Requirements to Get Married: Costs, Modalities and MORE

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Marriage is one of the most important decisions to make for anyone. For this reason, here we leave you all the information you need about the Requirements to get married in Mexico.

You will find data about the Requirements to get married in Mexico by the civil, to marry by the church. Also to marry a foreigner, the cost of it, and much more.

Requirements to get married in Mexico

When 2 people make the decision to marry, therefore comes the concern to start looking for what the requirements are. It is at this time when you hear about a number of procedures such as: Blood tests, documentation, judges and witnesses.

However, as optimistic as we are, the situation is getting complicated. And that is why we will talk to you about the Requirements to get married in Mexico.

Marry for the Civil

Within the Requirements to get married in Mexico For Civil, there are the following:

The Marriage Petition

The first thing to do is request marriage in front of a judge of the Civil Registry of your preference. According to what is established in the Civil Code in its Articles 97 and 98, this petition must contain the following: Names and surnames of the bride and groom and parents of both, domicile address, office.

In the event that any of the interested parties has been married, they must state the name of the person with whom they were married. The reason for the divorce and the corresponding date. They must also clarify that they have no obstacles to marry voluntarily. This must be signed by the interested parties.

The Birth Certificate

Both applicants must provide the original and a copy of the birth certificate.

The Patrimonial Regime

This pact must adjust to the current assets, and those that are acquired in the marriage. Here they must choose whether goods will be separately or together (joint).

Article 98 of the Civil Code establishes the importance of this agreement, and it is mandatory to present it.

Proof of Address

In most states, they ask to have proof of address with a maximum of 6 months of issuance.

But in other locations they require a maximum of 3 months of issuance. It is advisable to submit an updated receipt.

Official Identification

Applicants must each present official identification. In original and copy, if for any reason they do not have it, they can consign the military card or passport, since they have validity.

The Prenuptial Exams

These tests include: Syphilis (VDRL), AIDS (HIV) and blood type (RH). Of which the couple must provide a certification. And they must present it at least 15 days before it expires.


Each applicant must carry 4 child-size photos. It is important that you go to a site specialized in this type of photos, since they know what to do for this type of errand.

The witnesses

It is an essential requirement for civil marriage. They must be of legal age, with Mexican nationality. They must also present their identification document in original and copy.

Certification of Singleness

This diligence can be done online, quickly and easily. And it serves to verify that each applicant is single.

Payment of Rights

And finally, already having all the aforementioned documentation. Should pay the fees depends on the updated rates. The cost of this procedure goes according to the state where they are married and the year.

It should be noted that in some localities it is essential to consign a simple copy of the national women’s health card. This document is processed free of charge through the System for Integral Development for the Family of Mexico City (DIF).

Marry in the Church

On the other hand, Requirements to get married in Mexico by the church are detailed below:

  • Applicants must provide birth certificates.
  • Present proof of address.
  • The couple must wear the valid baptismal certificate.
  • In some cases, proof of having made the first communion is requested.
  • Each applicant has to consign the confirmation certificate.
  • Take the pre-marital courses, and then record the certification upon completion.
  • The 2 must carry their official identification.
  • Submit 2 photos each.
  • An interview is conducted and the signatures of witnesses are requested. They must be of legal age and know the couple well.
  • Also consign the single letter.
  • When issuing the marriage authorization, the ceremony must be requested and the date reserved.
  • The couple must confess days before the wedding.

Costs of Getting Married in Mexico

For civil marriage in Mexico you must pay $ 1,200 pesos in the Civil Registry. If the wedding takes place at an address or in a party room, in the same mayor’s office to which the Civil Registry corresponds, the value increases to $ 2,529 pesos.

Now, if the couple decide to get married in another city hall, the judge has to attend this place.

So the cost of the marriage for the civilian outside the jurisdiction is $ 7,739.50 pesos.

Documents to Marry a Foreigner in Mexico

Faced with this situation, the first thing is to determine the priority proceedings in terms of time. Since there are administrative procedures, which may take longer than expected. Also, the cost that must be paid for administrative fees.

It should also be known that official employees (and in extraordinary situations) are capable of request additional documents. So to avoid scams, it is recommended to do all the procedures in official government institutions. Or seek advice from a reputable, trusted lawyer.

With respect to Requirements to get married in Mexico with a foreigner, you will find the ones mentioned below:

  • The marriage petition form, according to the form of the Civil Registry where the ceremony will take place.
  • Birth certificate of member of the couple.
  • Single letter and certificate of neither is married.
  • Medical report issued by an authorized body. It should contain information about the applicants’ blood type. You must also certify that they do not have serious, inherited or transmitted diseases.
  • Present the official identification of both the couple and the witnesses.
  • If this is the case, if either of the couple was married, they must present divorce or death certificate of your ex-partner.
  • Proof of having completed the prenuptial workshop.
  • Agreement that manifests the patrimonial regime with which they will marry. In conjugal bond or with separate assets.
  • A valid authorization, issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Certification of legal stay in the country, including identification and immigration status.

On the other hand, a series of documents must be managed in the country of origin. So it is necessary for the person of foreign nationality to travel to their country. Or in this case, go to a notary’s office and sign a power of attorney to someone you trust. This in order to be able to carry out the corresponding procedures in front of the civil authorities.

This would help to gather all the required documents, without the need to travel there.

In some cases, the documentation is delivered to the owner, however, with a signed power of attorney the commissioned person may carry out the diligence on behalf of the person who grants it.

It should be taken into account that there are documents with a legal period valid for 3 months.

It is also important to know that each documentation consigned in Mexico issued by a foreign entity (whatever it may be).

It must be apostilled in accordance with the Hague agreement. If the documentation is issued by a country that does not sign this agreement, they must be legalized.

If you have any doubts, you can attend the Civil Registry or the Offices of the Migration’s national institute. In the same way, it is suggested to check the dates available for the marriage in the Civil Registry. Likewise, request all the necessary data, thus avoiding last minute inconveniences.

In the event that the couple decides to live in Mexico, the foreign citizen has the opportunity to request temporary residence (due to family ties) for 4 years or permanent. If this is in the country as a tourist, they can take into consideration the maximum term for a tourist that is 180 days maximum from your entry into Mexico.

It should be considered if this time is sufficient to gather all the documentation and plan the wedding. Likewise, you can ask for advice at the National Migration Institute. To find out if the foreign person can aspire to a temporary residence before the wedding.

This procedure is allowed in the case of being married in Mexico or in any other country. Whether they are spouses or partners, the important thing is to check that they have a solid relationship. For this, you have to support the relationship according to its modality in front of the National Institute of Migration.

If you want to obtain more information on this point, you can enter this web portal where you will find more specific data that can provide you with greater clarity.

Thanks to this article you already know the Requirements to get married in Mexico. This will facilitate the completion of your procedure. You will also avoid wasting time and hassle.

Since you know what to do, you need to continue with your wedding preparations. With all the details that an occasion of such magnitude demands such as: Wedding motif, invitation cards, decoration, wedding dress, and more.

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