Requirements to File a Complaint: Steps, Time and MORE

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Here you can review the Requirements to file a Complaint, and be aware of what is necessary if on any occasion you are the victim of a crime, or any of your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, neighbors or co-workers.

The Attorney General of Mexico City has implemented a very practical way that we explain in this article, so that the person who has unfortunately gone through this experience, can go to the competent authorities to report what happened.

So do it, inform yourself it will not only serve you but anyone who is close to you.

What are the Requirements to File a Complaint?

If you do not know what to do, then we explain the Requirements to file a Complaint:

  • Identity document, it can be identification card, driver’s license, employment card.
  • Should have email.
  • Make a description and narration of the facts.

The criminal act that occurred gives rise to the Investigation Folder, after the corresponding examination it is clear if the competence belongs to the Prosecutor’s Office. Then, the investigation folder after it has started is sent to the decentralized prosecutor’s office that is closer to where the events occurred.

To consider:

If the crime was committed with some type of violence and it did not appear as a crime foreseen in the corresponding list of crimes of the Digital Complaint, It is up to him to go to the decentralized Prosecutor’s Office, once there, to file a complaint.

How to File a Complaint?

Reviewing the Requirements to file a Complaint, If you have been the victim of a crime or lost or misplaced something and want to make an appointment at the Public Ministry, now you can do it in a practical and simple way.

It is the new way to report crimes.

It is a new complaint mechanism that turns out to be fast, simple and agile with new ways to authenticate. Only in four minutes can you make the Report.

Enter the web portal Digital complaint and review the crimes that can be reported in this way. Now, if what you want is to make or schedule an appointment, then you must enter the following link: Cyber ​​Report.

Online Steps

Following the Requirements to file a Complaint, The steps to follow are those:

  • Enter the portal Digital complaint.
  • The identity validation is carried out, indicating the general data and the Unique Population Registry Code.
  • The selection must be made depending on what an appointment, a Complaint or requesting a General Certificate of Loss is about.
  • Fill in the corresponding form.
  • Send the information.
  • The service can be done entirely online.

What Crimes Require an Appointment?

Within the Requirements to file a Complaint there is a catalog where the crimes that require an Appointment request are indicated.

Following, the Crimes requiring Appointment:

  • Fraudulent Administration Crime.
  • In cases of fraudulent insolvency to the detriment of creditors.
  • By dispossession.
  • In the crime of artificial insemination and assisted procreation.
  • Likewise, in cases of danger of contagion.
  • If for sexual purpose there was deprivation of liberty.
  • In cases of sexual abuse committed without violence.
  • In crimes of sexual harassment.
  • Those crimes that violate the maintenance obligation.
  • For the crime of rape.
  • If there is discrimination.
  • For having threats.
  • If there is a trespassing on the home, office, office or business establishment.
  • For cases of violation of epistolary communication.
  • In cases of procedural fraud.
  • Also, for the illegal exercise of the law career.

Likewise, below the crimes that can be reported online:

  • In crimes of breach of trust.
  • For crimes of damage to property, and in cases where the crime does not come from facts with land traffic.
  • Fraud crimes.
  • Theft crimes in closed places.
  • In case of robbery to passerby.
  • For auto parts theft.
  • If the crime of theft of luggage occurs.
  • Also, for the crime of mobile phone theft.
  • If the theft occurs to an elderly person and if they have a disability.
  • Likewise, in cases of identity theft.

In cases of loss or deterioration of documents, objects or identifications, the general certificate of loss is requested.

The digital platform is regularly adding crimes for which digital complaints can be made.

In case of violence, you must immediately attend a Public Ministry headquarters to make the complaint in person.

Locate the Public Ministry closest to the place where the event occurred and go to receive all the guidance on the steps to file a complaint. In the event that the crime falls within the jurisdiction of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, you will be notified where to go to make the complaint. The offices can be found here Digital complaint.

How much time do you have to file a complaint?

Following the indications indicated by Requirements to file a Complaint, If the online service proceeds, you will surely be able to start an Investigation Folder or a general certificate of loss and that process will have a response within a maximum period of one business day.

But currently the Mexican Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City has a new system that has turned out to be a very simple and fast mechanism for people who require it, to raise a Complaint.

That mechanism is the Digital Complaint, where any citizen can report a crime within four minutesLikewise, make a report of the loss or misplacement of anything and also sign up for an appointment with the Public Ministry.

What is it?

The Digital Complaint it’s a innovative mechanism currently available to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico.

With the aim of ensuring that citizens do not have to make any transfers and thus avoid attending Public Ministry agencies, which are too crowded places, it was decided to use the Digital Complaint Agency.

This Agency it is a simple and agile platform to start a portfolio of investigation on specific crimes.

You can report crimes without violence, simply by entering the portalYou can also request an appointment to be attended to at one of the city prosecutor’s offices or to process the loss of objects or documents.

Definitely, it is a tool that allows those people as victims to carry out the procedures in a short time, from any computer or electronic device, whether fixed or mobile, as long as they have an internet connection.

In the system you must select one of the alternatives that appear there. One option is: Have you been the victim of a crime? the other lost something? Immediately you log in with a key named CDMX key or also with the «e signature« Electronic of the Tax Administration System (SAT).

Now, if the person who is going to make the report does not have the CDMX key, they can do so with their Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and general data. Important, keep in mind that to enter with the «e signature» you must have the device that has the files provided to you.

It is necessary that you have an email address, since all the information exchange will be carried out by this means and from there the user will receive the documents that were generated with the process, all in PDF format.

Once you enter the Digital Complaint Agency The required data must be filled in, some are mandatory and cannot be omitted, since the procedure will not be able to continue.

The telephones that the Attorney General’s Office places at the disposal of the citizen are: (55) 5200 9000 and 800 745 2369. Also, telephone lines 53455256 and 53455258. There they will attend you and give you the necessary guidance and free of charge.

As you can see in the Requirements to file a Complaint there is all the information you need if you are involved in these types of situations. Keep in mind all the information that has been given to you here.

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