Requirements to Get the Passport: First Time, Costs and MORE

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This article will reflect the Requirements to Get the Passport where the step by step of this topic will be explained. Take note!

For all Mexican citizens, the passport is a fundamental requirement for them to travel abroad. In other words, this is an essential procedure to leave Mexican territory.

So if you need an official document to leave, you must follow the requirements to get the passport which will be explained below.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the Mexican Passport?

Mexicans who wish to apply for a passport, the requirements are as follows:

  1. The citizen must carry a copy of your birth certificate or naturalization document or Mexican nationality document. Some of those three.
  2. Their respective Photo identification. That is, the citizen can attach this type of identification such as: INE, ID, professional title, Inapam, etc.
  3. Payment receipt to cancel the passport right.
  4. At this time it is not necessary for the citizen to carry a photograph. Also this photograph is taken at your appointment.

Take it out for the first time

The first thing to do is that the citizen must have his appointment in the different SRE agencies. You can then get the appointment by calling the national line at 018008010773.

Once their appointment is scheduled, the citizen must cancel the passport right at the bank of their choice.

Once the citizen has the receipt of the right to payment, he or she can attend and will have to bring a series of requirements to get the passport are as follows:

  1. The citizen must appear at any SRE institution by appointment.
  2. The passport application will be carried out through the Delegation or agency that is the SRE.
  3. When you have your appointment you must document as a copy of your birth certificate.
  4. You must bring the original of your Mexican nationality document.
  5. The citizen must attach the original document regarding the declaration of nationality, in this case Mexican by birth.
  6. If you are naturalized, you must bring the original letter.
  7. The citizen must attach the original document of the consular registration high security.
  8. You must attach your copy and original of your identification.
  9. Two passport size photographs.
  10. The receipt of payment.
For more information you can access the Web page of the Sre.


The requirements to renew your Mexican passport are the following:

  1. The citizen must present his passport.
  2. You must bring the receipt of the fee payment.
  3. There’s no need take photograph because the SNE staff will take it on the day of your scheduled appointment.
  4. You must attach a copy of the open passport book, where you should see the page where your personal data and the digit of that notebook appear.
  5. Citizens must prove their nationality if their passport has expired before 1955 or if it was stolen, lost, etc.

The Mexican citizen can carry out the renewal process in a online or by phone. If you make the call, you must take into account that the hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

On the day of your appointment you must bring your passport, a copy of the book and the receipt of payment. It is important that the person must be 15 minutes before your appointment so you don’t lose your position.

The people who work will tell you which line to do for renewal. Then when they attend you, the staff in charge will take a photograph of you, fingerprints to finish they will give you your printed passport and that’s it.

Costs of Getting the Passport

The cost of the Mexican passport may vary but, today in 2020 it has an increase that will be explained below:

  1. Passport for 3 years has a value of $ 1,300 pesos.
  2. Passport for 6 years has a cost of $ 1,790 pesos
  3. In the case of the 10-year passport, it has a value of $ 2,750 pesos.

Discount passport cost

It is important to note that citizens who have a disability, or people over 60 years of age or agricultural workers who are temporary in Canada can process their passport with a 50% discount, so the amount that must be paid is the following:

  1. If you are referring to a passport by 3 years has a cost of $650 pesos.
  2. Passport for 6 years has a value of $ 895 pesos.
  3. In the case of the 10-year passport it has a cost of $ 1,375 pesos.

It should be taken into account that to access this benefit the citizen, people with a disability must have their medical document provided by the public health organization.

Where can you do the procedure to get the passport?

Mexican citizens by appointment can complete the procedure at the 45 Delegations of the Ministry of Foreign Relations or also in the state branches that are linked to the SRE.

On the page of mexican government highlights which are the delegations that citizens can attend, some are the following:

Requirements to Get the Passport: Metropolitan delegations

  1. Alvaro Obregon: Located in the San Patricio Battalion, 10th Street Corner and Canarios, Col, Toltecas, with Álvaro Obregon Mayor’s Office, Mexico.
  2. Benito Juarez: This delegation is located at Av. Insurgentes Sur, No. 1391, 7th Floor Col. Insurgentes, Mayor’s Office Benito Juárez, Mexico City.
  3. Iztapalapa: The Mexican citizen can move to the place Aldama N ° .63 with the corner of the Town Hall, Barrio San Lucas, Mexico.
  4. Naucalpam: To process the passport, the citizen can go to Av. Mexicas N ° 63, with Santa Cruz Acatlan, Mexico.
  5. Tlalpan: The citizen can go to get the passport in the delegation that is located in Insurgentes Sur with peripheral corner, Villa Olímpica, Mexico.

It is important to emphasize that the Reports of the Secretariat serve people from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday. In the case of delegations such as Benito Juárez, Cuauhtémoc and Cuajimalpa, they provide service on weekends from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Requirements to Get the Passport: Foreign Delegations

  1. Aguascalientes: The citizen can attend the El Dorado Shopping Center which is located at Av las Américas, No. 1701, PB, Santa Elena 2nd Section.
  2. Campeche: This delegation is located at Av. 16 de Septiembre. Center, Cp.
  3. Chiapas: The citizen can go to Torre Chiapa Blv, Andrés Serra Rojas, on floor 1.
  4. Durango: You can go to the Paseo Durango Boulevard Felipe Shopping Center, in local A05, Cp.
  5. Tabasco: To process the passport, you can go to Av.Circuito Deportivo N ° .312, Pensiones CP

Requirements to Obtain the Passport: Procedure from abroad

People who are abroad and need to renew their Mexican passport, the citizen must make the appointment through the page Mexitel. Mexitel is the appointment service to carry out the procedure in Mexican embassies and consulates abroad.

The citizen can also carry out the procedure through the Consulates on Wheels, where you can get an appointment by calling the number 1-877-639-4835.

What is it?

A passport is a document processed by the public administration at the request of a person, where it proves the identity and country of origin of the citizen, which is necessary to travel to the places you want necessary.

Mexican passports is the document sent to all Mexican citizens through the institution of Secretary of Foreign Relations. It is the only document that is valid for all the inhabitants of this country.

Passport types

  1. The ordinary passport (green) It is the one that is sent to all the inhabitants who want to travel, depending on the reason for their trip.
  2. Official passport (gray) It is the one that is sent to the legislators and people who are in charge in the area of ​​representatives of Mexico.
  3. Diplomatic passport (black) It is delivered to all diplomats who work in the Mexican Foreign Service and those who have an important position such as the president and his relatives.

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