Requirements to Form a Union: Documents, Registration and MORE

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If you are wondering what the Requirements to Form a Union, the necessary documents, the procedure, the benefits of forming one and much, much more information on the subject, you can’t leave! In this article we will be explaining all this and much more, so that you can be up to date with everything you need to know.

A Labor union is a group of workers who seek to unite for their best interests, so that their complaints can be heard as if it were a single person, when they are at a disadvantage. This is something that happens in all the countries of the world, and in the case of Mexico there are currently more than three thousand of them.

In this way, if you are interested in forming a union in this country, You cannot miss all the information that we are going to give you below.

What are the Requirements to Form a Union in Mexico?

The Requirements to Form a Union that you are going to need are very varied but just as important. In addition, together with the documents that we will mention in the next section, they will allow you to successfully complete this process, so you must keep them very present at all times.

Let’s see:

  • Make sure workers are willing and willing to organize effectively. Workers have the right to decide whether to join the union or not, so there must be a group that wants to form one.
  • Do exercises awareness on the right to freedom of association and what their training entails. In this way, those who do not know what a union is about know about it and can actively decide whether to join or not.
  • You must know what type of union you are going to form, always taking into account the objectives that this would have, since there are different types according to the characteristics of these. There are generally only four:
    • Professionals or by trade (trade unions), made up of people of the same profession, trade or work.
    • Of the company, all workers are part of the same company.
    • By branch of activity or industrial, that is, if they are workers in the area of ​​agriculture, mining, commerce, etc.
    • Of various or mixed trades, The branch of activity is not taken into account or whether they work in the same company, but there are workers with different jobs.
    • Industry nationals, when they are from the same industrial branch but function in two or more different federations.
  • Get the necessary number of workers In order to form your union, there must be at least 20 who are actively working.
  • Workers must be over 14 years old and foreigners can be included, although they cannot be part of the board.
  • You must prepare the Status and schedule the Constituent Assembly. In this, the union’s statutes will be approved, the board of directors will be elected and the Act of the Constitutive Assembly will be approved. To know what these statuses and the minutes should contain, you can enter here.
  • Choose the union registry, which must be one for each company if it is an industrial or national industry union.
  • Finally, make the Registration Request that corresponds.

Once you know what the Requirements to Form a Union We will explain precisely the necessary documents.

Necessary documents

The documents you will need to make the Registration Request are few but all vital to carry out this process and be able to legalize your union. We will talk about this request in the next section, so stay tuned.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Union register or payroll, which we will talk more about later. This must be integrated in triplicate.
  • The statutes, which must also be submitted in triplicate, with the correct format and with the specific requirements
  • Constancy of the assembly that has been elected, where the information on the people who constitute it, agreements reached, the attendance lists and the statutes used to reach these agreements is reflected. This can be the same pattern.
  • Minutes of the Constitutive Assembly with permission, in triplicate.
  • Registration Request, which we will talk about in the next section.
  • Other documents that are important to be able to analyze the union and give a response.

All these must be delivered at the time of requesting union registration and must be the documents original.

How to Register the Union?

This procedure is completely free and you can only do it in a way face-to-face. You must go to the central office of the Registry of Associations, to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare:

  • Carretera Picacho Ajusco No. 714, Torres de Padierna, Tlalpan, Postal Code 14209, Mexico City.

They will attend you with an opening hours from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and you must bring all the documents that we mentioned in the previous section.

You can also check what other offices you have at your disposal, according to your municipality, by clicking here. The Request must be signed by the General, Organization and Minutes secretaries.

Once the union is registered, it will become a private law institution. From this moment they will be able to buy, sell, act in justice, sign any type of contract, represent their workers before companies, institutions and bi and tripartite organizations.

Union payroll

The Union Payroll, As you have noticed, it is one of the necessary documents to be able to register. It is a list signed by each of the workers who will be part of this institution, where their basic data and relationship with the company, industry or establishment they represent are reflected.

In it must be their names, sex, home address, age, SAR, IMSS and INFONAVIT registration if they have it, all this with numerical progression. Likewise, the signature of each worker must be included, along with the name or address of the company, establishment, employer or center in which they work.

In the case of the national of industry or several companies or industries, there must be a payroll for each of them. If the employer’s proof of service provision can be acquired, the better. It is a very important document, which must be presented without fail on the day the registration is to be made.

Benefits of Forming a Union

The benefits of forming a union are several, although not all are important in equal magnitude. If you are thinking of doing this, it is very important that you take them into account, along with the Requirements to Form a Union, which we have been talking about in this article.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Better wages and benefits can be negotiated. Those workers who are affiliated to unions earn more, have longer vacations, pensions, etc., than those who are not, since they are in charge of making their complaints heard regarding areas of this type.
  • They promote flexible work, maternity rights, paternity pay, and so on.
  • Unions back workers regarding the rights they have. They have people to go to in case of complaints and ensure the training of workers before new developments in the labor area.
  • Young people can upload their status by participating as a shop steward.
  • They fight for inequalities both gender and race, sexual orientation and disability.
  • They promote respect in the work environment and defend equal pay and rights.
  • The union makes workers safer. These analyze the risks of workers, so that they can reject jobs that are not safe without risking losing the job.
  • They allow to create a healthier and safer environment at work
  • Unions can communicate with other unions out of solidarity, if they have the same problems, and present them together, if it is something related to the State.
  • Having a union allows workers to know their rights in the workplace and can defend them in the best way. After all, it is much easier to make the problems of an entire group of workers heard than to listen to just one, who is more likely to be ignored by their superiors.

And you? Would you add anything else?

What is a Syndicate?

In Mexico, unions were legally recognized in 1917, something surprising considering that other countries in America took much longer than that to be legalized. Since then, workers have been able to create their unions and use them at their convenience, with the odd obstacle, but always with that possibility.

The first union to be created in the country was the Great Circle of Workers of Mexico (COM), in 1857, and since then a long way has been traveled so that these could be taken into account. Without a doubt, this type of association is one of the most important that a country can have.

A Labor union, As we said at the beginning, it is a group of workers who seek to defend their labor interests before their employer. And now that you know what the Requirements to Form a Union, we hope you get started as soon as possible.

See ya!

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