Requirements to Hire Megacable: Costs, Services and MORE

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Do you need to hire a telecommunication service? This article will explain all the Requirements to Hire Megacable.

Megacable is a company that works in the distribution of cable television, telephony; also internet and mobile service. This telecommunications company provides a high service with approximately 2.5 million subscribers in the 25 districts that make up the Mexican territory.

So if you need to hire some of the services offered by this prestigious company, you must comply with the Requirements to Hire Megacable.

What are the Requirements to Hire Megacable?

Citizens who want this service must comply with the Requirements to Hire Megacable:

  • The citizen must deliver a copy of the address receipt of at least 3 months of validity, whether, water, electricity or telephone.
  • Attach a copy of your respective ID, it can be, passport, driver’s license; IFE or primer.
  • 200 $ pesos of subscription for the first monthly payment.

How to contract Megacable?

To hire the Megacable services, the citizen can do it in three very simple and easy ways that are:

  1. You can make your contract by calling the number: 5541705510 or by contacting the Customer Support.
  2. The other method is for the citizen to access the Megacable page. You must fill out a form with all your personal information, then a technician will contact the person to schedule an appointment to attend the establishment of Megacable services.
  3. Finally, the citizen can move to one of the centers of the Megacable services and bring all the relevant documentation for the hiring.

Costs of Contracting Megacable

If the citizen wants to contract the television service, which contains 145 channels + 50 audio channels; internet service with a wireless modem with a speed of up to 20 Mbps and with Telephony included, with a unlimited service as both local and national calls. That package has a cost of $ 549 if it is prompt payment, in case it is normal payment it has a value of $ 599.

Another package that the citizen can access is the television service that has 231 channels + 50 audio channels, it is a basic package plus the Full HD plus XVIEW. The internet service contains a wireless modem, WIFI in Megacable areas, the speed is maximum of 50 Mbps

And the phone service contains a plan unlimited plus with unlimited calls, both local and national, for landlines and mobile devices. Acquiring this plan, it has a cost of $ 649 prompt payment and $ 699 normal payment.

There is a package that includes the basic television service Plus + Full HD + XVIEW, has 245 channels + 50 audio channels, contains an internet service that has an approximate speed of 50 mbps, with a wireless modem.

It also includes the telephone service, with a unlimited plus with unlimited calls, both local and national, for landlines and devices. It has a cost of $ 699 prompt payment and $ 749 normal payment.

Other plans

This plan contains television service from 245 channels + 50 audio channels. It also contains internet service up to 80 mbps and finally the telephony that contains a unlimited plus plan, with both national and local calls, for landlines and mobile devices. It has a cost of $ 749 prompt payment and $ 799 normal payment.

This other plan has the same characteristics as the previous one, the different one that contains up to 100 mbp in the internet service. It has a value of $ 799 prompt payment and $ 849 normal payment.

There is also the XVIEW total megacable plan, for the television service it contains the Basic Plus + HDtotal Xview + HBO + FOX + super digital plan, they can also enjoy 271 channels and 50 audio channels.

For internet service it contains up to 200 mbps and the telephony has the same as the previous ones. It has a cost of $ 999 prompt payment and $ 999 normal payment.

The citizen can find the same Megacable plan, but what changes is the internet service. In this, people can count up to 350 mbps. It has a value of $ 1,199 prompt payment and the same for normal payment.
If you want more mbps, you can purchase another megacable plan that contains what is explained above, the different one that contains up to 500 mbps. It has a value of $ 1,399 prompt payment and the same for normal payment.
And finally, the citizen can hire the mega-mind plan, which is different from the rest is that he can enjoy up to 1 Gbps. It has a value of 1,599 soon pay and the same for normal. It is important to note that the packages are canceled monthly.

What services does it offer?

This amazing telecommunications company contains many services, for the viewer and the customer to have fun. The following may be mentioned:

Requirements to contract Megacable: TV

With the television service, viewers can enjoy programs, sports, news and series that happen in real time or broadcast at least in the last 48 hours. It can entertain you with your family and friends with the chapter section of your favorite series.

They have a catalog of films of all kinds, the viewer is the one who chooses what he wants to see. 8 thousand hours programming, wherever you are. Are you going to miss it!

In addition, its programming guide contains the following:

  • The schedule list is in content HD.
  • You can see the schedule at least 2 days ago.
  • The client can freeze and restart the program that is running live.
  • You have the ability to record at least 150 hours of programming.
  • The citizen can watch all your favorite programs on any electronic device.
  • You can lock the channels.

Requirements to contract Megacable: Internet

By contracting the services of Megacable, the client can enjoy the internet service. The citizen can enjoy from 20 mbps up to 500. Having 500mbps the citizen can enjoy that they can connect approximately 12 devices Instantly.

Also with this service they can download tools for the entire family group. You can access streaming with an incredible top speed.

As long as you hire the service that has more megabytes, the more things you can do with it. With this network, family members can enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere in their home.

Requirements to contract Megacable: Telephony

Being a client of this prestigious company, the citizen has unlimited access to calls. That is, you can call any international or local number. You can do it by making the call from your landlines or through a mobile device.

Requirements to contract Megacable: Netflix

If you contract with the Megacable company, the citizen can access the direct platform Netflix. You just have to choose the package and you have to activate it with your Netflix service, where you will be charged through your respective account statement from said company.

Requirements to contract Megacable: Metrocarrier

This service is It provides the best internet to companies. This internet is administered through optical fiber.

Benefits of Contracting Megacable

This renowned company contains many benefits that will be explained below:

  1. It has a high variety of cable and for the choice of the citizen.
  2. The citizen can access the HD section. In the competition the cost is higher than the Megacable itself.
  3. Importantly, each package contains a range of channel options for the whole family.
  4. Megacable offers its customers a fast internet.
  5. For some companies, telephony will not be essential, but Megacable gave it the importance it deserves, for the people who make calls.
  6. It offers the client optimal attention, especially to answer the questions it may contain.

What is it?

Megacable is a company that distributes and markets cable television, telephony and the Internet. This company was founded in 1983, by the CEO, Enrique Yamuni. Its headquarters are located in the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico.

It is very important to note that Megacable has a customer service during the 24 hours a day, 365 of the year. Citizens can call regarding their payments, request their invoice, technical support, doubts or they can enter their web portal.

So if you want to hire a telecommunication service, the citizen must comply with a series of Requirements to Hire Megacable.

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