Requirements to get married in the Church: Here you will find everything you need to know

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For the human being love is one of the most wonderful and beautiful feelings that may exist. Thanks to this, different important aspects have derived in our life, such as marriage.

Prior to this you must go through a courtship process, courtship and then marriage. However, it represents for each human being a very important act for our lives.

Notably This act was born a long time ago and over time it has become something very popular in society. In addition, this can be done in two ways, before the law and before the church.

What differentiates them is that one represents the legal union and the other is the union before God or by faith towards some religion. These forms are usually carried out together, but they are not mandatory, they can all be carried out at the discretion of the couple who wish to marry.

It is for this reason that today we want to share with you a complete guide with everything you need to know about how to get married in the church. In turn, we will tell you the requirements you need to do it as well as some useful and very practical advice.

What is a Church Wedding?

According to the religion or ethnic group you believe or have faith in This act is the representation of the union between a couple of the same or different sex. Unlike legal marriage, this is done in compliance with what is advised by beliefs or practices of the religion you are devoted to.

However this act is usually seen as an important event and very representative for society. In addition, it gives a vow or a mutual union before the religion to which you have a creed.

It should be noted that this union represents in most cases the love that one feels for the other at the time of marriage. Although in some cases this is not the feeling, for the most part this union is voluntary.

What are the necessary requirements to marry in the Church

The required documents For the marital union it can vary according to the religion in which you believe or the cult you practice. However, being one of the most common, Catholicism is the leading region in making this kind of unions.

That is why today we will share with you all the requirements you need to successfully carry out your nuptials. It is important that you bear in mind that these documents may vary depending on the patronage or the church in which you want to do the ceremony.

  • The birth certificate of the wedding couple duly legalized and current.
  • Christening certificate of the wedding couple. This can be requested in the parishes or in the church where the baptism was carried out, it must also be recent or current.
  • The single status of both boyfriends. This can be requested in the parishes or in the church where the baptism took place.
  • Document that proves the Confirmation of both grooms. Which can be requested in the Bishopric or Archbishopric belonging to the Diocese where the baptism of the bride and groom took place.
  • Identity document of the bride and groom, parents, witnesses and godparents.
  • Certificate of completion of the prenuptial course. This is done before the wedding, it raises the foundations of a future together.
  • Compliance with the examinations or check-ups that the church requires (test for HIV or other diseases).

Notably if the ceremony is held in a church or chapel in a language other than that of the source of the documentation. A legalized translation must be carried out by the country of origin.

If the Wedding is to be held outdoors, what other requirements are needed

This is a question that is often questioned by the bride and groom. But the truth is that to perform the bridal union in the open air only consists of a different organizationIn other words, organize with the help of the church to carry out the ceremony in a green area of ​​the church.

In the possible case of not having it You can select another church to choose as the venue for the ceremony. Or simply rent a celebration room with an outdoor area and organize with the church the transfer of personnel for the realization of the nuptial union.

We remember that doing an outdoor wedding should be taken into account various factors such as the climate and decoration. We urge our readers to take precautions in this regard.

Which groomsmen are needed for a Church Wedding

As you may already know, the groomsmen are among the members that make up a wedding. Which which are a fundamental part of the nuptial ceremony, currently there are different types of groomsmen who must be present at a wedding.

Next we will tell you the different types of groomsmen that without a doubt should not be missing at your wedding:

  • The sponsors of Velación.
  • Godparents of Lazo.
  • The Godfathers of Rings.
  • The godfathers of Arras
  • The godmother of the Bouquet.
  • The Godfather of the Rosary or Bible.
  • Godparents of Cushions.

Each of these fulfills a special function within the wedding ceremony. Since it is an organization previously established by the church and for the bride and groom it represents a very important act in their lives.

What is the meaning of Bridesmaids at a Church Wedding

The bridesmaids represent a fundamental part of the wedding and have a very important meaning for the bride. These are generally composed of 8 or 6 girls who accompany the bride in her marriage process.

Before the church you are they have no essential meaning other than that of the bride. However at present these represent a very essential part for the realization of a wedding.

In addition to that this topic has become widespread and popularized by society today. The bridesmaids themselves do not fulfill an important function within the wedding, however for the bride it represents a moral support on the part of her relatives.

What is the importance of holding a Church Wedding

According to the religion you practice This act can be a fundamental act for strengthening the bonds of the couple. In turn, affirm before society and the creed to which you belong your union with that person you love so much.

That is why this act is so popular and very important today for both people and the church. Likewise for the couple to whom he is going to join in marriage.


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