnel who have careers as Graduate or Professional Technician that are not included, these will be valued through the Secretariat. According to the Catalog that this Service office currently presents.
  4. Applicants who have studied for a Bachelor’s Degree or Nursing Technician. And verify that the races are included in the aforementioned Catalog. They have to record a testimony.
  5. Personnel who have obtained a Doctorate or Master’s degree, Specialty or Subspecialty. It will be valued at the height of the requested rank. The institution will make an evaluation, and they must also present the CENEVAL testimony.

To deliver all the aforementioned documentation, you have 26 Control Centers throughout the Mexican territory. When you register on the Naval University website, you have the possibility to choose the center closest to your room address.

Where you must personally consign all the documents and then return to take the exams of the preliminary stage that consists of the body mass index test and the academic test.

Impediments to Entering the Navy

On the other hand, there are a number of impediments to entering the Navy. Which we will mention below:

  • You cannot study high school at UNINAV (Naval University). This does not provide an opportunity to finish high school. It only offers professions as a Professional Technician for applicants who are of legal age. Who have also finished high school with average greater than or equal to 7.5.
  • If the applicant has any difficulty at the medical level, he must inform you in the public call of UNINAV. In it appear a series of medical illnesses that prevent entry to naval education institutes. If your disease is on that list, and it is a condition that can be corrected, you have to heal prior to the presentation of medical studies.
  • In the case of cavities, you should also correct the situation before submitting the medical tests.
  • If the applicant had a fracture in his childhood, it is recommended that this be fully healed. Since it should not limit any of the functions to be performed as a military man. And above all that it is not considered risky for your physical integrity or health.
  • Likewise, if the applicant had any surgery, he must inform himself through the UNINAV page. Check in the catalog of medical diseases if the surgery you underwent appears in this. In the event that it appears, you cannot enter.
  • If you are a minor (You are not at least 18 years old), unfortunately you cannot even register on the Naval University page.
  • The weight of the applicants must be proportional to their height. That is, the BMI (body mass index) should not be higher than 25 or lower than 18.5. If they do not meet this requirement, they will not be able to enter the university.
  • Male applicants They must have the National Military Service card. In the event that they do not have it, at least they must have started the issuance procedure.
  • If the applicant is Mexican and also has another nationality to be able to enter the Navy. He must renounce foreign nationality and do the pertinent management in an official manner.
  • If you have difficulty with the delivery of the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP). You must first solve this situation in order to enter UNINAV. This procedure can be done through this link.

Salaries in the Navy

As stipulated by the Secretariat of the Mexican Armed Navy. The salaries of the personnel that make up this force are as follows:

  1. Marino Raso, has a monthly salary of $ 8,800 pesos.
  2. Lieutenant of Corvette, receives a monthly salary of $ 14,100 pesos.
  3. A Ship Lieutenant receives a monthly salary of $ 18,500 pesos.
  4. Lieutenant Commander, he has a monthly salary of $ 58,000 pesos.
  5. A Rear Admiral receives a monthly salary of $ 14,250 pesos. Additional to this receives other assignments with which you can reach $ 74,000 pesos.
  6. Vice Admiral, you have a monthly salary of $ 17,800. Plus other compensation that can reach $ 99,300 pesos.
  7. A Marine Admiral, receives a monthly salary of $ 118,800 pesos.

What is it?

The Navy or Navy Corps is a body that is directed by the Secretary of the Navy. Takes care of monitor and defend the maritime territory. Also, the exclusive economic zone, as well as the Mexican maritime airfield.

This with the objective of guaranteeing the sovereignty of the nation and internal protection. It also manages the supervision of internal waters, waterways and lakes suitable for navigation. Also launch the Marine Plan in disaster situations.

This component works with a number of instruments such as: tugs, amphibious assault ships, destroyers, submarines and beacons. It also has a naval aviator and a marine corps. Which are used as a contact and communication channel for all workers.

The National Executive is the power empowered to direct and decide on the Navy, totally and partially. The national president is the commander of the Armed Forces. Under his command is the Admiral Secretary of the Navy, and his functions as Chief of the General Staff of the Navy.

For this reason, this body can always coordinate with one of the other bodies of the Armed Forces. Likewise, with the police authorities, in order to fulfill general assigned tasks. The Armed Forces of Mexico has a total of 68,208 military personnel.

This information will help you gather all the Requirements to Enter the Navy. You can now start collecting all the necessary documents to apply to this body.

Keep in mind your courage and vocation of service, two elements that stimulate your desire to enter the Navy in Mexico. Good luck with your procedure.

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